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World Wrestling Wombat

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| My Andy Rooney Moment at Christmas ?

December 22, 2004

World Wrestling Wombat

David Kiley

WWE head Vince McMahon may not be a "big fat" idiot. But the "I" word definitely applies.

Upset that the media hasn't been running enough warm fuzzy stories about the Iraq War, McMahon is using company funds (attention shareholders!) to "call out" The New York Times and other liberal media pinhead publications in a full page ad in The Times. McMahon is stopping short of challenging op-ed columnists Thomas Friedman and Paul Krugman to get into the ring. But McMahon feels he is doing his part to influence the national conversation about Iraq see...what he is trying to accomplish by running this ad is.....if you stop and think about it...he's saying...and the reason he is saying this is because......


Our reporter, Diane Brady, asked McMahon why he doesn't weigh in on the steroid scandal. "It's not really an issue for us," replied McMahon. "We don't test for it." Of course. Why would it be an issue if you don't test for it? You don't test for it because probably 100% of the WWE performers are on steroids. The last time I checked, the WWE had a very big adolescent/teenage boy audience constituency. These kids are increasingly taking steroids to enhance their performance. And can we all agree that a 15 year old linebacker on steroids is a bad thing. Can we? Please.

Vince McMahon is a joke, just like his phony WWE product. Could it be that McMahon actually thinks his public persona and company money is better applied to criticizing the media for its coverage of Iraq than for educating young people about not using steroids. But he can't do that, can he? How could he legitimately tell young people not to use steroids when the vast majority of his performers use them under his nose. I'm not sure if he is really this simple, or whether this is a move to cultivate the--"I'm Vince McMahon. I'm simple and proud of it"--brand franchise that appeals to Rush Limbaugh ditto heads and their offspring.

Like I said...World Wrestling Wombat.

04:33 PM

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Posted by: JACK G.MULLIN at January 3, 2006 12:08 AM

please dont hate on vince like that or thw wwe i take wreslting to heart, not only is it my job but its somthing i love, yes there are guys out there who use steroids, but dont go and acuse them just bc they have a great body. i mysleff am 5 foot 10 and i weigh 210 pounds im in the best shape i have ever been, i have barly any fat on me, and i have never touched a steroid in my life. it was all done threw hard work and dedication. like i said befor obviosly there are people in wwe who use steroids but it is not fare of you to bad mouth the buisness. yes i aggree the number of youth in the world takin these drugs is sickning and yes i do belive somthign needs to be done about it. but dont put the blame on vince, its not his responsibility too. if wrestlers use theses drugs its there choice he does not make them. most of these guys when they get hired by wwe are alrady roided up. in some cases isnt fair because its harder for others to get into the buisnes but thats the life of wreslting. it is not like steroids make the person a better wrestler. it just makes them bigger and that is the choice of the person and i no one should hold that agaisnt them. it is there body let it be. maybe if these kids who are doin theses drugs had better parents this would not be such an issue. it is obvious when someone is using steroids and a parent would have to be blind not to no. and yes wwe is phony but its entertainment. just like any other drama on tv, wich is also phoney ... anyway this is jsut how i felt, nothing against you, but that is my coment thank you

Posted by: dave dewolfe at January 4, 2006 01:28 PM

dear vince mcmon i think and my dad and brother think that what you did to john cena was wong you are low down and non caring.and you should be asshamed for what you have all you care about is money sncerly yours,christina lynn walls and chris wall and christipher walls p.s.we are going to tell people who are angry we are going to tell them to not buy the roal rumble.

Posted by: christina lynn walls at January 10, 2006 06:58 PM

hi everyone...all my life i have liked wwe and the wrestlers but have allways been against lets face it...look at chris masters, bobby lashley, batista...there is no human way to get a body like them without the use of steriods...personally i fink it ruines the buisness...but dont blame vince its not his fault.

Posted by: ben at February 4, 2006 04:30 PM

Folks, it's called professional wrestling aka sports entertainment. If you don't like it, as they say, turn it off. It's legal, networks pay for this to run on television, and fans pay to see it at live events. They are not perfect. If you want to get upset about something, turn on the TV news or read the newspapers. If youth need some mentors, they should look to their parents, school teachers and such. If their parents and teachers are not the greatest, they need to fund other decent folks to discuss the rights and wrongs of life with. Don't blame the WWE for everything not quite perfect. They do their best, for lets face it, legal, ethical and financial reasons. It's generally well known that its a tighter ship that it was back in the 80s for example.

Posted by: Greg Tingle at February 5, 2006 02:43 AM

i have been watching the WWE for around 15 years and what Vince has done is amazing. he has made people's life's and produced entertainment for the world to see. The WWE is a multi million pound bussiness, so lets support the 'real superstars' in the ring, who travel up to 300 days a yaer across u.s.a and the rest of the world. well done vince!!!!!!!

Posted by: simon matharu at February 24, 2006 11:44 AM

i dont think u can say very single wrestler is on steriods come on look at rey mysterio and shawn michaels and carlito i dont think u can stereotype every wrestler is . . . fair enough chris masters, batista, even john cena but in no way can u blame vince mcmahon

Posted by: taylah at June 18, 2006 03:12 AM

I think that vince mcmahon is also on steroids along with such wrestlers as batista, chris masters, bobby lashley, john cena and other such wrestlers. But not all wrestlers take steroids, i mean look at nunzio, spike dudley, gregory helms and other crusierweights. I mean just look at what happened to eddie guerrero to see the damage that steroids can do to the body, i'm not saying they don't work hard to get their bodys the way they are, but you can tell by the veins as well that they are on steroids. I think that booby lashley doesn't need to take steroids because he is in fantastic shape already plus he is my favourite wrestler, and will become world champion one day. So, basically some wrestlers don't need to use steroids, because if they do, people are going to end up like eddie guerrero. DEAD, R.I.P EDDIE GUERRERO. From Sean Kelley

Posted by: sean kelley at June 28, 2006 11:01 AM

this bitch "sean kelley" needs to shut the fuck up..he doesnt know facts..thats just ur opinions

Posted by: rich at August 29, 2006 12:57 AM

Who cares who is on what drug? Its entertainment not a competitive sport. People who are dissing WWE and Vince are clearly jealous and insecure about their own bodies and way of life. If you don't like it then don't watch it. It is'nt that hard to work out!!!

Posted by: Paul Dudley at October 14, 2006 07:51 AM

This Article is biggest Joke

Posted by: Bret at November 6, 2006 06:47 AM

I think the wrestlers are not on steroids they have that body because of the exercise they do.why can people just belive that it?s possible to have a body like that whit exercise?? it?s possible whit hard work. and one more thing Eddie Guerrero didn?t die because of steroids and now that he died every one it?s taking that oportunity to make horrebul rumers about is death, the man has past way can people respect that please? and let him rest in peace.

Posted by: Sara R. at November 18, 2006 05:25 PM

ive got a message for Rich and Sara, Eddie Guerrero died because of the use of steroids no argument. Backchat me again Rich your the one who is going to need steroids after ive finished with you just to mention im taking steroids at the moment im in great shape. And Sara, everyone knows wrestlers use steroids its a fact i mean just look at their bodies dont tell me they got their bodies like that just thourh hard work, i mean look at Batista, his veins are almost poppin out of his skin so shut your mouth and i dont want to hear from either of you two again u little faggots.

Posted by: Sean Kelley at December 6, 2006 12:46 PM

Eddie Guerrero died from narcotics and pain killers i doubt he ever took steroid because he's too small he was a drug addict

Posted by: david jnes at December 24, 2006 08:27 PM

Eddie Guerrero didnt die of steroids he just died because he took steroids!

Posted by: Jared at January 24, 2007 11:40 PM

Most of you haters are the way you are, because your fat losers that are jealous of the beauty and success of those that have it. WWE is entertainment, not a sactioned sport. Do you call for srug tests of Hollywood actors too?

Posted by: BS at February 21, 2007 03:34 PM

I really disagree with all that your saying here. Just another loud mouth who doesn't watch or like Wrestling putting it down, it's been going on for years. Do research,if your a writer like you claim and not just another hack do research first. I was in Wrestling and almost broke my neck and still have injuries to this day and that was way back in 2000 when I got them. If you think it's all "fake" Mr. Mouth,then step through the ropes and try it. And World Wrestling Wombat? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? And for kids that take steroids,well if they're stupid enough to do them because somebody says it's ok,well they should only blame the one that they see in the mirrior. It's like when a kid grabs a gun and blames it on a movie,it's not their fault it's the kids fault, he or she obviously lack the brain power to know right from wrong. TV is not a babysitter.


Posted by: Corey at February 24, 2007 05:36 AM

I have heard that all bigger people built a certain way are most likely affected by steroids. I'm a 6'2" 285 lbs specimen who has never in my life taken any kind of performance enhancing drug's. I wouldn't be afraid to take any kind of test given for these or any other type of drug. Mr McMahon has built a business up to the point of almost world domination. Give the man some credit. After all, isn't this what the American dream is all about.....making yourself into something, and overcoming poverty?

Posted by: King Poppa1 at February 26, 2007 01:46 AM

i'll admit some wwe wrestlers take steroids but not John Cena Rey Mysterio Bobboy Lashely I think Batista takes steroids Eddie Guereoo dint die because of steroids.Rich needs to shut up about the WWE i'll admit its fake.But Stone Cold Steve Austin Jeff Hardy Matt Hardy The Rock Shawn michels Triple H Carlito Ric Flair and many other superstars don't take steroids at all most of them exercise a lot a day John Cena doesn't take steroids he works out a lot and Vince needs to think hes all that.I hope John Cena joins DX that would be awesome and if Brock Lensar come back.VINCE I HATE YOU!AND I CAN EXPRESS MYSELF IN TWO WORDS SUCK IT!!!!!!nobody likes you not even the pepole of the board did you see who they picked to be specil guest reffere The Texas Ratlle Snake!

Posted by: christopher at March 13, 2007 08:36 PM

Wreslters do not take steroids. they have things to live for. As for you assholes sayin that eddie guerrero dies cuz of that is sooooooo beyond ghey. its plain nd simple. he used narcotics nd other drugs nd he drank alot alot alot but thats gravy but u diptards need to stop hatin on the man bcuz even tho he's dead hes more a man then ull ever be in ur life u sorry dip nd y would u hate on some one like guerrero that man was amazin both in the squared circle nd outside of it. he faced his personal demons and i think u have some things u need to learn from him. read his book. step into his life. imagine if u had a family but only saw them for 65-70 days a year. can u imagine it?? can u imagine falling nd breaking your neck nd still having to finish the match?? as for kids doin drugs- they are idiots who r tryna be cool

Posted by: Robyn at March 20, 2007 08:12 AM

Please just come out and say what you really mean. You dont care about steriod use. You are just pissed because Vince is spending money to tell the truth about the war. Which is something your get Bush at all costs agenda is against. And since he is doing something that you do not want to happen, lets change the subject and trash the man.

Posted by: Hugh Mitchener at March 21, 2007 12:39 PM

Let's face it, steroids are rampant in not only the sporting industry, but the entertainment industry as a whole. Isn't it about time the media, and most others for that, start concentrating on a solution rather than beating a dead horse? Besides, if steroid use by WWE wrestlers is our biggest concern, then we have some huge freaking problems. As a veteran, I say let's concentrate on getting the job done in Iraq, getting our boys home, educating our children, as well as a host of other meaningful duties, then we can worry about what Batista does with his God and Soldier given rights. They have their own choices on what to do with their bodies, I don't tell your fat ass not too have that extra helping at dinner, and that can be just as deadly. Besides, look at how fat the American society is becoming. So until you do your part to put the fork down, and help America's children to exercise and eat healthier, don't rip someone else for what example they are setting. Clean your own house before pointing out dirt in someone else's.

Posted by: Jeremy at March 27, 2007 03:41 AM

I think it is quite clear that almost all wwe superstars have used steroids. Vince Mcmahon has admitted to in the past and so has hulk hogan, lex luger, roddy piper, billy gramm. Amateur bodybuilders are nothing in comparison to IFBB pros that admit to steroid use. Now, if none of the current wwe superstars are using steroids than why are they by far more muscular and bigger than natural bodybuilders that dont take steroids. It's not rocket science, but who cares if they do or dont. If they are, do you think they are going to flat out admit it? Hell no, because nobody that did in the past admitted to it when they were on them.

Posted by: bill at March 27, 2007 10:25 AM

lashley isnt on steroids

Posted by: terence at March 29, 2007 09:48 AM

Ive been a fan of WWE for three years now. I just have to say,if they are taking steroids thats their problem, why do you people care so much? Its Batista's friggin own body, not ours! Keep up the good work Vince! ;)

Posted by: marlen at April 15, 2007 04:55 PM

yeah i no a lot take steriouds but john cena dont and a lot others dont i dont care what u people say cena is a real champ he lives and dies for fighting and hes good at it

Posted by: Scott at May 1, 2007 09:18 PM

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