Bloomberg News is one of the biggest financial and business news organizations in the world. Our stories are read by more than 320,000 subscribers to the Bloomberg terminal, who are among the most influential people in business and finance worldwide. We lead the way in breaking news about mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and other events, enabling readers, viewers and listeners to stay a step ahead of the markets.

The principles that drive Bloomberg News—accuracy, precision, fairness, integrity, transparency—haven’t changed since our inception in 1990 under Editor in Chief Matthew Winkler.

Bloomberg News is also delivered through Bloomberg’s expanding multi-platform network, with web, mobile, television, digital video, radio, print magazine and live event platforms, and stories are syndicated to more that 440 publications around the globe.

The editorial staff of each media platform leverages the innovation and scale of Bloomberg News, technology, analytics and distribution to provide unrivaled business and financial news coverage—and drive deeper engagement with the decision makers who matter most.

Who thrives here?

Competitive journalists with the desire to win. Self-driven professionals with the ambition to expand great brands in print, online and mobile. Versatile writers who can produce great feature stories.

Our print publications

Bloomberg Businessweek is a trusted source of essential, comprehensive insights that business leaders use to get ahead. Combining the innovation and scale of Bloomberg with insight and depth, Bloomberg Businessweek offers a global perspective to help senior executives benefit from breakthrough information.
loomberg Markets magazine is the only magazine that targets the global financial elite, providing in-depth and authoritative stories on the companies and people who move the markets. The magazine’s readers are an influential and ultra-affluent audience with little time to consume media. We’ve succeeded in reaching global CEOs and CFOs, winning more major business and financial journalism awards in the last 10 years than the Economist, Forbes and Fortune combined.

Bloomberg Intelligence

Bloomberg Intelligence provides independent analysis and aggregated data on 100+ industries and 4,000+ companies worldwide. In addition, to collecting the data and hosting it on one platform for many different client types, Bloomberg Intelligence is able to add context to the data via independent analysis from 130 industry professionals. These professionals have expertise in industries, companies, Washington, litigation, credit and ESG. They are able to give users insight into what factors influence the industry landscape and how to understand the historical and current trends. We also offer unique base/bull/bear scenarios.

We recruit for Analysts, Associates and Editors with a range of specialist knowledge and experience.

Who thrives here?
Highly driven, intellectually curious individuals thrive here. Guided by our senior analysts, who have many years of both buy-side and sell-side experience, members of our team analyze a specific sector and industry to present our clients with a view of the most critical data and analysis for that industry. This requires extensive knowledge of financial statements/company data, industry data, effective writing skills/communication ability, and a willingness to continually learn.

Bloomberg Industries encourages skills development with an established career path. Successful members of our team are individuals who work well in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment and who are proactive, resourceful, and creative, with strong analytical and writing skills.

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