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The Floods, The Drought and My Frangipani Tree

Lately, when I water my frangipani tree all I can think about is how I’ve never had to water it before. The last time Singapore had a February as dry as this year’s was 1869.

Singapore is a tropical island very close to the equator and we get about 92 inches of rain a year. Right now, it’s the dry season. Typically in the dry season, instead of raining every day, it rains every other day. Just not this year.

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Bloomberg BNA — A fiscal year 2015 budget plan developed by House Republicans aims to reduce funding for federal climate change programs.

The House fiscal 2015 budget resolution, released April 1, proposes to cut overall spending on the federal government's climate change-related activities, mostly through reduced spending on overseas climate change activities. The budget resolution also recommends that federal agencies streamline climate change programs to eliminate “duplicative and unnecessary” spending.

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Fight Climate Change: Today's Top Reads

Good afternoon! Here are today's top reads:

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Biggest Threat to Climate Is Cars: Live Coverage of #BNEF2014


4.09.14 | TOM RANDALL
Energy Investors Are an Uncertain Kitten
We're at a turning point, where renewables are becoming the cheapest form of energy even without finicky government subsidies, says BNEF's Michael Liebreich. Last year the kitten hesitated. Soon it will pounce.

Cars Become Biggest Driver of Greenhouse-Gas Increases
The greatest emerging threat to the global climate may rest in the side pocket of your trousers -- or wherever you keep the car keys.

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What Climate Change Means in Dollars and Cents

Scientist Studying the Ocean's Role in Climate

How badly will global warming hurt the world economy? The answer in yesterday's new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is clear. Depending on the assumptions, er… uh, carry the four… add the pure rate of time preference… hmmmm, we can't say without caveats.

"Different economies will be affected differently," the report states.

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West Coast States, British Columbia Talk Carbon Collaboration

West Coast States, British Columbia Believe Pact Will Boost Impa

Bloomberg BNA — An agreement signed in October 2013 by the governors of California, Oregon and Washington and the leader of British Columbia to collaborate on climate policies could produce a consistent fueling infrastructure for electric vehicles on the West Coast, California Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Matt Rodriquez said March 27.

Five months after the signing, the Pacific Coast Collaborative has yet to yield any specific project or program, but each of the jurisdictions believe the partnership offers opportunities to increase the impacts of their individual initiatives, Rodriquez and representatives of Oregon and Washington said at the opening plenary session of the Navigating the American Carbon World conference in the San Francisco.

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Exxon Says Oil Reserves in No Danger From Climate Rules

Bloomberg BNA — Exxon Mobil Corp. said its oil and natural gas reserves won't become stranded and lose their value as a result of carbon restrictions aimed at addressing climate change.

Demand for petroleum-based fuels will continue to grow worldwide as the drive for higher standards of living in developing nations trumps efforts to curtail carbon emissions, Exxon said March 31 in a report to shareholders on its website.

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Climate Change is Good For You: Today's Top Reads

Here are todays top reads:

  • All your M&Ms will be green by 2040: The Mars mission (Bloomberg)
  • Climate study puts diplomatic pressure on Obama (NY Times)
  • Pinning down the U.S. corn belt's role in slowing climate change (Atlantic)
  • Australian coral reefs at risk from highest ocean temperatures in 215 years (Guardian)
  • Climate change impacts in pictures; 8 stark IPCC Images (Climate Central)
  • Medical pot emerges as N.Y. fight to Cuomo, Lawmakers (Bloomberg)
  • MIT scientist responds on disaster costs and climate change (FiveThirtyEight)
  • Behind multiple local campaigns to ban fracking, one Pa. legal clinic (Greenwire)
  • How risky, really, is that chemical? (Scientific American)
  • Climate change is good for you! Wait: It's April First. Or is it? (GreenBiz)

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All Your M&Ms Will Be Green by 2040: The Mars Mission

M&M Candies

Mars Inc., which sells about $30 billion of deliciousness a year, is going green. We’re talking 100 percent.

The Mars mission: to eliminate fossil fuel use by 2040. The maker of Snickers and M&Ms is just 3 percent green today, at least when it comes to renewable energy. But don't worry, your green M&Ms won't cost a penny more than the coal-colored ones, according to Barry Parkin, chief sustainability officer at Virginia-based Mars. The big strategy? Wait until switching is a no-brainer.

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California Climate Policies Continue To Survive Legal Challenges

Bloomberg BNA —Lawsuits challenging California's climate policies have yet to delay implementation of the programs, attorneys involved in the various cases said March 26.

“The California Air Resources Board is batting about 1,000,’’ Tom McHenry, a partner at Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher in Los Angeles, said during a presentation on the status of legal actions the state still faces eight years after enacting the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (A.B. 32).

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