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Crying, diving, head-butting: My only World Cup post

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| Hollywood and Online Video: Guba Keeps Rolling ?

July 10, 2006

Crying, diving, head-butting: My only World Cup post

Stephen Baker

Three points about the World Cup, and then I'll shut up about soccer.

* I hope Zinedine Zidane's vicious head-butt was satisfying to him. I'm betting that it cost him $20 million in endorsements. Until that moment, The French midfielder was positioned to cash in globally on his dignity, grace, superb talent, even Muslim-Christian understanding. He might still win some endorsements in France. But I can't imagine anyone else banking on his sullied image.

* The Times' George Vecsey tells those of us who despise the penalty-kick endings to "get over it." No I won't. Here's my idea: For the 30-minute overtime, take away the goalies' hand privileges. It would still take strong shots to make goals, but goals would be made. It would turn the overtime into an exciting and decisive offensive drama, one involving all 22 players on the field, not just two.

* Jeff Jarvis says that baseball players don't cry. That's not true. All kinds of athletes cry. What's different between soccer and American sports is the expression of pain. Soccer players, especially from Latin countries, feel no apparent shame in writhing and grimacing. It's part of the drama. American athletes, probably feeding off cowboy iconography, pretend not to feel pain. Baseball players make a point of not even rubbing the spot where they got plunked by a 98-mile-per-hour fastball. It's a different aesthetic. (I like opera fine, but when it comes to sports, give me cowboys.)

07:47 AM


Bit of a rush to judgement on Zidane, together with an estimate ($20 million) that I assume comes from the same place as the flying monkeys.

I think you'll find that, for most people with a clue, Zidane's long and quite amazing career, not to mention his talent, will easily overshadow a couple of moments of madness - I mean - if Barry Bonds can *still* be revered as a hero, I think Zidane's reputation is fairly safe...

Posted by: anu at July 10, 2006 08:22 AM

I'm not a huge "football" fan, and my daughter who plays soccer in her middle school tells me I'm insane to even suggest this...

But I think killing the "offside" rule would make for a much more exciting game, with significantly higher scores.

Right now, the offside rule seems to favor a more defensive game.

Posted by: tim at July 10, 2006 09:08 AM


No need to apologize for a posting about soccer ...

I don't like the theatrics either, but it's a cultural issue, as you say. You don't see that type of reaction from all soccer players. Hard to believe Wayne Rooney or Clint Mathis would writhe around in agony after a phantom foul.

Posted by: John Wagner at July 10, 2006 11:05 AM

Tim, you are a genius. Seriously, I've been saying this for years. Offside in soccer is what high taxes are to an economy: an inhibitor. The main reason soccer enthusiasts say you're crazy is "someone would just stand next to the goal all the time."

OK... so change your strategy, and make them pay for it. Hold your defender back to match him, or take advantage of his absense by using your free man to help attack. It's called being a sportsman; it's called being aggressive; it's called being a capitalist.... and there of course is the real problem, as most of these ninnies are socialism loving, cheese eating surrender monkeys.

Back to the point: eliminate offsides and all of the sudden you have a very fast paced, aggressive, entertaining game. As it is now you have bunch of crybabies kicking a ball around in the middle of a field, doing everything they can to draw a penalty. Not exactly much of a "sport."

Posted by: Tom at July 10, 2006 11:18 AM

Anu, You're right, the $20 million was a wild guess. Now that I think about it, it's probably on the low side.

My whole family was crushed when he did the head butt. We'd been fans of his since 98, and his performance in the Brazil game was a thing of beauty. And all of a sudden, we see this ugliness, and the whole game deflated. Minutes later we were looking blankly at that farce of a kick-off and then turned off the TV and tried to forget about it.

Sadly, Zizou's brief moment of madness came at a crucial time in front of an audience of 1 billion. True, a lot of people still love him. But imagine being a junior ad exec and deciding to sell senior management on a $10 million ad campaign based on Zidane? Last week it would have been a no-brainer. This week, I think, you try to think of someone else.

Tim, I would like some adjustment to the offsides rules. Of course, Fifa and the big national soccer groups point to the immense popularity of the sport, and they probably figure it doesn't need adjustments. But like much of the world, I tune into soccer once every four years. Given what I saw yesterday, that's often enough.

Posted by: steve baker at July 10, 2006 11:35 AM

Anu, I forgot to mention: Barry Bonds is unpopular outside of San Francisco. He's certainly not widely revered as a hero. And from what I've seen, he doesn't have much in the way of endorsement deals. I'm trying to think of another sports star who has survived an embarrassing incident to maintain his or her endorsement value. Any examples out there?

Posted by: steve baker at July 10, 2006 12:49 PM

"But like much of the world"

I would rephrase that to:

"But like much of the United States"

That broad statement probably re-enforces the world sentiment that Americans think the rest of the world revolves around our thinking.

That isn't the case with Futbol (which is what the rest of the world calls the most popular sport outside of the U.S.


"I tune into soccer once every four years. Given what I saw yesterday, that's often enough."

Really? I enjoyed watching the full month of games so much that I plan to follow some of the pro leagues around the world. I hardly would take the action of 1 player near the end of the final game as a testament to the whole cup being tarnished.

Posted by: Mark Krynsky at July 10, 2006 01:52 PM

"But like much of the world"

I would rephrase that to:

"But like much of the United States"

That broad statement probably re-enforces the world sentiment that Americans think the rest of the world revolves around our thinking.

That isn't the case with Futbol (which is what the rest of the world calls the most popular sport outside of the U.S.


"I tune into soccer once every four years. Given what I saw yesterday, that's often enough."

Really? I enjoyed watching the full month of games so much that I plan to follow some of the pro leagues around the world. I hardly would take the action of 1 player near the end of the final game as a testament to the whole cup being tarnished.

Posted by: Mark Krynsky at July 10, 2006 01:55 PM

Steve, I was thinking about yesterday's game this morning and your post reminds me of a thought I had about the way it was decided on penalty kicks.

What if baseball games, after nine innings tied, ended with a 10th-inning derby of sorts where each hitter needed only to make contact with the ball in order to score?

Or if basketball games ended with a free throw "shootout"?

I'm not saying the World Cup ending wasn't thrilling; just that I think sudden-death might be a better combination of thrills and (gulp) fairness.

Anyway, back to talking about business ... :)

Posted by: Easton Ellsworth at July 10, 2006 02:06 PM

Mark, I've followed the World Cup for a long time. As luck would have it, I was living in Argentina for '78, Spain for 82, Mexico for 86, the US for 94 and France for 98. In each of those places (minus the U.S.) a core group of fans follows the sport year in, year out. But a much larger group, as far as I could tell, joins them once every four years.

Easton, my complaint about basketball is precisely that it turns into a free-throw shooting contest in the waning minutes, which seem to take hours. I think basketball needs a fix every bit as much as soccer.

I think baseball has an ideal tie-breaking system. But while a slow sport like baseball can go on for additional hours, running sports like soccer cannot.

Posted by: steve baker at July 10, 2006 03:19 PM

But Tom Hanks said there's no crying in baseball.

Posted by: jeff jarvis at July 10, 2006 09:26 PM

Wow, well first of i would like to say that Mark I totally agree with what you said and for the rest of you who don't seem to understand thats Penalty kicks are actually quite fair, I can't understand why you do not think this is fair?? I mean it is very rare for a defender to score a goal in general it will always be strikers who score the majority of the goals and goalies who stop the majority so how is it unfair to end it on penalty kicks with strikers taking the kicks I mean how can you call it unfair it's not like one team gets a bigger advantage and as for the factor of excitment well all i can say is you probably did not see the England vs Porgual game when it cam down to penalties, the tension and excitment was just mind boggling, of course now you have to be a fan of the sport a true fan to understand the excitment, I mean I personally don't like american football and don't understand how people get so excited about it but then again I grew up without that sport so I can see how Football(soccer) would not be that excitin too alot of americans, and as per the fact about craying see you won't understand that either because I mean you say basball players and NFl players etc don't cry why would they?? they always have next year to win, but in the World Cup any given player would be lucky to make it to more the 2 in their lifetime, cause it only comes around every 4 years so obviously they and we(the rest of the world) cry when they don't make it through, also it's the World Cup and it really involves the world I don't think alot of american fans relaise the emphasis of the word "world" because I mean every year their is a world series where or world finals here in regards to NBA, NFl, MLB etc but it's actually all local teams but the concept gets stuck in the head of World do you see what i am trying to say, Football(soccer), I must agree that this world cup has been a sad one what with all the diving going on and stuff but alot of the fans have seen this and believe me they will make life hell for their players who pulled all these stupid stunts. Enough said. All i am going to say is when i first watched NFl, i thought it was stupid but i have since learnt to respect the game and I think it is high time that american fans give soccer a chance and even thier team.

Posted by: Ravi Rajah at July 10, 2006 11:51 PM

I think the whole red/yellow card escalation is a direct reflection of society and sports around the world as a whole. We are becoming a violent world. It is in our movies. It is in our music. All sports are getting more violent. Dugouts empty now when batters are hit. Players charge into the stands. That rarely happened 10 years ago. It is all part of the theatrics and more drama. The 'poor me' pro athletes are becoming babies. The more they make, the rougher and more personally aggressive they are becoming. Just keep watching sports. You'll see it happening all around. Even stock car drviers are punching each other. And the media gives all the athletes more attention. So, the athletes continue. They get more 'me time' in the news. Zidane's headbutt has been on every news report around the globe, he already made youtube and is everywhere. It makes everyone talk and blog and write stuff like this. I get tired of it.

Posted by: gman at July 10, 2006 11:53 PM

The reason why American Media Put down soccer is, in soccer there are two 45 minute half's with no time out, so there's no comercial time for the media to make money. it's all about money.

Posted by: Joe at July 11, 2006 12:13 AM

Everyone is condemning Zidane, yes of course. But if you take a moment to look at Materazzi's football career "highlights" you will understand that he is a thug, nothing less and deserved to be "taken down", just like the school yard bully who has gotten away for too much too long. It's just too bad Zidane picked the wrong place and time. Check out this link to see some of Materazzi's butchering play:

Posted by: chafu at July 11, 2006 12:36 AM

I am a chinese.I read what you wrote,and I also watched the world cup,your words is true,yes,I think zidane will pay so much for his action

Posted by: ruby at July 11, 2006 01:31 AM

If you need to find a player who has survived assaulting someone else to be endorsed you find Eric Cantona, now he did not head butt some trash-talking Italian wimp, he delivered a fly kick into the chest of a fan for jeering him after he was red carded in a game, while playing for Manchester United. Now he is the center piece in the Nike "Joga Soccer" ad campaign, loved and respected by anyone that knows some thing about soccer.

As for the idea to remove the offside rule, obviously you have not thought it through.If you have ever played a pickup game of soccer with no offsides and have seem how dull and frustrating the game gets, then you would never offer such a comment.

Imagine if you could have your punt recievers waiting in the opponent's endzone for the punt, or a batting team fielding players to tackle any fielders drawn to a fly ball, or a basket ball team with someone hanging off or around the rim the whole game to play goalie, it would kill the game, and make the game more defensive than it already is, reducing the chances of good well built up goals.

As for a spot kick, you have no idea how stress-full it is to have played 120 minutes and face a goal keeper, with the hopes and dreams of your team on your shoulders.

Personally I do not think you have ever walked out onto a pitch, to play the beautiful game, nor have you tried to understand your daughter's passion for the game, SO Why don't you leave the soccer ammendments to soccer nations/lovers and concentrate on the finer things in life,such as the couch, the remote or even the wife.


Posted by: Mike at July 11, 2006 02:17 AM

There is a place in the world, where in a game a ball rarely touches the foot is called as a "football" and they say, that is football and the rest of the world is wrong by calling original football by the name football. Strange part of the world. If some body is not showing the emotions, then i would say, it is the ultimate theatretics! Football is followed world wide, and it has followers all over the world, with no appointment of cheerleaders, break time gigs, and fully armormed bigger than life, comic like dress clad players! you might know what i say. Football is a simple game, a real battle where talent and strength combines, where wicked and gentle come together, where real blood and faked agony mix together, in other words it is a real slice of life, not like Super hero comic characters.

Posted by: Abhay at July 11, 2006 02:34 AM

Penalty shootouts are considered obsene on the scale of fairness by many. Yet, please have in mind that nothing else can test the psychological strength of a player like one penalty can. Imagine what strenght this guy Zidanne must have to shoot a penalty at the world cup final, the way he did it. Sudden death (Golden Goal) and the Silver Goal patches of the game have already failed. They proved to be inadequate and most importantly unacceptable for both players and the audience.

One further note about Zinanne. I really do do hope it was satisfying for him to hit the tatooed Italian. It was for me. But imagine what would have Zidanne thought of himself and how ashamed he should feel before his children if he had let that Italian's loathsome offenses pass unnoticed. One of the few players in the world who has won absolutely everything that can be won cannot let a strange looking, notirously rude Italian defender ridicule him and his family with words I can't even think of. I know I wouldn't take it, not for 20, not for 200 mln in endorsements. Fair Play only goes so far. This is no Bible story to answer good for evil. This was his last match and he needed to be honest with himself and 1 more billion people.

Posted by: Vasil at July 11, 2006 02:37 AM

The Beautiful Game was sullied by Zidane's attack of the "red mist". And it should cost him 20 mil in endorsements.

The Beautiful Game is being spoiled by the divers and theatricals just like Hockey had been strangled by clutching and grabbing.

Give the soccer referees a cattle prod and if the player does a triple axel on the way down, the ref can give him a tickle to see if he is OK.

Lets get rid of the penalty shootout once and for all - after 90 minutes its ten a side, then take off one player aside each 15 minutes. Like hocky, we would soon have open attacking football and a goal for sure.

Can someone please explain baseball to me? And how can a player hold a record if he has been sucking steroids for years? Isnt that illegal?

For real men, take in the Rugby World Cup in 2007. Johnny Wilkinson got a serious rib injury in the first half in the Final in 2003... he strapped it up and played the rest of the game including the winning goal kick. THEN he was out for three months he was so badly injured. Now theres a man's sport played by men; no wonder its called The Game Played in Heaven!!

Have fun, John Mc, Vancouver, Canada

Posted by: John Mc at July 11, 2006 04:06 AM

the head and his 2 headers---using once head

Posted by: anand at July 11, 2006 06:35 AM

i feel sorry for zidane. He is not a terrirost i belive evey single non-muslim thinks that musilms are terrirost. i think non muslims are disrespictful to muslims i belive this is true every where non muslims are in war with muslims.

Posted by: amilia at July 11, 2006 06:41 AM

There is no comparison between Soccer and all of American sports. Baseball, Basketball, hockey etc are media driven and not sport driven. Media determines the games, the format of the games etc. Soccer is a real sport. Soccer professionals define the way the game should be played. It is the simpllicity of the game. All you need is one soccer ball to get going. It is played on the beaches, streets, whereever in the world you can get a few yards of space.

Posted by: Wanderer at July 11, 2006 08:51 AM

Mike - great call with the Eric "Oooh Aaah" Cantona example...hero to zero to hero. Ditto for the ludicrous offside idea.

Zidane's reputation will recover - and is already showing signs of it. If what Materazzi is reported to have said is true, could you fairly be accused of a knee-jerk rush to condemn ?

And while we're at it, surely it's time to start thinking about shifting to four quarters for extra ad time, and introducing "sudden death multi-ball" to our beloved sport of soccerball. Imagine the thrills and spills when there are no less than 4 balls on the pitch at any one time. Scores of 84-65 don't lie - this is truly the future of sports entertainment.

Posted by: anu at July 11, 2006 10:04 AM

I think that is the worst analysis of the sunday's game ever. I dont think Zidane is the type of money driven person who cares about losing 20 million in Endorsement deals.

Great comparison also between Cowboys and baseball player, Not..... Ever thought of the grimacing as an emotion these people are really passionate about the game, try running on a field for 2 hours straight, compared to baseball between waiting in the outfield and siting on the bench before its your time to hit seems really exhausting.I do not know about you but one of those seems more intensive, and full of emotion.

Posted by: CHRISTIAN at July 11, 2006 10:31 AM

Scrap the offside rule? Are you quite mad? I suspect those that want to scrap the offside rule want to change the game to suit their personal preferances, rather than change the rules for the good of the game. As followers of the English Premier League will attest, the game can be fast-paced and aggresive enough. And scoring more goals doesn't neccessarily result in a better game. This should be filed with the "make the goals bigger" idea that was being floated around before USA '98 in an attempt to make the game more palatable to Americans.

Penalty shootouts on the other hand have more chance of being to end a tied game fairly is endlessly debated. Personally I like penalties (despite my beloved England being woeful at them) as they are; they boil the game down to its essence - which is to score more goals than the opposition.

Posted by: zacr at July 11, 2006 10:34 AM

well said Vasil!! Zidane has won every prize. For many people, its not always about money. There are a lot of things more important than money.

Posted by: sayeed at July 11, 2006 11:29 AM

It is so obvious that most of these posts are made by Americans. To the rest of the footballing world removing the offside rule, adding more balls etc sound extremely out of place. We also dont just watch football once in 4 years but everyday of our lives. It is almost a religion. Zidane dissapointed a lot of us on sunday but i dont think 1 bad act should spoil millions of beautiful moments. I had tears of joy when he scored that wonderful goal at hampden park at the champions league. The world might be very mad at him at the moment, but for the billions of soccer fans who havew had cause to smile about his play over the last decade Zidane can never be forgotten. It has been a previledge to shave lived in an era when the great man played.(Maradona is still considered arguably the best player ever despite the drugs and rage)

Posted by: tunde at July 11, 2006 11:48 AM

materazzi is a pretty boy thug and had spoiled the whole final for me with his provocation. yes, zidane lost it but who is to judge him? zidane is a great football player, great man but he is no god, if that's what people expected from him, and i respect him even more for being a real person.

one thing i don't get, is that why so many people here in the US want to change rules of football to make more popular here? disregarding billions and billions of people world over who understand and love the game the way it is.

Posted by: alex at July 11, 2006 02:55 PM

Alex, there's been a considerable interest in the power circles of soccer (or football) to make the game more popular in the world's biggest media market, the United States. Bringing the World Cup to the USA in '94 was part of that strategy. But when Americans watch the game, find things they don't like about it, and propose changes, the reaction is often: What right do you have to make suggestions?

Well, that's all they are, suggestions. They'll probably be ignored. But if soccer is the world's game, it belongs to all of us, even those of us in the US.

And plus, have you ever considered that even things that are very very good can be improved?

Posted by: steve baker at July 11, 2006 04:50 PM

A typical uninformed view from a yank who tunes in "every 4 years".

The problem in soccer is the complete lack of decency and respect shown by the players towards the officials. The sort of abuse that referees ar subjected to is unseen in any other sport,as they surround him and his assistants and verbally abuse them to their faces.

Once yellow cards start being branded for any sort of backchat (like in rugby), then the game of soccer can start to move forward.

Posted by: Conor at July 11, 2006 05:56 PM

If any of you follow european football you might notice its not the friendliest environment for players who do not fall into the ethnic category of caucasian.Between the abusive language hurled at them from players on the field they also have to deal with Nazi salutes ,banana throwing and monkey chants from the fans in the stands.Now this is not just a minority,it is a large sector of people who deem it socially acceptable to degrade these footballers. Countries most guilty ITALY and spain. Now i'm not saying that Materazzi hurled racial abuse at Zizou, but I have to say that that headbutt was a long time coming.(although i'm sure Zizou regrets it)

Can ayone find the irony when the french and spanish team captains, in the round of 16, Spoke to the crowd about kicking racism out of football in front of the spanish coach who was caught on record calling french footballer Thierry Henry " a little black shit"

Moving away from racism; most of you neglect the fact that just making it to the world cup was half the battle.Zidane came out of retirement to help a team that looked like it wouldn't even qualify for the WC.Now they are finalist(remember WC 2002 when france was knocked out in the first round). I truly believe france was one of the more inspirational teams in this years WC(this coming from a person who wanted them to lose in the first round because of their early poor perfomances).And believe me the france win over brazil was an upset because no one expected this french team to win.Why did Zidane come all this way to get a red card...I don't know i'm not zidane, what I do know is that along with the pressure of making it to the finals and running up and down the pitch for over an hour it surely doesn't help having some pratt on your back cursing out your family and what not.I truly believed that the better team lost that night(if anyone watched the game) and for anyone to reduce Zidane's career to a moment in which none of us will ever truly understand is truely pathetic. Oh and 'less we forget, Zizou is a human being with real emotions not some robot from another planet...please lets leave some room for human frailty.

Allez Les BLues!!

(P.S. I am not sayin that all the white fans and players in europe are racist but their are a small minority of players and an even larger sector of fans that take their "football chants" way too far)

Posted by: Jo-Anna at July 11, 2006 09:01 PM

The daughter of Anu says it's crazy to play soccer without the off-side. Of course, she plays the game (and do not forget that US women are World Champions) and she knows that without that simple rule (more of a deregulation) you would have a bunch of ninnies waiting for the ball to come instead of fighting for it's possession along the long pitch (100m, not for ninnies who play small-pitch games), along the tradition of the best entrepreneurs and vision openers.

As for Zizou, it's only about the 14th time he plays a bit of kung-fu along the game, but that did not prevent him from grabing the best player of the tournament title. He probably deserved that for the soccer-alone mode.

To call it a day on soccer, Ben Bernanke should have listened to the King's (the gov.of the Bank of England) Maradona Theory and leave the Fed Funds as they were, and, here in Europe, everybody is now very hippy on the new cell phone:

It's called Sorry-Ericsson, it's made in Portugal and it's guaranteed to make any briton furious.

Manuel Martins

Sintra- Portugal

Posted by: mrrm at July 11, 2006 09:24 PM

What is $20 million when one's dignity is on the balance. I think the Zidane headbutt becomes the catalyst on an open dialogue about racism in European soccer. Black and Arab players are constantly insulted by fans and by their colleagues. Think about the E'to, Henry and Zorro cases and now the Zidane situation. There is even a stupid Lazio player who does a nazi salute sign whenever he scores a goal, a salute the turn the crowd wild. FIFA needs to address all these issues. Honor is more valuable than money.

Posted by: lamine at July 11, 2006 09:26 PM

Historically all changes in football have come from England, together with the game in the first place. FIFA or UEFA proved unable to make long lasting changes probably because it is difficult ot implement a new rule all over the world at the same time. In England, however, changes do survive and tend to spread outwards. My point is, if changes are to be made, they will have a greater chance of success if implemented locally. If adequate they will be adopted internationally.

Posted by: Vasil at July 12, 2006 01:36 AM


There may be considerable interest in the corrupted power circles of football in exploiting the biggest media market in the world, but that has everything to do with money and almost nothing to do with football - suggest you read Andrew Jennings's book to get a glimpse as to what goes on in the murky upper reaches.

However, most of the rest of the world really doesn't care whether the US plays or not - it's not that important - it's not like the team is any good (despite the ludicrous FIFA ranking).

Suggestions are fine, but ideally they'd be informed by an understanding of the game, rather than from a few glimpses caught every four years. Ridiculous suggestions attract ridicule, regardless of whether they're American, German, British, or Chinese.

Posted by: anu at July 12, 2006 02:43 AM

rather than address the flagrant excess of ignorance portrayed in most comments read - including the original article - i will instead dwell on mr. mark

krynsky's discerning point of view. i simply lament the fact that your football insight is such a rarity among your peers.

Posted by: joe at July 12, 2006 11:44 AM

As others have said - Zidane really doesn't care about the money. thats by far the least interesting aspect to consider, imho.

I am also not sure that bad behaviour is any block to making boatloads of money any more. Look at Kate Moss-her endorsements have skyrocketed since she was on the front page of the tabloids with a noseful of cocaine.

Posted by: James Governor at July 13, 2006 08:53 AM

Zidane in his ... way was absolutely right: No more racism! Get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: chafu at July 13, 2006 10:48 PM

Zidane was brilliant. The whole theme of the World Cup was no more ... RACISM. GET IT??????????????????

Posted by: chafu at July 13, 2006 10:59 PM

youre an idiot... take away goalies' hand privileges? are you serious? do you know how many goals would be scored in 30 minutes of overtime? more than 30.. thats the dumbest idea ive ever heard

Posted by: jim baker at October 16, 2006 12:23 PM

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Some Powerful Underground Groups want to begin 3rd World War for their worst intentions. World should remember that religion Islam is a religion of Peace Security, Fraternity and Love. We Muslims are not concerned with any sort of Terrorism; Terrorists are only using the name of Islam. Likewise people using the name of Islam to pretence are not Muslims. They are only Terrorists. I, Agha Dilbar on emergency ground want to present solid suggestions to International Community, regarding their policies on War against Terrorism, Can be saved from Economic Crisis, I should be given a chance to make Open Speech and Dialogue, on the leading TV News Channels to eliminate Poverty, Unemployment and Lawlessness at International level. I am warning the International Community that according to my previous Research spread over a period of 5-years; it is evident that sufficient Intentional or Unintentional efforts have not been made to eradicate The Root Causes of Terrorism in all its forms and manifestations (Suicide Bombing and Destructive Tendencies). As a result thereof it is quite possible that there may be dramatic hundred times (100%) Increase in the Incidences of Terrorism and Suicide Bombing in the near future. For the sake of World Peace, I therefore request the International Community to provide me an Opportunity to explain to them, the root causes of World Terrorism and Suicide Bombings as to take bold steps to put an end to its basic causes. In Nutshell instead of using Brute Force, try to solve the matter through Table Talk. I should convince those who are on the wrong track that they are their Well - wisher and are interested to develop Friendship for mutual Progress. In the Reward of my Sincere Services, I please be given a chance of Official Visit to Interested Countries for Elaborating my Great Peace Plan before the Head of States and other concerned Higher Authorities. Regards Please Donate Funds for International Peace Campaign for conveying message of Peace through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity by International Revolution Movement in a better way 1000 times more, We Need Funds on Urgent Bases. Please send your Donations to Bank account: Allied Bank of Pakistan, Lahore Branch: ABL, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore-0688Account: Agha Dilbar Account No.001100-5809-2 Agha Dilbar founder International Revolution Movement64-neelum, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore (Pakistan) Ph: 0092-42-7830084, Mobile: 0300-4370258 (website:aghadilbar) Thanks for using this service. Please E-mail these peace letters to your friends, for the welfare of Humanity. Thank you for your participation. We appreciate your contribution for Humanity (Live with Dignity and Dye with Grace. Guide Line from Agha Dilbar) Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.2) Subject: Agha Dilbar request for a chance of Open Speech and Dialogue To World Community for Peace. We want Peace not War. I Agha Dilbar have a Great Peace Plan for the World Community. This is A Great Treasure for Humanity. After following my Great Peace Plan, War on Terror will fight through UN Principles. I request to all the Head of States, UN, Parliaments, Political Parties, TV News Channels, International Newspapers and Magazines, Think Tanks, Universities, Amnesty International And Welfare NGOs, Please invite me in your Countries, Institutions, TV Shows, Media Forums to give me a chance of Open Speech and Dialogue about my Great Peace Plan. Thanks .I am sure that my Great Peace Plan will protect the Impending 3rd world War. After following the instructions contained in my Great Peace Plan, People of The World become Prosperous and Developed according to the latest Scientific Era. I Agha Dilbar have a Great Peace Plan, which depends upon, Friendship, Progress and Prosperity throughout the World. I hope that World Community will favor my Great Peace Plan quickly. Any question about my Great Peace Plan? Write directly to me. Thanks and Regards. Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No. 3) Subject: Make the UN Peace Force strongest force of the World to save The World coming from on 3rd World War and State Terrorism, I Agha Dilbar warns the World Community that Israel should be Stopped from genocide and atrocities committed in Palestine and Labnan, In the wake of these Atrocities there must be more Suicidal Bombing and many other Horrible Incidences like 9/11 Attacks due to revenge, which can cause 3rd World War Any time.1) To begin the coming 3rd World War the owners of many Armament producing Factories are playing their roll very actively; so that they can get New Orders after the old stock get exhausted during the 3rd World War. I am putting on alert, UN, Head of States, Parliaments, Political Parties, TV News Channels, International Newspapers and Magazines, Universities, Think Tanks, Amnesty International and welfare NGO,s all over the World, that afterThe3rd World War the Progress and Prosperity of all the Rich, Developed, Under Developed, Poor and Backward Countries of the World will become a dream In the wake of their Economic Crisis.3) Current Powerful, Rich and Developed Nations should keep in mind, That Even if they conquer the Weak Poor and Backward Nations their Armies will Have to face an upended Gorilla War in the occupied regions for the Next Five, Ten or Twenty Years, which might result in the destruction of? Their Defense Power and Economy. Here is a live example of Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq.4) According to Agha Dilbar strategy, the entire giant disputes of the World Like Palestine, Kashmir Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq could only be solved Through UN Peace Force, after making it the strongest force in the World. I am positive that instead of using the wrong tactics of power in solving The above mentioned disputes of the World, will try to solve these amicably Through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity can avert World Terrorism and 3rd World War. Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.4)Subject: Agha Dilbar,s request to Rich and Developed Nations not to crush Underdeveloped and Poor Nations with State Terrorism or by starting 3rdWorld War .As per my research the State Terrorism in Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq may cause of 3rd World War and Hundred Times Suicide Bombing all over the World. My message to UN is to crush the State Terrorism through UN Peace Force in Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya. Also in the war affected areas. UN Peace Force should make practical efforts to solve Disputes with Table Talk, through Friendship Progress and Prosperity; All over the World .I hope the UN would be successful by implementing my Great Peace Plan, Friendship, Progress and Prosperity in disputed countries all over the World. If UN failed to bring Peace in these countries then 3rd World War and World Terrorism would be resulting in death of Twenty Crore People and Complete destruction of World Economy. Remember as per my research the next 3rd World War would not be an Atomic War, but it will be fought through traditional newly invented Dangerous Weapons. There will be no doubt that Developed and Rich Countries Forces Equipped with newly invented Dangerous Weapons will win the 3rd World War. In case of starting 3rd World War, Developing Countries and their Survival Countries involved in the long Gorilla War for their survival. Resultantly the World Community will totally collapse. Therefore in view above stated positions, the Developed Countries, possessing Fatal Weapons Should, instead of conquering the Under Developed, Poor Countries by Force, May achieve the goal through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity with the help of UN, so that permanent World Peace should be brought. Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.5) Subject: New Revolutionary Planning to eradicate the worst Economic Crisis at the International Level I Agha Dilbar present new revolutionary planning to the World Community to Eradicate the worst Economic Crisis. After the implementation of these Suggestions all the Developed Rich Countries and Underdeveloped Poor Countries will enter in a new golden era of Friendship, Progress andProsperity.1) According to new business strategy of Agha Dilbar, all the Developed and Rich Countries of Europe, America and Asia will contribute @ 1% of their Annual National Budgets as a free aid to the Underdeveloped, Poor Countries for their Education, Health and Agriculture projects.2) In future all the Developed Rich Countries will make a final Decision to Produce commercial loans in Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Education at The rate of 1% Interest.3) In future all the Developed Rich Countries of the World will get the50%Profit of all the commercial projects installed in Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Education fields, of poor and underdeveloped countries. Rest of the 50% profit will be spent on the welfare projects of Underdeveloped Poor Countries in the fields of Health, Education, Agriculture and Industry etc.4) Moreover Developed Rich Countries of the World will bound to pay 50% of their earnings in Gas, Oil, Electricity and in the projects of minerals like Coal, Steel, Jewels, Gold as royalty to the Underdeveloped Poor Countries of The World.5) In future Developed Rich Countries of the World will make a treaty Through BOOT, according to which Under Developed Poor Countries will Provide Free land on 20 years lease for the commercial projects in Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Education etc. Under the BOOT_ Treaty all the Investors of Developed Rich Countries will Hand Over their Business Assets, Buildings, Machinery and Transport to the Undeveloped Poor Countries after 20_Years Free of cast.5) after above said business strategy, introduced by Agha Dilbar in Future may avoid World Terrorism and 3rd World War on its implementation. This Plan requires the Rich Developed Countries to invest on big commercial Projects In the fields of Agriculture; Industry and Trade in Under Developed Poor Countries to promote Friendship, mutual Progress and Prosperity. Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.6) Subject: Agha Dilbar Great Peace Plan to give the command of forces of All The countries UN Peace Force to decide War against any TerroristCountry.1) Under the resolution of UN Security Council, to control the coming 3rd World War and World Terrorism, to make the UN Peace Force the most Powerful Force of the World. Following rules and regulations will be acted upon.2) In future UN Peace Force would be given the command of forces of all The Countries and UN Peace Force will decide whether to wage a War against any Terrorist Country or not.3) In future UN Peace Force will be Independent to take any timely Action against Terrorist Country.4) Under the UN Security Council Resolution, UN will take the charge of all Armament Producing Factories of the World in future. And in the said Factories the production would be curtailed to 25% only, and the rest of 75%Production would take place in the form of Cars, Buses, Trucks, Tractors, Trains, Ships, Aero Planes and Latest Machinery.5) After tacking the charge of all the International Forces, UN Peace Force will convert 25% of army into UN Peace Force, and rest of the 75% will be? Be Appointed to build, Dams, Canals, Roads, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Sports Complexes, Heavy Industries and projects of Oil, Gas and Min

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