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VoIP review: SunRocket

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February 14, 2006

VoIP review: SunRocket

Olga Kharif

I'd reviewed eight VoIP services in the past two months. And today, I played around with yet another service, SunRocket, which is growing in popularity. SunRocket is one of the cheapest -- if not the cheapest -- VoIP services around. For $199 a year (that's less than $17 a month), you get unlimited calling anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The company's international calling rates are pretty low, compared with other VoIP providers, too: Each month, you can do $3 worth of international calling (it's included in your plan). Calls to China, for example, cost 3 cents a minute, which is quite low.

Better yet, even though SunRocket is cheap (most low-end VoIP services start at $19.95 a month), its set-up took, like, two minutes; normally, you have to spend two hours walking through the set-up with some help from tech support. And its quality and features are impressive.

The voice calling clarity and quality are about as good as a traditional phone's. And its features are as plentiful as those of many other services I've trialed.

I could block outbound international or 411 calls. I could block anonymous calls, or calls from specific numbers (the caller I blocked would get a busy signal). Enabling caller ID, and forwarding calls from all of my friends to another number when I don't pick up was a piece of cake.

Voicemail was very easy to configure through the SunRocket site. I could get my voicemails sent to my e-mail address (I got the e-mail virtually immediately after a voice mail was left). I couldn't record a greeting from the Web site, though, and it took me a little while to figure out how to record it over the phone.

SunRocket also offered one important extra that most other VoIP services charge for: You get a free additional phone number with each service. That can come in handy for families where a teenager wants to have his or her own line. When a call to that line comes through, your SunRocket phone can emit a different-sounding ring. The additional number also has its own voicemail box and its own set of features. The best part is, all of this stuff doesn't cost extra.

Now, moving on to a couple of things I didn't like about the service. First off, believe it or not, SunRocket's brochures say it can take up to 10 days since you activate the service for you to be able to receive inbound calls. Granted, I was able to get incoming calls right the way. Still, I've never heard of any other VoIP service companies saying that users might have to wait for up to 10 days for their service to start to work. That's a bit over the top, that.

Second annoyance: You only get to make two free directory assistance calls per month. Most other VoIP services make all 411 calls free. Lastly, I just need to mention that the first DSL adopter SunRocket sent me was defective. That said, the company had already discontinued that equipment line. And the new gear they sent me works like clockwork.

Overall, I'd say the service works pretty well. What has your experience with SunRocket been like?

01:21 PM


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I've been interested in SunRocket too, and I like their flyers! But I've been using the Canadian-based Vbuzzer service for a few months with very good results: we even use it for recording phone conferences and it works great. Even better? It's $10/month for unlimited US and Canadian calling, so it's even cheaper than SunRocket (and you don't have to pay for a year in advance).

Posted by: Dave Taylor at February 14, 2006 05:02 PM

I've been using SunRocket for almost a year now and I have been very pleased. The greatest thing about sunrocket for me is that they are upfront with their billing and pricing. When they said $199 for a year, it was exactly that, no activation fees or extra taxes. Its nice to have a company that plays fair.

Also, the call quality has been great and the added features that you get online are really useful (like listening to voicemail or forwarding calls to anywhere you are). I couldn't really be any happier...

Posted by: George H. at February 16, 2006 10:39 AM

I have been using sunrocket for about three months and although i had some initial problems with setup the tech support finally came through. Since then the only problem I had was my cable stopped working hence i lost service for three days. Overall the service is excellent and no way would I change back to quest.

Posted by: darren champion at February 18, 2006 11:15 AM

I really wanted this to work but have had a bad experience with SunRocket. First I spent about 6 hours trying to set this up with two calls to their service dept. I finally went to bed and was surprised to see it working the next morning. Unfortunately my computers hooked to the router wouldn`t work. I finally on my own got both phone and computers working by hooking the phone up after the router instead of between the modem and router (an allternate setup shown in the manual). Of late my server has been dropping the IP and each time it does this, I lose my voip also. I have varying problems regaining my IP but am always able to re-establish the internet connection for the computers. Getting back the VOIP after these outages is such a hassel with the SunRocket service that I just can`t live with it anymore. I`m shipping the thing back mostly because of their inability to solve this problem in a timely manner. There is also one other problem which they will have to correct before I will consider using SR again. This is the problem with overseas voice quality. I made calls to Australia and Brazil. Both calls had severe clipping of the words so much so that it was difficult to carry on a conversation. I mentioned this to one of the service techies who said it was a known problem they were working on. When asked when they might have it corrected, he just laughed. There is alot good to say about SR but these items make it unuseable for me. I hope they can get their act together and I can give it another try.

Posted by: Malcolm Stockman at February 18, 2006 10:14 PM

I would not recommend Sunrocket or any other IP for those with DSL. DSL is simply too slow to handle someone using SR and somone using the computer. Even with my cable modem, I can get sound quality issues when someone is downloading on another computer. SR is a very good deal. The only problems I've had when calling overseas is a 15 to 20 second pause before the call connects. It took me a while to discover this.

Posted by: Ryan Kwan at February 22, 2006 02:35 PM

SunRocket is the worst service I've ever seen. The customer service is worthless. Here's why: I was told it would take 10 day to e=receive incoming calls. I waited nearly 1 month--still no inbound calls. I would not recommend this service to anyone. You get what you pay for. I signed up with Vonage and so far so good, it's a little more expensive, but it works and is reliable.

Posted by: at February 22, 2006 02:43 PM

I've used SR for about 8 months and have been very satisfied. My experiences with customer service have been good and set up was simple. It takes a while to get calls from your old phone number because I think they try to time the switch with the end of the billing period/month. Seems silly especially with 1-time fee. The clarity is equal to conventional phone. The only exception is when a large amount of bandwidth is used for downloads. I have convinced relatives to switch and all have thanked me and are happy.

Posted by: Paul R. at February 23, 2006 09:13 PM

I've been using Sun Rocket for one month now and must say it is great! It took about 14 full days to recieve it, but once it was here I plugged it all in, waited about a minute and made a phone call. The phones they gave me for free with it are valued at $50 at Walmart and so far there was only one phone call that had any interferance. I give Sun Rocket 9/10 stars.

Posted by: Tommy H at February 24, 2006 01:53 PM

I have had Sunrocket for less than a week. The customer service from SBC had gotten so poor, that I finally decided that I could no longer, in good conscience continue to give them my business. Nothing could be worse than than SBC, so I decided to give SR a try. Well guess what?! I was wrong! SR's customer service was horrific! It took about a week to get the gizmo in the mail, even though the billing starts when you sign up. When I got it in the mail, I hooked it up right away, using the alternative configuration of placing the gizmo AFTER the router. The phone service worked right away, and the "FREE PHONE" was nice. Unfortunately, I had a promo code for TWO phones, not the one that comes standard and getting them to send me the second phone was a big hassle. (I still haven't received it yet). The distinctive ring feature does not work like it is supposed to, and the wait time for customer service is minimum 15 minutes each time you call. Most times, I end up getting "disconnected" from the agent (accidentally? I'm not sure) and they are the rudest people ever. They must be in New Jersey because they talk to you like they are doing you a favor by taking your call. I am still waiting for someone from the engineering dept to call me back to see if they can resolve my distinctive ring issue. The voicemail and integrated web features are great, unlike anything available with traditional phone companies. If they could just get there stuff together and have a "customer service" attitude, they would have great potential. I'm giving them one more week to turn the situation around before I send back all the equipment and cancel. Sending everything back was actually the reccommendation from the last rep I spoke to. Can you believe that?

Posted by: Edward Sikora at February 25, 2006 10:39 PM

I have had SunRocket for nearly a year myself and have never had a bad Customer Support experience. I had some setup questions which were answered and have called to find out more info about referrals and other rates when I recommended the service to my friends.

I am extremely happy with my decision because I have saved hundreds of dollars and have more to show for it. I have been able to talk with friends abroad more often than ever before. The website is fantastic with features that allow you to get call information, voicemail, and other features from abroad. Its worth keeping an eye on for sure, and to me, a great technology to try and see if it works for you.

Posted by: Sam J. at February 27, 2006 03:03 PM

First of all, Sunrocket is great. It takes a bit of time to get incoming calls because of their more accurate way of supporting e 911. With their quasi pre-assigned numbers from their backbone provider it takes a bit longer. Frustrating but in the long run a better solution. PLUS they have an excellent lifeline feature on the TA that will place a call on a regular wired line if your Broadband access is out... very nice. Call quality is great and of course you can't beat the price.

As far as customer care is concerned hey they're still growing. So for the price patience is in order. But have you called Verizon lately with a problem... bad stuff that is and they have had 100 years to get it right!

Highly recommended!

Posted by: Ed McV at February 28, 2006 03:09 PM

I've had SunRocket for almost a year now and let me tell you the service sticks. Customer service is also bad, it take for EVER to get someone. DO NOT GET SUNROCKET!

Posted by: Ed at February 28, 2006 05:19 PM

I just got SR a week ago. Everything has been flawless. The package got to me in like 4 days. Took secs to hook up. I was able to recieve calls immediately. Voice quality has been good. I tested out listening to voicemails online and that worked out well too. I'm also getting voice mail notifications sent to my cell phone. I'm happy with that too. I already have 3 other families ready to switch over. So far so good. And I have high speed cable internet. No complaints. I'm waiting and watching....

Posted by: jonah at March 1, 2006 02:30 AM

I signed up after a friend of mine showed me his SunRocket setup when he first got it. I was impressed that he got the service, 2 free cordless phones, and the hardware for such a low rate. We tested out the quality together and I couldn't really find a reason not to try it out and have been pleased ever since.

Posted by: Karl at March 1, 2006 11:13 AM

I am trying it for last few weeks with many problems. Customer service is really bad or none. No reply after many e-mails or phone calls.

Having all kind of problems getting voice mails or other services where you have to enter numbers, it dose not recognize that - like Pin# or account #.

I wonder if it is hardware problem or anything else. Since I cant get any help from sunrocket, I am thinking about canceling the service, even though price is right - only 199!

Posted by: Vinny at March 1, 2006 02:40 PM

I've had SR for about 10 days now. Overall I'm happy. I have one recurring problem with not being able to hear the other side of the call on certain numbers. Unfortunately, SR support is well below average and I haven't found a solution to the problem. I wouldn't mind the problems as much if I got a sense of progress from SR support. Since the price is so low, I'm sticking with them a bit longer in the hopes I can find a resolution.

Posted by: Steve at March 2, 2006 03:27 PM

I've switched completely over to using sunrocket because it has been very reliable and a lot more feature rich than my previous provider. I decided to place the gizmo behind my router which has helped me to maximize my internet connection while kepping call quality high. Great service.

Posted by: ray at March 2, 2006 05:20 PM

SUNROCKET is bad service. BEWARE!!

Posted by: James at March 6, 2006 06:59 PM

Been using Sunrocket since December 2005 so far no mayor complaints still works fine. I would recommend people to give it a try.

Posted by: Ivette at March 7, 2006 02:27 PM

15 days into Sunrocket. Pre sales support is great. After sales support sucks. Voice quality is OK. Verizon terminated my land line today and Sunrocket tells me it will be two day before they can complete their end of the transfer. After sales support is deligated to offshore phone support with no technical ability. They simply read from a script and can not answer any question not in the script.

Posted by: Joe Rein at March 7, 2006 10:06 PM

I have had SR since January 4, 2006. It

seems too good to be true and it almost is

is. I was to have 3 different phone

nos. and as of March 9, only one has

been transferred. Good grief! Customer

service is via e-mail or via the

Philippines-based call center. They are

nice enough but no effective follow

thru to get the problem fixed. Right

now I give them 5 out of 10 score w/

customer service being 1 and their

gizmo and price being a 10.

Posted by: Jon at March 9, 2006 11:08 AM

I've had sunrocket for 5 months now. It's great! I highly recommend it.

Posted by: Megan at March 9, 2006 10:42 PM


I have been trying to cancel sunrocket for the last ONE MONTH now, they keep telling me they will call me back and they never do. They dont reply to emails tell me to call the phone.

The waiting time on the phone for billing services is more than an hour IF YOU GET through. Other times the call just drops.

The Tech at the other end simply refuses to help you out, and tells you he will call you back which is total bull. I have been billed again, when i was told i would not be on the phone and there is just NO WAY AT ALL to contact ANYONE to cancel my account.

If you are a customer having problems cancelling your account, i recommend you directly call the bank and chargeback. Sunrocket is absolute nightmare to cancel.

All thier support is outsourced, who cannot even answer ANYTHING. They NEVER let you talk to a superior UNLESS you threaten them action.

This is bogus. If this keeps on going. I am going to court.


Posted by: Faisal M at March 11, 2006 08:56 AM

I Agree 100% with Megan above. Their customer support is terrible. I have been dealing with a technical issue (my transfered number does not work at all) for weeks! Each time I call, they tell me they are working the issue. I got fed up and asked to speak to a manager. He promised me he would call me back, and never did. When I called him back, I was told he was in a meeting and would call me as soon as he got out. He never did, and when I called back again, I was told that it was his day off. How could he be on his day off AND in a meeting at the same time. The second manager I spoke with said he could call me back. Of course, he did not. My issue is still not resolved. They have a great price, but as a company I do not trust them at all. And now that I read how hard it is to cancel, I am even more worried. Who knows what they will do with my credit card number. I would caution people AGAINST using sunrocket despite their price. The company seems dishonest. Not someone you would want with your credit card information.

Posted by: Dave at March 14, 2006 05:45 PM

I have been with SunRocket almost a year. The sound quality is not very good and I get dropped calls and unable to call out at times. If things don't get better soon I may look at alternatives even at a higher price.

Posted by: Bob at March 16, 2006 08:09 PM

I work for a large carrier for VOIP services so I have the benefit of testing multiple providers at once. I have to say without a doubt SunRocket has huge issues across the board. I am currenty running a VOX phone and SunRocket and the VOX has never experienced problems. SunRocket has one way audio, calls not completing, voice jitter, and very poor customer service. The VOX phone is on the same cable modem and never skips a beat. As much as SunRocket trys to blame their underlying carriers they don't have a leg to stand on. The worst voice service is from one SunRocket customer to another which if you know call flows this will not hit an underlying carrier! My rating is a DO NOT BUY.

Posted by: Sam at March 16, 2006 10:39 PM

Sent to: on 03.15.2006:


I am writing this in a last-ditch attempt to salvage my Sun Rocket service. We have had a very poor experience so far with Sun Rocket and after one and a half months we are still not completely setup. We have had nothing but problems so far and if our remaining issue is not resolved very quickly we will be leaving for another provider.

The details:

We signed up for service at the end of January 2006. We received the Gizmo, set it up, and we were immediately able to call outbound on the Sun Rocket line and the quality was acceptable.

The website says 10 days until inbound calls should work and 30 days to port over any numbers from another provider (as I understand it, no other VOIP provider has this 10 day lag). While I was waiting the 10 days to get inbound calling, I initiated the process of porting my existing POTS line over to Sun Rocket (figuring that if we had full inbound/outbound calling on the Sun Rocket lines in 10 days and our existing number would take 30 days we would have 20 days to evaluate the service before we lost our existing number).

We could have accepted it if it only took 10 days to receive inbound calls, but it did not. I believe it was on the 11th day that I called customer support to make sure we were still slated to receive inbound calls at some point and I was told that it was 10 to 12 business days.

I then waited until after 12 business days and called back and they said that the Engineers had told them it would be more like 15 business days as they were backed up.

I waited 16 business days and as we still did not have inbound service I called back for the 3rd time and was told that since we didn't sign up for service until February 7th (not true - that was when I initiated the port of our POTS number) it would be another couple days yet.

We had been told that our existing POTS line would be transferred on March 7th. On 2 separate calls when I was talking to customer service I told them that if the inbound calling issue was not resolved I did not want my POTS number transferred as we would then be without a working phone number and that would be UNACCEPTABLE. Sure enough on March 7th I received an Email that our POTS number had been successfully transferred. And sure enough we were unable to receive inbound calls on all three numbers (the 2 from Sun Rocket and the ported #).

I called them again on March 8th (4th time I had to call) and was told that they were sure that it would only be 2 more days. How they knew this I don't know because they always sound like they have no information whatsoever and it always sounds like the trouble ticket is never updated because they never have any information to give me. Every time I called customer service I asked them to have someone call me with a status when they find something out and I have never to this day received one single call from anyone there. They take down or double-check my cell phone number each time I talk to them like they are actually going to do something with it.

My wife called them also and spoke with a manager who said he was sorry for the delay and he would credit us one monthly payment since our service is not working. Then we see on our credit card we have been billed for a double payment! Not only did they not give us a free month, they charged us double for one month. I called in immediatley (6th time we had to call I believe) and they checked into it and said it was a mistake and we should not have been billed at all and she can see the notation that we were supposed to receive the credit so she was going to talk to billing and have the entire charge removed. On 3/14/2006 I got an Email from Sun Rocket stating that a credit of $24.95 has been applied to our credit card. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CREDIT FOR TWICE THAT AMOUNT. My wife called to ask when they thought inbound calling might be setup for our ported number, and customer service told her the end of March. My wife tried to ask why it would not be until the end of March, and the support woman just kept trying to over-talk her. My wife then asked why we only received a credit for $24.95 when we should be credited for the entire amount that was twice as much. The support woman irritatedly said that she knew that and that we would be getting another credit for the same amount... like we were supposed to know that. We were billed one amount for $49.90 or so, so why would we think that we would not be credited one time for the same amount. My wife wanted to ask more, but she had to ask the rude support woman to please let her finish. The woman just kept talking over the top of her and then just put my wife on hold without saying anything. My wife waited on hold for some time and then finally hung up, figuring the woman was not going to come back on the line. We are still waiting for the 2nd credit to appear.

On March 10th the inbound calling did actually begin working for the 2 Sun Rocket numbers. It seems like someone finally got around to looking into the issue. I have a feeling it was probably a 5 or 10 minute fix but nobody even bothered to look into it for over a month. WHY WOULD IT TAKE OVER A MONTH FOR US TO RECEIVE INBOUND CALLS ON YOUR OWN NUMBERS YOU ARE SUPPLYING TO US??

We are STILL waiting for inbound calling to work on the ported POTS number. We were without inbound service on all numbers for 2 or 3 days (nobody could call us at all) and we have been without service on this (our main number) for a week and a half so far.

We called SBC today and they said they could have our number back with them and working within 5 days.

If we do not get inbound calls working ASAP on our ported POTS number we are terminating our relationship with Sun Rocket.

Customer Service is too horrendous for us to continue dealing with:

* Every person we speak with has an accent so strong it is almost impossible to understand.

* The call quality half of the time when calling customer service is not good... it seems like there is a delay between them talking and us hearing it and vice-versa.

* Obviously this is an off-shore support center, which would be fine, but it seems that there is no communication between customer service and the Engineers who are supposed to be fixing the problems. My wife and I are both computer professionals and I have had a fair amount of telecom training so if an Engineer would call me back or if they would at least update the trouble-ticket so the customer service could let me know what was going on we may be more apt to understand what is going on. As it is, it seems that there is no support and nobody really cares.

* My hope is that the remaining issue will be resolved asap and we will never have to deal with customer service again. I am afraid if the issue is not resolved in the very short term, we will be forced to go back to SBC or to another VOIP provider.

I see that I am not the only one who has had these experiences:



Based on all of the negative reviews of your customer service it appears that Sun Rocket as a company does not care enough to improve their customer service offering. I can't imagine that any cost savings you achieve by having an offshore, disconnected, uninformed support center outweighes the price you pay in lost customers.

As a side note, I am signed up through Telebay as a reseller of various services and I am trying out Sun Rocket as a personal test before I actually begin recommending it and reselling it to any customers. Based on my experiences to date, I can safely say that I will not be reselling this to anyone except people that I really, really do not like.

On top of all that, the last 3 days or so, we have been having quality issues with the phone service. My wife tries to call me from a SunRocket number and it rings on my end at my cell phone, but when I pick it up I can hear nothing. She does not even hear it ringing on her end when she calls me. I see that the call came from our Sunrocket number on my cell phone caller ID so I call back to our house and it immediately goes into our SunRocket voicemail. I try this 4 or 5 times and always end up in voicemail, it does not even ring at the house. This issue has happened several times in the last 3 days. This is unacceptable functionality.

I will expect a reply today or tomorrow or I will contact SBC to get our number back and immediately cancel this SunRocket service. I will also post this entire Email to the SunRocket review sites listed above as I am so dissatisfied with the entire experience.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


Sent to: on 03.20.2006:


Based on the lack of response, I assume this Email ended up at the same customer support center as the calls go to.

The last time my wife spoke with customer service, they indicated it may not be until March 30th that our inbound calling works for our transferred number. I believe our number transfer request was placed in the first week of February and SunRocket acquired the number on March 7th. We have been without use of that number already for 13 days and I am not going to wait another 10 days for you to get things working properly.

We will be calling SBC this afternoon to get our number back with them.

SunRocket has great prices and provides a free additional number which most providers do not. It is unfortunate that your customer support is non-existant, as this wipes out any benefits one would get by going with your VOIP service.

Posted by: jpkoppli at March 20, 2006 03:20 PM

All: I've been in the tech industry for 11 years with companies who sell to companies like Sunrocket to enable VoIP. I've been a customer since January and will list the pro's and con's:

Pro's: Cheap, decent feature set, decent web site, cheap.


NO INBOUND CALLS: I actually waited 2.5 MONTHS for INBOUND calls. I also didnt get dial tone until 2.5months in as well.

CALL QUALITY: Call quality is poor. The company as a default will say as we all know "you quality depends on the internet and your connection." This would be legitimate if I wasnt running a parallel VoIP service for my company over my VPN with NO problems whatsover over the SAME public internet. I would suggest that with the cheap price that Sunrocket is waiting for more subscribers before upgrading their back end systems and operations staff. Given that theorized strategy, Sunrocket users will suffer ebbs and flows of good quality then bad quality.

UNI-DIRECTIONAL COMMUNICATION: In mid conversation i could hear my colleagues but they could not hear me. When I hung up and tried to redial the conference bridge that number and any other number i dialed was busy. Not so with my cell or other VoIP line.

RESOLUTION: It took me 1.5hrs or so to get things resolved with tech support. At $199 a year you need to wonder how many times you need to do this and factor in how valueable your time is when determining exactly how "economical" the service really is.

SUMMARY: Sunrocket has 80K subscribers. Vonage has about or over 1Million. I went with Sunrocket because I thought with less subs I might get better service and quality. I am reconsidering this position. Vonage is heavily venture capital backed. To the tune of $600M in investment in the last 24+ months. They are building and investing heavily in state of the art technology and candidly there is value in that. Maybe 24.99/month and voice quality you can count on is better than $17 for a teenager second line quality like service. I dont know yet. I'm going to wait and see if Sunrocket gets their service working more smoothly. If they do I'll stay. If however this comes with massive price increases...i'm not so sure.

For instance Comcast is now offering a similar service that is VoIP only to the CO then is traditional POTs and gives 8hr stand by power in event of power outage for about same price as Vonage.

What does this mean? Better quality because your only "public internet variable" that all VoIP providers give you is limited to your local connection. THIS IS HUGE. You get one internet, tv and phone bill.

NOTE TO SUNROCKET: We like your service, we want to see the little guy win. Please fall forward and learn as you go, please improve your service daily, please keep your price where it is, please dont outsource "too many" tech support jobs to india. AND I like probably many others will stay....


A TechAddict for money savings and productivity enhancement

Posted by: techinsider at March 23, 2006 08:10 AM


I've been using SR for 4 months now. After some initial problems with set-up and tel. no. transfer & some really bad experience with their customer service (I was trying to get my free phones shipped to me, which took about 3 months!) I must say overall: it works! - but nothing more. My internet connection is a bit slower than usuall. And one thing I can not proof: After I signed up with SR (and this was my only internet purchase in months) someone was able to make a duplicate card of the account I paid with and robbed my bank account...


Posted by: stef at March 23, 2006 07:07 PM

I love the service. Definately cheap. Only get echo here and there. As for Customer Service, I would give them a big 0. They repeat everything you say as if scripted and have no answers and don't understand what you are saying. I mean, they hear you, and they hear the words, but they have no understanding of what they mean when you put all the words together in a sentence. I called and was upset because it took much longer for inbound calls to come in and I also wanted to get the second number. OMG. It was a 40 minute call. I wanted a number in Cincinnati. She gave me a local number to my area and I kept saying look I want a local in Cincinnati, there are no long distance calls inside Cincinnati so any number from that area code should work. She kept telling me it might be long distance for them to call, and I said no, if it's a Cincinnati number it won't be long distance for them. Then she puts me on hold and comes back saying they don't service Cincinnati lmao. I got fed up and took the local number. I asked this woman not once but TWICE, is this number going to accept incoming calls immediately. She said YES, I can call it for you if you like, I had to decline because I was at work on my '15' minute break. Come to find out it wasn't working lmao Then when I got home and looked up numbers in Cincinnati I called back. I called to get the secondary number as a Cincinnati number. Not a problem, but they couldn't understand why I was upset with my call the previous night!!! I literally had to spell it out for her. Their service is pretty good, their customer service is HORRENDOUS!!!

Posted by: Dawn at March 29, 2006 12:36 AM

Sunrocket has worked out all the kinks and it works great. It is so nice to finally have a bill that is affordable. It has really made my life easy not having to worry about getting a bill for a year,plus with the free phone and the 2 lines you really get the service for free when you add every thing up! It is great for people that need to save money. even if they have to up-grade the server from time to time,I am willing to have patience for growing pains.



I hope all bills in the future head in that direction.

all I need to find now is a cheap high speed internet and cable!

Posted by: marie at March 29, 2006 04:11 AM

Still waiting TWO MONTHS to get old Comcast phone number transferred to our SR line.

1st time they said we didn't complete a transfer request (not true) - 2nd time they said we didn't provide them with the correct address to Comcast...WTH?

Posted by: Sarah at March 29, 2006 11:48 AM

They just cancle my account...and now they can't fix it. So I lost my phone number + I am without phone...and customer service is too horrendous...SUNROCKET is bad service. BEWARE!!

Posted by: Shalin at March 29, 2006 11:53 AM

I have had SR for about four months and I am real happy. Some echo problems and talkamerica customers cannot reach me on my talkamerica transfered line. Hmmmm other peoples phone services can. I think its a talkamerica problem. Those who have TA can however reach me on the SR provided phone number (Hmmm?). I bought a new motorola modem with the latest complient updates for my high speed internet connection (I think it helps). I also bought two additional VOX phones and have them spread around the house. For the money and my needs I think SR works great. Also, with new technology their will be some bugs to work out.

Posted by: John at April 1, 2006 01:00 PM

I'm signing up for SunRocket now.

Posted by: David Mackey at April 3, 2006 09:36 PM

Have used SR for about a year now. I will renew. It's worked pretty well most of the time. Not 100% but more than 99%. Good enough for my needs.

Had two interactions with customer support.

One (last year) when the gizmo developed a fault; after talking to a couple of first level people I did eventually get a call back from an engineer who diagnosed the problem and arranged a next-day replacement. So after running the gauntlet of first-level support, I consider this good service.

Second, when I eventually ported my qwest number, the qwest line stopped but no incoming calls came via SR - strange effects, disconnects, jump direct to voicemail etc. Several calls to tech support resolved this. Of course they expect you to go through the obvious script solutions like power cycling etc. Hold times were not terrible. Turned out the gizmo must be outside the router for either firmware updates or config updates (not sure which) for the new number to work. As soon as I moved the gizmo, incoming calls on the ported number started working (after which I could move it back again).

I think the usual rules for tech support apply - you get what you pay for, and we are not paying very much. They seem willing enough to help if you are pleasant to them. My experience with tech support from Comcast et al has not been any more pleasant; in fact Comcast were certainly worse.

Posted by: Graham Allan at April 7, 2006 06:51 PM


I spent some time researching Sunrocket about 6 months ago, and decided to go with them based on the reviews at Though there are other companies that provide similar features, I have found the service from SunRocket to be excellent, and the price to be excellent value.


Posted by: Rob at April 9, 2006 12:32 AM

I have vonage and I am thinking about sunrocket.. the prices are nice.. But how about call quality.. I know local calls are good.. but I want to specifically know about overseas calls.. Vonage is terrible in that regard and thats why I am thinking about changing..

Posted by: Andy at April 12, 2006 05:30 PM

Well it has been almost a month and I still can not receive incoming calls on my number. I have called customer service several times and have the same help desk support flow chart read to me each time. At the end of the conversation they say "this will be escalated to an engineer and they will be in contact with you within 48 hours" Three trouble tickets and 10 days later I still have not been contacted. I have also sent a few emails to the same effect all have gone unanswered. I am always willing to exercise patience when it comes to emerging technologies, but Sunrockets support is beyond bad, it's non existent.

Posted by: Bill at April 13, 2006 04:37 PM

I got SR last month and has been nothing but impressed by call quality, email response from customer service and overall VOIP experience. I've just decided to now dump my existing wireline service and port my number to SR. GO SR....

Posted by: Ankur at April 14, 2006 01:17 PM

A little nervous seconds just after registering.

I was amazed my voice mail was available seconds after paying.

I gave them a nice e-mail saying how great it was to take advantage of features before recieving the phone.

Then I got this in response.

Dear Pete,

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Your order is currently being processed. There's no available tracking number yet but we'll notify you when it becomes available.

Usually, orders are processed and shipped in 1 to 2 days, and customers receive the package in 5 to 7 business days or less.

The items include the following:

Product Code Quantity Description

SR Kit INN6328 1 Kit

SR-INN6328 1 Gizmo

WLM LTR NO SIG 1 Welcome Letter

SR GE DUAL 5.8 1 Phone

If you have additional questions, please contact SunRocket Member Services at 1-800-786-0132 or send an e-mail to Service hours are from 7 am to Midnight (ET), 7 days a week.

Thank you for using SunRocket.


Edgar Maddela

SunRocket Member Services

-----Original Message-----

From: Pete Santry (

Sent: Apr 14, 2006 11:49:27 PM

Subject: Awesome!


Got my tax refund and decided its time to get a land line rather than going

outside of my semi underground APT

Due to cell.

Very happy with the features such as listening to voicemail on the web

seconds after I sign up and before I get the phone!!

This is the best Voip value wise..

Looking forward to my new phone!


Posted by: Pete at April 15, 2006 03:40 AM

I have enjoyed SunRocket since February of 2005 and couldn't be happier! The price is right, voice quality is as good or better than other telecom services, and customer service has been very helpful. I first tried SunRocket when I had DSL with BellSouth, but their DSL connection was not strong enough to support SunRocket. So I switched over to Comcast, which provides a much stronger signal. If Comcast goes down, I lose my telephone. So it's good to have a back-up.

Posted by: Dale Glass-hess at April 15, 2006 03:45 PM

Had SR for 1 year. I too was blinded by the price, overlooking things I took for granted with my POTS line. Something we cal RELIABILITY. SR slowly gravatated down towards the bottom with outages, noice, echo. Over time, most of these got fixed and I went about a month without seeing "SR down?" threads in another forum. Then, they sunk to a new low by alowing my number to be ported to Comcast digital telephone without my permission. Almost 30 days later, I got my number back and my service is working. Hopefull I am that it will stay up long enough for me to port over to another provider. I need service that stays up or at least is 90% uptime like pots. It could be 10.00 a month but what is a life worth? I or anyone else can't depend on SR to be there when needed so it's ALOHA to them and good luck to those who want to give them a try. Just

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