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The impact of one blog on Dell

? MIT's open-source story brings bloggers in |


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August 01, 2005

The impact of one blog on Dell

Stephen Baker

I've been staring at this chart for a few bleary-eyed minutes, trying to figure out what impact Jeff Jarvis's blogged complaints about Dell had on the company's buzz. Hard to tell, because apparently there were loads of Dell complaints already bouncing around the blog world. I'd like to see that chart stretched out over a year, to see if public discontent (or at least, blogged discontent) with Dell is on the rise.

I'll be writing today for the magazine, blogging only if posts fall from the sky (or my tendency to procrastinate takes a serious turn for the worse).

07:11 AM

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Tracked on August 3, 2005 04:13 PM

Here is a little Dell timeline with some numbers.

The Golden LEAF Foundation releases recruitment package plan to lure Dell to Winston-Salem, NC.

Nov. 4, 2004: A bundle of tax incentives, worth at least $242.5 million over 15 years clears the N.C. Legislature.

Nov. 9, 2004: Dell chooses the Triad as the location for their third U.S. factory. Guilford and Forsyth Counties are possible sites, with 1,500 workers employed within five years. Gov. Mike Easley and Kevin Rollins shake hands to seal the deal. Local governments begin to craft incentives.

Nov. 19, 2004: Guilford lays out its offer of $7.1 million in incentives.

Dec. 7, 2004: Greensboro City Council votes to offer $5.3 million in cash grants and other incentives.

Dec. 13, 2004: Forsyth County passes largest economic incentives package in county history, offering $14.8 million in cash and services.

Dec. 14, 2004: Davidson County approves a $23.1 million incentives package.

Dec. 20, 2004: Winston-Salem City Council approves an $18.9 million package. Combined with the Forsyth County offer, the total package is $37.2 million.

Dec. 22, 2004: Dell said it will build its $100 million desktop computer assembly plant on a 189-acre site in Winston-Salem.

I was reviewing this last April. Just amazing stuff! Ashlee Vance wrote about it for The Register July 21, Dell sucks another $7m out of North Carolina

Her June 21 article North Carolina residents sue Dell to keep their $270m

Ashlee writes, "One thing here is for certain, the longer this legal challenge goes on, the more Dell will suffer in the public's image."

I don't know how one blog will impact Dell, but this one deal in Winston Salem and the lawsuit can't be what they were planning on. Charles Arthur also convered the Jarvis story.

Want to complain about Dell? Forget it

Dell was trading at $40.51, so the stock hasn't seemed to suffer

It did tumble a little bit in April. That is the chart I was watching.

Here's some information on the NC lawsuit.

Written By: Steve Stanek

Published In: Budget & Tax News

Publication Date: August 1, 2005

Publisher: The Heartland Institute

If Dell wins in court, we all get subsidized PC's, I guess. We'll see what happens! I thought companies located in the south to avoid labor unions. I guess I was really wrong. The cash incentives and subsidies are just mind boggling. I guess Dell has a goldmine down there. Some of the locals don't seem to like it much. Dude, you're getting sued!

Posted by: Jim Dermitt at August 1, 2005 10:32 AM

I happen to know for a fact you're going to have your feet propped up on your desk most of today day dreaming about Coronas and senoritas and the meaning of baseball.

Posted by: dan cook at August 1, 2005 01:14 PM

I bought a new notebook PC recently (June) and agonized over whether to go Dell or stay with Toshiba. Dell had an appealing offering, but my main concern was a perception that Dell seems to have always had a habit of low-balling quality, as opposed to my numerous positive experiences with Toshiba. My worst fear is not so much encountering a problem, but the fear that I might have to ship the machine away for more than 12 hours. My judgment was that even if Dell really is a "solid" machine, the Toshiba would more likely be even more solid.

I actually ended up buying locally (Boulder, Colorado) from a CompUSA store rather than by phone through Toshiba. The Dell specs looked good, but I actually got to do a test drive in the store. One issue was what the nex WXGA TruBrite screens would be like compared to the older XGA/SXGA/SXGA+ screen technologies.

Another factor was that a friend had purchased a high-end (not cheap) Dell notebook PC a number of years ago and it had some weird screen anomalies that left him and me both a little squeamish about trusting Dell. It was years ago, so I was prepared to look past that problem, but I was simply laser-focused on max reliability and min downtime, even though low-cost was a huge goal.

As far as the anti-Dell blogging, clearly the squeaky wheel gets the attention, so the question is how to discount the "rant" factor to find the reality. I would expect discontent with Dell to be on the rise (in terms of absolute numbers) as they continue to roll up market share and ship ever-greater numbers of units, so I would urge caution as to how to properly measure the extent of discontent.

I wrote a blog post on my Toshiba purchase and had a few email exchanges with prospective purchasers. You can find it by simply Googling the model number (M55-S325) and my name.

Having said all of this and read some of the "rants", I will continue to consider Dell as an option for both my own future purchases and for people I know who are considering purchases. My ultimate advice is "decide for yourself", after you get full and non-biased information.

If anything, the shrill nature of some of these rants would actually lead me to take a contrarian view and consider the possibility that some people are, to use a technical term, simply "sh!t magnets." Pity the poor customer service people who have to deal with them.

As a final note... No, these Dell problems are not sufficient to convince me to "switch" to the non-PCs offered by whats-their-name.

-- Jack Krupansky

Posted by: Jack Krupansky at August 1, 2005 02:15 PM

Jack, While I agree that perhaps no company is perfect and that maybe Dell's problems scale with their growth...the fact is that totally ignoring irate customers is not a long-term success strategy. Their PR firm is supposedly paid to track and monitor this kind of pubic opinion to prevent just this kind of escalation. And provide valuable public opinion & feedback internally as well. (I can't find the post on the site, but a while back they quoted Dell's PR agency's website where they claimed to monitor blogs as part of their service.)

Jeff Jarvis isn't any other customer (although they ought to all be treated stellarly), he is influencial and trusted to a very large number of people within an amplified word-of-mouth public forum. It doesn't take long for this type of word-of-mouth to spread. Frankly, I've had customer support issues with Dell myself going back to '96, but what I'm really appalled at is how they just dropped the ball altogether on the PR, marketing, customer support dept.

Posted by: Evelyn Rodriguez at August 2, 2005 01:38 AM

I think it would be helpful to other customers if you can post your complaint/opinion

Posted by: YDell at September 19, 2005 07:31 PM

do not buy dell if you think you are going to get your rebate what a joke

Posted by: bob at January 6, 2006 05:06 PM

I purchased one of Dell’s new XPS 400 computers. I ordered it with Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005 Edition. They shipped it with Windows XP Home Edition. I also ordered a 19” FP Digital monitor, 5.1 surround sound speakers, and a HDTV Tuner card. I returned it all for a complete refund. I ordered the exact same system a second time. The second purchase was charged to my credit card and it was shipped correctly. However, the refund for the first system was $35 SHORT of what was supposed to be refunded. I called Dell customer service to correct this.

I spoke first with Alejandro, Badge # 598405 on Jan. 25, 2006 who offered nothing but guesses and excuses about why there was a shortage in what was refunded, but offered to do nothing about refunding the additional money. I demanded to speak with a supervisor and he told me one was not available, but he would have one call me back within the next two hours. Twenty-four hours passed with no call back, so I called Dell’s corporate offices and punched “0” to get an operator. I asked to speak with someone in Kevin Rollins office or anyone at a senior level in customer service. I was told that NO DELL SR. MANAGEMENT OR THEIR STAFF takes phone calls and that I can only reach them by FAX. I sent a FAX to Rollins and one to John Medica. Another twenty-four hours passed and I Faxed my letter a second time with a cover sheet that said “WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD FROM YOUR OFFICE?” printed in a 36 size font.

It has now been another 24 hours since the second letter and still no response. I tried reaching someone else in customer service and spoke with Josh, Badge # 861529 and again I asked to speak to a supervisor. Josh put me on hold for 32:47 at which time the call was disconnected. I called Dell’s corporate offices and had the operator confirm that I had the proper Fax numbers for Rollins and Medica, which I did have. I then ask her why I had not had a response and she explained that it usually takes TWO TO THREE WEEKS for Rollin’s office to respond because of the volume of mail and faxes. That answer and the fact that no one at Dell Corporate takes ANY consumer phone calls tells me and anyone else how big the CUSTOMER DISSATISFACTION problem is at Dell.

I then asked the operator connect me to a senior manager in customer service. She transferred me to a voice mail box where a message told me to leave all my personal contact and order information and that someone would get back to me within TWO DAYS.

My 21 day satisfaction guarantee will expire in two days. I am not waiting for their call. I am returning the SECOND computer today because I have had an ample taste of what it will be like if I have a warranty issue within the first year of owning the computer. I’d rather spend my time and money a third time to purchase another brand of computer AFTER I do some research on other computer manufacturer’s customer service reputations. I just looked at all the BLOGS on Dell and I’m not going to get stuck in Dell Hell. My Dell is going back TODAY. Maybe I’ll eventually hear from someone at Dell to get my $35 refunded to me as was promised at the time the return was set up with Dell.

The end of the story is that Dell wasted their own personnel’s time with building, boxing and shipping the first system. Money to ship the system round trip to my home and then Dell wasted all the time and money to do the same thing again with a second system (built correctly to my order specifications)…only to have to pay to ship the second system back (which works properly) because their Customer Service department is making Dell’s reputation for them. I simply cannot understand how Senior Management in any company can spend all this money to get a product to a customer only to have it returned for a full refund (and in my case do it TWICE) and then let that same customer spend the rest of their lives bad mouthing Dell….all because they can’t control their customer service department.

Thank you,

Wm. Stevenson, Dell Customer Order # 745976623

Posted by: WILLIAM STEVENSON at January 27, 2006 05:19 PM

My present Dell experience is also miserable with a new computer that has a CD-DVD recorder problem. The customer support/technical support is a joke: the Indians, Philipinos, El Salvadorans are trained to put you on hold,ask lots of questions, promise to solve your problem, "get a supervisor," then disconnect you.

I offered to send back the computer. The woman told me it's too late. I told her I'm not going to pay the invoice from Dell Financial, she told me I have to pay anyhow, whether or not the computer works.

I'm contacting a class action attorney in Boston. Dell is engaging in consumer fraud with faulty equipment and laughable support. Massachusetts has a law related to illegal and deceptive business practices which can result in triple damages to plaintiffs. Dell clearly is misrepresenting their customer and technical support.

Dell is awash in its own excrement created by its huge size and poor support. In my case, I have the computer and the money. Let's see what happens.


Posted by: Bob at March 5, 2006 10:34 AM

Dell support has destroyed my computer and Mcafee has done consistent false scans. You cannot contact them so beware! Its all a fraud! You can be overrun by viruses etc and the dell system and Mcafee detect nothing! FRAUD!!!! THIS IS MR.E. From MR.E.MEDIA INTERNATIONAL. HELP!!!!!!

Posted by: scott charette at March 7, 2006 07:30 PM

We purchsed a Dell Inspirion and pay a little over $1,000 including an extended warranty. After making minimum payments for 17 months, we now (according to Dell Financial Services) owe over $1,500.

We can get no explanation or answers to our questions. It is like trying to talk to a wall.

Posted by: rbauhs at March 23, 2006 12:36 PM

I just saw a Dell Yahoo ad for security software this morning on the Buzzmachine site. I thought that was strange. I was using the site and it was malfunctioning, so I just stopped using it. I don't know what the problem was, but I have other stuff to do. You wouldn't think Jeff would have Dell ads. I guess he doesn't have a say so in the matter.

Posted by: Jim Dermitt at March 24, 2006 11:20 AM

Don't buy the hype on the Dell xps 600..It the worst machine I have ever owned. Don't ever finance a Dell the contract makes it difficult to return. Don't ever buy a Dell you will be sorry you did just like me.

Posted by: Dave at March 25, 2006 02:51 AM

I have been thru the Dell hell! It's a horrible thought to have to pick up the phone and call Dell's customer support! What I didn't know when I bought my laptop computor from Dell, is that when you buy the complete care warranty package they offer, Dell does not tell you that IF they replace your computor because it can't be fixed, it will be replaced with a refurbished one not a new one as advertized. I sent mine in twice and it couldn't be fixed so I had no choice but to accept a refurbised one. Stop by and read my posts on Dell at


Posted by: wolfbernz at March 25, 2006 08:27 PM

I recently "tried" to puchase and Inspiron b130 advertised in my local paper, regularly $899 specially priced at $499. The features offered on this particular machine were perfect for my needs. I place the order "over the phone" with a Toby Portillo, who was especially accomodating and efficient. He thanked me and said my invoive would be sent to my email address. I was not in a "internet accessible" location for the next 2 days. When I returned and checked the invoice, it, of course, was for the pre-savings price of $899 plus tax, title, and license. Multiple calls, chats, emails only resulted in Tony finally admitting his "doing his job poorly" response, my cancelling the order, and refusing delivery from the ups man. Now, I am faced with the daunting task of getting a full, and approptiate refund from Dell, so I can, since reading the experiences of others, purchse a toshiba, like I started out to some time back. I also understand that Dell has a class-action suit on the west coast dealing with bait-and-switch problems. Hmmm, maybe I just slid in under the wire of dissapointment...think positive, and see if they get it right....

Posted by: j. randolph at April 6, 2006 10:37 AM


Posted by: dave at May 3, 2006 08:35 PM

DUDE!!, I just got scewed too, bought my wife the Inspirion B130 for Christmas, 05, april 20, of o6 the LCD screen had a black dot in it, my wife calls Tech support and while she's going through the test that the Tech is telling her to do, half a the LCD becomes filled with lines, she was told it was coverd under warr, when DELL gets the laptop, she gets a call saying the lap top has a internal crack that only happens when the laptop is dropped or the LCD screen is hit very very hard, DELL was informed that it was not dropped and we where told it can come from closing it to hard, or we poked it with a pen, or it can come from useing it too much, when we sent it in the LCD had lines on it, now that DELL sent it back to us now you can see large cracks in the LCD screen, Mike Dell, you should be shame of your self, plus I could not understand a word these people where saying, and one lady busted out laughing at me when I said I was going to the news media with this, I WILL NEVER BUY A DELL,DELL CAN GO TO HELL 1400 hundred dollers spent noe DELL wants another 368.00 to replace the LCD, Mike Dell is just as badd as a drug dealer, he sells poison to his costermers, and don't give a hoot about anything else, WELCOME TO AMERICA THE LAND OF WE ALL GOT JACKED

Posted by: bohannan at June 6, 2006 10:59 AM

Ever try calling their corporate office or local factory for personnel or any other department? The phone just rings. Dell Hell!

Posted by: Rod Waters at June 21, 2006 03:29 PM

You people keep on complaining do you know what's the no.1 cause for the computer to crash?? DUMB CUSTOMERS, think twice before you complain

Posted by: DELL at June 23, 2006 04:38 PM

hi there,

just having bought a inspiron 1300 and 6400 and after several wks of contacting dell, still no further forward.

The sonic software supplied with the system for dvdr fails miserably, as does there customer service.

I have lost count of the numerous times that I have been asked to factory restore the systems by some non pc expert.

The problem is that the drive supplied does not work correctly with the software for compatibility.

Over £1500 lighter and still no further forward. The warranty cover means absolutely nothing as does the people who clearly know nothing regarding pc, even though they supply them ?!

Posted by: stark at June 29, 2006 01:50 PM


WElcome to another DELLHELL post. My dell computer started crashing a month and a half ago just A WEEK OR SO prior to the run out of its 1 year "Next Business day" ( ha ha) warranty.

Over 5 hours worth of 'phone calls and 13 days waiting and a service contractor turned up, walked in, replace my motherboard and RAm and left.

The computer has since continued to crash, and I have discovered that there is over 50GIGABYTes of un known files clogging my disk to the point where there is not enough space to even defrag. I track this down and it seems that Macafee ( which THEY INSTALLED!!!!) HAS BEEN SCRewING UP THE SYSTEM ALONG WITH SOME OF THE OTHER SUBSTANDARD PREINSTALLED SOFTWARE AND very POSSIBLY A CORRUPTED VERSION OF windowsxp.

another 5 hours of HEATED LOGIC DEFYING telephone calls and threats with incompetent and dishonest service and customer care people pointing out that the computer was originally delivered in parts over a period of some 4 weeks and next day service took 13 days so they should extend my warranty at least until they had the machine fixed, ( no mention of compensating me for the days at home when no delivery or service people bothered to show up of course). So. another 10 - 15 phone calls over another fortnight and 3 days ago "Rafiq" from dell calls and tells me they will give me an extra year's warranty to repay me and that should make me very happy. I point out that I had paid for a years warranty which I did not receive and that the computer is still fritzed.

I also point out that I've been using computers since DOS days, built my first web site in 1994 and that even I can't work out how to order ink from their site so on top of the computer crashing I am about to toss their all in one scanner printer due to lack of ink so how about some service and some comnpensation before I take action for breach of contract as I am not a happy camper.

The result - an "Amy Lim called and left a message while I'm on another line last night and says she'll ring back in an hour. she rings the next day and says they'll send someone - I ask when and she says she'll ring back in a few minutes - that was 8.30am and it's now 8pm - no call.

I've had no returned promised calls from Customer service and the only solution ever offered from TEchnical SERVICEis to REFORMAT THE HARD DRIVE!!!! .

Pointing out that this is a long involved process involving reinstalling PROGRAMMES ETC. ETC. ALL UP i HAVE WASTED WELL OVER 50 MAN HOURS WAITING ON TELEPHONES AND FOR NON APPEARING SERVICE PEOPLE!!!!


And as for reformatting - why bother with "Technicians if this is the only answer they have...


damn, I used to be calm and literate - these idiots have lost at least 6 sales from people I know after hearing my story - great marketing folks. I especially like the idea of the DON'T BUY DELL sign on my car being something they are fine with. it's all rather disgusting


Posted by: Peter Palmer at July 12, 2006 06:21 AM

Dell better wake the hell up and realize how many bad things are written about their shitty computers and disgusting disgraceful customer service. I too have been in dell hell for about two weeks now and after talking to a bunch of morons that said they would connect me to thier escalation managers who never called back until 2 weeks laterr and had the nerve to tell me they couldnt help. Dell is the absolute worst worst company in the history of companies and they rewally better wise up I am making it one of my lifes ambitions to post on the internet how disgusting they are .DO NOT EVER BUY A DELL THEY ARE THE WORST!!!!! ANd as far as them posting on this board about their customers being stupid that just proves how moronic they really are .I hope they are reading this. YOU PEOPLE ARE A DISGRACE!!!!!!

Posted by: lillian martini at July 19, 2006 05:13 PM

My name is Becky Stewardson and I have been a dell customer for quite along while but I have to tell you your customer service is terriable.

Back in December 5,2005 I bought a Flat Screen Computer serial No cn-oco646-46633-595-ohlc t

I was on my computer when it just went black call tecional support thold the problem they could not fix said it blew so they where going to replace it for me well that was July 25,2006.In the mean time after 6 different tections i have spoken to and and 4 customer service people I am still stuck with my ordional monter 19inch flat screan and i have setting in the middle of my living room 1 16 flat screen montor and 1big monter that is not a flat screen now they wont even talk to me say,s there is nothing they can do.

All the mistakes have been on your employes parts there is not even return slips in the boxes I guess I am suppose to pay postage back to you to return them.

I have never in my 58 years of living dealing with a product had so much trouble they even instaulted me as i did"t know the difference between a 16 inch montor and a 19 inch monter I am not stupid. So hear I sit with my broken montor and two brand new monters sent to me which are the wroung ones and know satifction .

My finicial accout no is:6897450119021152172 I called them even and they could not help me.

Now you all are the ones losing here i keep trying to tell them that but unforuntly comman sence does not prevail I have two monters free in the middle of my living room.

Now i read you read and answer your email we shall see. And please dont tell me to deal with your customer service or tencional support anymore!

All I want is my montor replaced Help!!!!

Rebecca Stewardson

Posted by: rebecca stewardson at July 26, 2006 05:39 PM


Posted by: Travis at August 2, 2006 11:49 AM

I had no idea that a company this large could be so irresponsible. I wish I had never stopped at the kiosk in the mall to buy this terrible piece of equipment. I bought all of the bells and whistles and paid a pretty penny for it. As the phrase goes, "Let the buyer beware" you will truly be disappointed. I have had nothing but problems with this piece of junk since I've taken it out of the box 3 days ago. I've been calling tech support for help with this obvious modem problem with no success. Don't believe them when they promise to call back because it's obvious that they don't. This won't be the last that Dell hears from me, they will be speaking with my attorney as my business is suffering for their lack of customer service. Whatever happened to the idea of keeping the customer first as it comes to Best Practices for a corporation.

Case #139820695

Posted by: Gesunda at August 2, 2006 06:08 PM

I am an American Senior, and like anybody else, starting at my young years, and on... I consummed many of my Nature/God Allocated Quantums of Energy, Brainpower, Mental-Speed etc; yet I am sure that with my leftover Quants, 3 obsolete computers, one huffing and puffing Generator (I live in Hurricane Alley you see,) from my Mobile Home near Sarasota, I could do a much better job of Consummer Support for Dell than their Robotized-located in some remote-non English Speaking-Pacific or Indian Ocean Island Crew of so called Customer Support Agents!

Now, do you want to hear my experience? Not the only one you know! But this takes the Cake! I will make it "Express" because it resambles (oh well no spellcheck here,) so many other, is pathetic!

- Dude orders Memory upgrade from Dell.

- Dude explains to Dell Agent in OR, USA, new address is currently on Dell Sys.

- Dude duly informs Salesperson correct/new Address.

- Dude hangs-up happy.

- Dude checks Dell site to locate order; no luck.

- Dude checks DHL tracking.

- Dude discovers that package is about to be deliv. by DHL at his (1 1/2 yr) old Address 1100 Miles away.

- Dude connects with remote Island Dell Agent, having to beg several times: "repeat-please", "and in some English I can understand". For crying aloud I am a transplant from the Midwest and do understand the Floridians with little or no effort! It must be that the remote Ocean English has never been installed in my 1950s Model-Brain! Send me the frickin CD!

- Anyhow dude explains the Sit to remoterobotic Agent who proceeds to dish-out Apologies like going out-of-style!

- Dude asks to Agent to hold the onions and above all the stupid Apologies!

- Dude BEGS for Action and no apologies.

- Dude explaims to agent that correct course of Action is ship the stupid chip again to me to my correct Address and restock or do whatever they want with the one Dell sent erroneously to a different location.

- Of course Dell would NEVER do something like that; they are in the business for the Egg, the chicken (ie good cust. service,) can wait.

- Dude hopes that those eggs will someday give Dell a double indigestion with diarreah to boot!

EPILOGUE: One full week later, DHL informed to me (the Dude,) that the goods are still sitting a their station in MI, waiting for instructions from... Dell of course!

Posted by: Romulo Pietrangeli at August 4, 2006 12:21 PM

I am having a horrible time with Dell and I can't even find the corporate office numbers. They were not noted on any of the material my computer came with nor on the web (from what I can find so far).

My Dell Inspiron 1000 was purchased in 2004 with a 3 year warranty. I must say the first problem I had was resolved easily so I know that things CAN go right. But my second problem is causing me sleepless nights. Here is the scenario...

Storm hits transormer and fries modem

Modem is connected to motherboard so both must be replaced. Not covered under warranty since cause was electrical. Was using a surge protector. Cost to repair, I was told would be about $397 (max). Would have it back in 7-10 days max, as good as new. Person at call center in India said I would get an e-mail. I repeated I don't have computer access so email won't help.

Am at library now as this is only way I can check for e-mails!!

10 days later, no word from Dell and no computer. I call Dell and get a person to talk to after going through all sorts of stupid menu options. It is so hard to get a person to speak with. Call center person says part is out of stock and my computer is not fixed and is on "hold." I say I must have a working computer, and go through all the steps as with the first call. Talk with one person after another in call center. Finally an offer for a $50 coupon. I don't want it! I want a computer ASAP. Asked for her mgr. and spoke with him. I was under impression he was with corporate offices in the US when I asked him and he said yes.

After much haggling and time spent on hold (2 hours working just that day alone on this) he said they will send me a replacement in 7-10 days!! And I won't have to pay for the other.

Well it has been 7 days now and I sure hope I hear from Dell or get in in a few days. I had to come to the library to just get info today. He had also said he would send me an e-mail but when I checked my e-mail I don't have any from him and no additional case number.

I bought Dell because it is (was?) a great computer with great customer support. What happened? I want an American in corporate offices to talk with me. The call center people in India are polite but are not solving my problem. At this point I will never buy another Dell.

Posted by: Toni Anderson at August 7, 2006 01:08 PM

Here's the jist of my problem with Dell.

My name is Tracey Sibble. My husband and I purchased a laptop computer from Dell in December 2005. On May 04, 2006 I completed a balance transfer with Chase Disney. Chase Disney sent a check to Dell for $1,300.00. The check was cashed by Dell on 05/12/06. The check number was #48175706. In June I received my statement from Dell with no credit for the $1300.00. I immediately contacted Dell on 06/12/06 and spoke to Bianca (sounded Indian) who informed me that she will “research the balance transfer from Chase Disney and credit any late charges and finance charges”. We agreed that the remaining balance would be $49.12 and she instructed me to mail a copy of my Chase statement with the balance transfer info on it with the last payment. I completed this the same day and mailed both the payment and the statement to Dell. At the end of June I received a letter from Dell stating my payment was late. I called Dell’s Customer number once again and spoke to a Indian man named Andy. I explained what was going on. He gave me a reference number of 90180 and informed me that his supervisor Angela would call me back the next day. That never happened. I never received a call from Dell on June 30th. In July my husband received a call from Dell’s Collections Department. Upset, he called me to ask me what was going on!!! I told him it was suppose to have been taken care of. On July 28th I spoke to another Indian man named James. He was unable to help me to my satisfaction. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He connected me to Sophia. I explained what was going on. Long story short, she was unable to help me as well. I asked to be transferred to someone who could help me. She transferred me to Helda (another Indian person) who informed me there was nothing in the computer by Andy or Angela with the reference #90180 indicating any kind of research on this account. I ask to complete a 3-way call with Chase Disney in order to rectify this problem that same day. She said she couldn’t do that. I asked her to transfer me to someone who could. I was transferred to Amer. After a lengthy conversation and argument I was told no to the 3-way call and no to researching my account without “proper documentation”. Feeling exhausted and after several hours of getting nowhere I told Amer that I would contact Chase to get the info. I did and left a message for Amer to call me back. He did and I gave him the check number and date that it was cashed by Dell. I told him t hat Chase should be sending him a copy. I was promised by Amer that he would call me back on August 3rd regardless of receiving the check or not.

Today is August 8th and I have yet to receive that call from Amer. My husband on the other hand has received several calls from your collections department. I spoke to an Indian man named Sam again today who, surprise surprise…could not help me without documentation.

Why is it so hard for someone to pick up a phone, call the accounts receivable department, and ask what account check number 48175706 was applied to? Why is it that I, the customer, has to do all the leg work when it was Dell who made the mistake? I have given them all the info, sent the info they requested, and still nothing. I’ve asked to speak to someone in the administrative department and was told that they “do not answer calls”. I have wasted several hours not only today, but on July 28th, and June 12th with no resolution! Can someone at Dell help me please!!!!!!

Needless to say, I sent the email and it was returned undeliverable. I have been unable to reach anyone that can help me!!! Any ideas from someone out there?

Posted by: Tracey Sibble at August 8, 2006 04:04 PM

After 10+ hours on the phone with some people that claim to be "customer care" for Dell I have determined that Dell has !!! NO !!! customer support and NO way to fix any problems that you might be having. After 6 Dell computers the next one will be ANY brand BUT a DELL.

Posted by: Scott at August 10, 2006 02:14 AM

I purchased an Inspiron notebook for my daughter in 2005. In June of 2006 it started to power down for no reason at all. We called tech support and after several phone calls they decided we should mail to to them for service. We had purchased a three year warranty. Our previous laptop had a one year warranty (also a Dell) and the screen separated from the keyboard part of the computer and according to Dell was not worth fixing and the warranty had expired. For some reason, I purchased another Dell. SO - we mailed in this warranty with a label they sent us. They called the next stay stating they had sent the wrong label. Therefore, the laptop was "lost" for several weeks. We heard one story after another. It was the mother board, the part was on back order, the laptop was in "hold", it was in "accounts billable" waiting for me to pay for something -- I had never been notified. It is ludicrous to me that WHY a company that is in the computer business, asks for customer email, gives the run around on the phone -- fails to use email to keep customers abreast of their account. I talked to many supervisors, was put on the escalating problem list, promised phone calls within 24 hours -- received them two weeks later at numbers where I distinctly told them I would not be at certain times -- they don't seem to understand the "time zone" factor. Finally, I was told they would repair it to working perfectly or replace it. That was two weeks ago. My daughter got it back today. It still doesn't work, when powered on it says something like Dell DIAG does not exist. There are intructions to reboot with a CD that is included and followed the instruction booklet. No booklet. Forgot to return AC adaptor, and when CD is inserted nothing but the error screen comes up. On top of it all, it reeked of cigarette smoke............I called, was on hold for 39:45 spoke to two different supervisors, said they had emailed the higher supervisors to call me -- they couldn't help because it had been escalated. I had a million different numbers - order #, Reference #, Job # , etc. and no one knew what I was talking about. I was promised a call today - of course, nothing. Oh - halfway through the process they said it had been 'dropped" which was the first I had heard of that -- and after a month of having it, they were blaming that on us. My daugher is in Texas, with no computer, trying to enroll in classes and find a job. I am tempted to keep fighting and in the meantime buy her a new laptop - not that I can afford. But what brand?? Certainly not Dell #3............

Posted by: Cindy at August 10, 2006 11:04 PM

Ok.... battery was not charging---NCR tech came, replaced motherboard on Dell Lat D-810 and it did not boot... he left saying he did his repair...Machine was working before his dead. Dell pays NCR...for what? This is the second piss poor repair this month....

Posted by: Fred at August 14, 2006 05:42 PM

Dell sucks GOAT NUTS!!!! I have it since 2003 and have called over 400 times problems

1 bad e drive

2 bad power supply

3 bad motherboard

4 printer band snapped

5 ink burst into the printer

6 constant locking up

7 put a disk in the d drive i heard a load noise and the cd exploaded in the drive now its busted

8 their customer care sucks told the hindu my warrenty expired he told me to hold 10 min later he says sorry cant help you your warrenty has expired WTF i already told him that.He also would not give me the corprate office # FUCK DELL

Posted by: vinnie at August 15, 2006 12:17 PM

Thanks for "Dell Hell," folks. Have been a secretary for over 20 years. My firm just bought over 1000 Dells, and their contract demands we use Dell products e.g., keyboards. Okay, okay, I know, dumb, but I didn't draw up or sign it.

My "new" keyboard ($22.19 on their site, and you know my folks got it for 1/2, buying bulk) is so narrow that I am full of wrist and knuckle pain using it after only 3 days. Literally crying at work yesterday, am so frustrated.

Serious: Can anyone recommend a DELL keyboard (that my firm will allow me to use) that DOES NOT HAVE THE STUPID WINDOWS KEY AND THAT NEW OTHER ONE THAT -- WHO THE HECK USES THESE?-- ARE IN BETWEEN alt AND ctrl on the R-hand side? And one that keeps "PrtScrn" where it should be, next to F12?

Sign me Desperately seeking...



Posted by: izzybell at August 19, 2006 07:20 PM

It's not just Dell HP is the same Hell.

Posted by: D. Tym at August 20, 2006 02:38 AM

Another pain in my A-- tring to deal with Dell. They promise you the world to get you off the phone, and never resolve the issue. I have sent a number of e-mails, and been put on hold for hours on the phone. Where do you go to get your issues resolved. If anyone has had their issues resolved, please let me know how. I've tried everything, and cant get any results. HELPPPP

Posted by: Dwain Lorditch at August 28, 2006 08:52 PM

Hey Travis!!! heres Micheal Dells home phone # if you still need (888) 560-8324 hope you get what you want out of all this

Posted by: james at August 31, 2006 08:43 AM

Here is an example of DELL quality of service!

This is an automated email sent from Dell Chat. The following information is a log of your session. Please save the log for your records.

Your session ID for this incident is xxxxxxx.

Time Details

09/01/2006 09:39:11AM Session Started with Agent (RTS Lashando M)

09/01/2006 09:39:26AM Agent (RTS Lashando M): "Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware Warranty Chat Support. Would you please verify the person or company name that owns the system, also may I have your phone number and e-mail address so I can better assist you?"

09/01/2006 09:39:50AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "No this is OK"

09/01/2006 09:41:08AM Mr. xxxx xxxxx: "I have two problems with two computers that I purchased about one year age. First and the one that is most aggravating. Is the fact That I reported about 7 months ago that my computer"

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