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Table: Lagging Their Peers (extended)

Funds that underperformed their category over the last 3 quarters and have at least $500 million assets (all share classes combined)

Fundname Category Ticker Total Underperformance

Dreyfus Midcap Value (DMCVX) Mid-Cap Value -28.7

Fidelity Aggressive Growth (FDEGX) Large Growth -28.5

MFS Mid-Cap Growth A (OTCAX) Mid-Cap Growth -28.1

Firsthand Technology Value (TVFQX) Specialty-Technology -22.5

Vanguard Precious Metals (VGPMX) Specialty-Precious Metals -21.6

White Oak Growth Stock (WOGSX) Large Growth -21.3

RS Emerging Growth (RSEGX) Mid-Cap Growth -19.7

Vanguard Capital Opportunity (VHCOX) Mid-Cap Blend -18.1

RS Diversified Growth (RSDGX) Small Growth -18.0

INVESCO Growth Inv (FLRFX) Large Growth -17.5

John Hancock Large Cap Equity A (TAGRX) Large Blend -17.4

Oppenheimer Quest Balanced Value A (QVGIX) Domestic Hybrid -16.4

MassMutual Instl Intl Equity S (MIEDX) Foreign Stock -15.8

Salomon Brothers Capital O (SACPX) Mid-Cap Blend -15.7

Bear Stearns S&P Stars A (BSPAX) Large Growth -14.8

Alliance Bond Corporate Bond A (CBFAX) Long-Term Bond -14.4

Vantagepoint Aggressive Opportunities (VPAOX) Mid-Cap Growth -14.2

Morgan Stanley Inst Mid Cap Value (MPMVX) Mid-Cap Blend -14.2

Nations MidCap Growth Prim A (NEGRX) Mid-Cap Growth -14.1

Strong Opportunity Inv (SOPFX) Mid-Cap Blend -13.7

Scudder Flag Value Builder A (FLVBX) Domestic Hybrid -12.6

Merrill Lynch Global Growth B (MBGGX) World Stock -12.4

Fidelity Growth Company (FDGRX) Large Growth -12.4

Morgan Stanley Inst Value (MPVLX) Mid-Cap Value -11.4

Seligman Growth A (SGRFX) Large Growth -11.4

INVESCO Dynamics Inv (FIDYX) Mid-Cap Growth -11.0

Oppenheimer Global Growth & Income A (OPGIX) World Stock -11.0

AIM Premier Equity A (AVLFX) Large Blend -11.0

Davis Financial A (RPFGX) Specialty-Financial -11.0

Fidelity Advisor High Inc Advant T (FAHYX) High Yield Bond -10.5

Vanguard U.S. Growth (VWUSX) Large Growth -10.5

MFS Capital Opportunities A (MCOFX) Large Blend -10.5

Morgan Stanley Inst High-Yield (MPHYX) High Yield Bond -10.4

Vantagepoint Asset Allocation (VPAAX) Domestic Hybrid -10.4

Seligman Capital A (SCFIX) Mid-Cap Growth -10.3

Vanguard Asset Allocation (VAAPX) Domestic Hybrid -10.1

Smith Barney Alloc Growth A (SCGRX) Domestic Hybrid -10.1

Merrill Lynch Small Cap Value A (MASPX) Small Blend -10.0

MFS Emerging Growth B (MEGBX) Large Growth -10.0

Smith Barney Premium Total Return B (SOPTX) Domestic Hybrid -9.7

AXP Equity Value B (INEGX) Large Value -9.5

Alliance Growth & Income A (CABDX) Large Value -9.3

Prudential Jennison Equity Opp B (PJIBX) Mid-Cap Value -9.1

Strong Corporate Bond Inv (STCBX) Long-Term Bond -9.0

Oppenheimer Capital Income A (OPPEX) Domestic Hybrid -9.0

Dreyfus Premier Balanced R (PDBLX) Domestic Hybrid -9.0

Smith Barney Large Cap Value A (SBCIX) Large Value -8.7

AIM Balanced A (AMBLX) Domestic Hybrid -8.7

Turner Midcap Growth (TMGFX) Mid-Cap Growth -8.7

Credit Suisse Trust Small Cap Growth (WTSGX) Small Growth -8.7

Putnam OTC Emerging Growth A (POEGX) Mid-Cap Growth -8.6

AIM High-Yield A (AMHYX) High Yield Bond -8.5

First Funds Growth & Income I (MGEQX) Large Blend -8.3

Smith Barney Alloc High Growth A (SCHAX) Mid-Cap Blend -8.1

SEI Instl Mgd Small Cap Growth A (SSCGX) Small Growth -8.0

Royce Low-Priced Stock (RYLPX) Small Value -7.9

Fremont Global (FMAFX) International Hybrid -7.8

SAFECO Equity Inv (SAFQX) Large Blend -7.7

Strong Advisor Common Stock Z (STCSX) Mid-Cap Blend -7.6

Van Kampen High-Income Corporate Bd A (ACHYX) High Yield Bond -7.5

MFS Strategic Growth A (MFSGX) Large Growth -7.5

Dreyfus Emerging Leaders (DRELX) Small Blend -7.5

AXP Mutual A (INMUX) Domestic Hybrid -7.4

Columbia Growth (CLMBX) Large Growth -7.3

Delaware Select Growth A (DVEAX) Large Growth -7.2

Morgan Stanley Special Value B (SVFBX) Small Value -7.1

State Street Research Investment S (STSTX) Large Blend -7.1

Turner Small Cap Value (TCSVX) Small Value -6.9

INVESCO Balanced Inv (IMABX) Domestic Hybrid -6.9

IDEX Janus Global A (IGLBX) World Stock -6.9

Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth A (FRSGX) Mid-Cap Growth -6.8

Liberty Growth & Income B (CFGBX) Large Value -6.7

Galaxy Growth & Income Tr (SMGIX) Large Value -6.6

Fifth Third Quality Growth Inv A (FSQGX) Large Growth -6.5

Consulting Group Large Cap Growth (TLGUX) Large Growth -6.5

Fidelity Convertible Securities (FCVSX) Convertibles -6.5

Vanguard Windsor (VWNDX) Large Value -6.4

Berger Small Cap Value Instl (BSVIX) Small Value -6.3

PIMCO Target C (PTACX) Mid-Cap Growth -6.1

Neuberger Berman Guardian Inv (NGUAX) Large Value -6.1

Salomon Brothers Investors Value O (SAIFX) Large Value -6.0

AIM Weingarten A (WEINX) Large Growth -6.0

Galaxy Equity Growth Ret A (GAEGX) Large Blend -5.8

Strong High-Yield Bond Inv (STHYX) High Yield Bond -5.8

Hartford Stock A (IHSTX) Large Blend -5.7

T. Rowe Price New America Growth (PRWAX) Large Growth -5.7

Smith Barney Large Cap Core 1 (CSGWX) Large Blend -5.6

Wells Fargo Asset Allocation A (SFAAX) Domestic Hybrid -5.5

Hartford Stock HLS IA (HSTAX) Large Blend -5.5

Scudder Total Return A (KTRAX) Domestic Hybrid -5.3

State Street Research Asset Alloc A (SSAMX) Domestic Hybrid -5.2

Hartford Advisers A (ITTAX) Domestic Hybrid -5.2

Prudential Value B (PBQIX) Large Value -5.1

Goldman Sachs Capital Growth A (GSCGX) Large Blend -5.1

Putnam Tax-Free High Yield B (PTHYX) Muni National Long -5.0

Putnam Vista A (PVISX) Mid-Cap Growth -5.0

Smith Barney Balanced B (SLSUX) Domestic Hybrid -4.9

Dreyfus Premier Core Value A (DCVIX) Large Value -4.9

Vanguard Small Cap Index (NAESX) Small Blend -4.9

T. Rowe Price Value (TRVLX) Mid-Cap Value -4.9

Scudder Balanced S (SCBAX) Domestic Hybrid -4.8

Franklin Floating Rate (F000GN) Ultrashort Bond -4.8

JP Morgan Disciplined Equity Instl (JPIEX) Large Blend -4.8

AXP Managed Allocation A (IMRFX) Domestic Hybrid -4.7

Putnam New Opportunities A (PNOPX) Large Growth -4.7

Nuveen Large-Cap Value B (NNGBX) Large Value -4.7

AXP Selective A (INSEX) Intermediate-Term Bond -4.6

JP Morgan Diversified Instl (JPDVX) Domestic Hybrid -4.6

Lutheran Brotherhood A (LUBRX) Large Blend -4.6

T. Rowe Price International Stock (PRITX) Foreign Stock -4.6

DFA U.S. Small Cap (DFSTX) Small Blend -4.5

Strong Short-Term Bond Inv (SSTBX) Short-Term Bond -4.4

Putnam Europe Growth A (PEUGX) Europe Stock -4.4

One Group Large Cap Value I (HLQVX) Large Value -4.3

Van Kampen Pace A (ACPAX) Large Blend -4.3

T. Rowe Price Foreign Equity (PRFEX) Foreign Stock -4.2

T. Rowe Price European Stock (PRESX) Europe Stock -4.2

Vanguard International Growth (VWIGX) Foreign Stock -3.9

Vanguard Growth Equity (VGEQX) Large Growth -3.9

One Group Diversified Equity A (PAVGX) Large Blend -3.9

Wells Fargo Large Co Growth I (NVLCX) Large Growth -3.8

Morgan Stanley Inst Mid Cap Growth (MPEGX) Mid-Cap Growth -3.8

Vanguard Value Index (VIVAX) Large Value -3.6

Alger Capital Appreciation B (ACAPX) Large Growth -3.6

Morgan Stanley Inst US Real Estate A (MSUSX) Specialty-Real Estate -3.5

Merrill Lynch Global Technology B (MBGTX) Specialty-Technology -3.5

Spectra N (SPECX) Large Growth -3.5

Putnam Voyager II A (PVIIX) Mid-Cap Growth -3.5

Evergreen Core Equity Instl (EISCX) Large Blend -3.5

Vanguard Emerging Mkts Stock Idx (VEIEX) Diversified Emerging Mkts -3.4

Calvert Social Investment Balanced A (CSIFX) Domestic Hybrid -3.3

Putnam Research A (PNRAX) Large Blend -3.3

Columbia Real Estate Equity (CREEX) Specialty-Real Estate -3.2

Fidelity Magellan (FMAGX) Large Blend -3.2

SEI Instl Mgd Large Cap Growth A (SELCX) Large Growth -3.2

Columbia Balanced (CBALX) Domestic Hybrid -3.2

Dreyfus Founders Discovery F (FDISX) Small Growth -3.2

Hartford International Opp HLS IA (HIAOX) Foreign Stock -3.2

UBS Tactical Allocation C (KPAAX) Large Blend -3.1

Putnam International Growth A (POVSX) Foreign Stock -3.1

Liberty A (COLFX) Domestic Hybrid -3.1

Vanguard European Stock Index (VEURX) Europe Stock -3.1

Consulting Group Large Cap Value Eqty (TLVUX) Large Value -3.1

Smith Barney Muni High Income B (SXMTX) Muni National Long -3.1

Rochester Fund Municipals A (RMUNX) Muni New York Long -3.0

Phoenix-Oakhurst Balanced A (PHBLX) Domestic Hybrid -2.8

Morgan Stanley S&P 500 Index B (SPIBX) Large Blend -2.8

Prudential Jennison Growth A (PJFAX) Large Growth -2.8

Smith Barney High-Income B (SHIBX) High Yield Bond -2.7

AIM Income A (AMIFX) Multisector Bond -2.6

Strong Ultra Short-Term Muni Inc Inv (SMUAX) Muni Short -2.6

Putnam Capital Appreciation A (PCAPX) Large Blend -2.5

Putnam Municipal Income A (PTFHX) Muni National Long -2.5

AXP Blue Chip Advantage A (IBLUX) Large Blend -2.4

Frank Russell Quantitative Equity S (RQESX) Large Blend -2.4

Fidelity Export & Multinational (FEXPX) Large Blend -2.4

Oppenheimer NY Municipal A (OPNYX) Muni New York Long -2.4

Vanguard Short-Term Tax-Ex (VWSTX) Muni Short -2.1

Frank Russell Equity Q, I (REDSX) Large Blend -2.0

Morgan Stanley Limited Dur USTreas Tr (LDTRX) Short Government -2.0

Evergreen Interm Muni Bd Instl (ESTIX) Muni National Interm -1.9

Fidelity Advisor Growth Opport T (FAGOX) Large Blend -1.9

Smith Barney CA Municipals A (SHRCX) Muni California Long -1.9

Thornburg Value A (TVAFX) Large Blend -1.8

Federated U.S. Govt: 1-3 Yr Instl (FSGVX) Short Government -1.7

MPAM Bond MPAM (MPBFX) Intermediate-Term Bond -1.7

PIMCO High Yield Instl (PHIYX) High Yield Bond -1.7

Nuveen Interm Duration Muni Bond R (NUVBX) Muni National Interm -1.6

Fidelity Trend (FTRNX) Large Blend -1.6

Smith Barney Diversified Strat Inc B (SLDSX) Multisector Bond -1.5

Franklin CA Tax-Free Income A (FKTFX) Muni California Long -1.5

WM Str Asset Mgmt Balanced B (SBBPX) Domestic Hybrid -1.4

Dreyfus Intermediate Municipal Bond (DITEX) Muni National Interm -1.3

AIM Limited Maturity Treasury I (ALMIX) Short Government -1.3

Scudder Growth & Income S (SCDGX) Large Blend -1.3

Nations Municipal Income Prim A (NMUNX) Muni National Long -1.2

American Century Short-Term Govt Inv (TWUSX) Short Government -1.1

Franklin Federal Tax-Free Income A (FKTIX) Muni National Long -1.0

USAA Tax-Exempt Intermediate-Term (USATX) Muni National Interm -0.9

Nations Short-Term Muni Income Prim A (NSMIX) Muni Short -0.9

General Electric S&S Long-Term Int (GESLX) Intermediate-Term Bond -0.8

MFS Limited Maturity A (MQLFX) Short-Term Bond -0.8

Nations Intermediate Muni Bond Prim A (NINMX) Muni National Interm -0.7

MFS Government Limited Maturity A (MGLFX) Short Government -0.5

Franklin NY Tax-Free Income A (FNYTX) Muni New York Long -0.5

JP Morgan NY Intm Tax Free Inc Sel (VINTX) Muni New York Interm -0.3

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