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Bloomberg BNA — A California court has issued a ruling requiring the regulation of groundwater withdrawals that harm the Scott River in Siskiyou County.

The July 15 ruling marks the first time a state court has decided the public trust doctrine applies to groundwater interconnected to nearby rivers, attorneys involved in the case told Bloomberg BNA July 17.

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Latest State of the Climate: Yup, Still Getting Hotter 


The annual State of the Climate is in, and for readers looking forward to cracking a beer and diving into the 275-page report, read no further. Spoiler Alert: The planet is still getting hotter.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association issues a report each year compiling the latest data collected by scientists from around the world. Here’s a review, in six charts, of some of the climate highlights from 2013.

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Automated Cars May Boost Fuel Use, Toyota Scientist Says

Automated Cars May Boost Sprawl, Fuel Use, Toyota Scientist Says

Toyota Motor Corp. (7203), among carmakers developing driverless technology, said the appeal of autonomous cars carries the risk of adding to urban sprawl and pollution as they may encourage commuters to travel farther to work.

Technologies that let a driver turn vehicle controls over to the car itself should begin arriving late this decade, said Ken Laberteaux, senior principal scientist for Toyota’s North American team studying future transportation. Faster commutes can bring unintended consequences, Laberteaux said in an interview at the Automated Vehicles Symposium in San Francisco yesterday.

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Sunny California Could Still Use a Lot of Rain

California Avocados

How bad is the 2014 California drought?

Well, Governor Jerry Brown called it “an unprecedented, very serious situation.” That was Jan. 17.

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North Dakota Saltwater Spill -- In early July, a million gallons of salty drilling waste spilled from a pipeline onto a steep hillside in western North Dakota's Fort Berthold Reservation. The waste—a byproduct of oil and gas production—has now reached a tributary of Lake Sakakawea, which provides drinking water to the reservation.

The oil industry called the accident a "saltwater" spill. But the liquid that entered the lake bears little resemblance to what's found in the ocean.

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Google Car Methane Measurement Project

Say what you want about oil spills. At least when you're standing in one it's hard to miss.

That's not true of methane spills, which are invisible and -- unless it's a potentially explosive concentration of gas -- unsmellable.

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Rupert Murdoch

Poor Australia. It's responsible for just a tiny fraction of the global warming that's occurred so far and has already been bearing the punishment in the form of a national carbon tax -- repealed today by Parliament.

Rupert Murdoch, one of Australia's most famous sons, cautioned against policy overreaction to climate change in an interview that aired Sunday. Speaking with Sky News Australia, he lauded Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who pushed for the repeal after calling it a "hand brake" on the economy. He also dismissed significant risks from global warming.

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A Mesmerizing Look at 24 Hours in a New York City Taxi

New York City Taxi

Ever get the feeling you’re spinning your wheels, driving in circles, covering the same ground you’ve covered a million times before? Chances are, you’ve got nothing on the average New York City taxi driver.

Click on the image below to trace a random day in the life a taxi. I recommend adding a soundtrack -- maybe Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind” or Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi.” (Suggestions welcome.)

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It kind of doesn't matter to serious companies that some people still dismiss corporate sustainability as empty green PR.

“It kind of doesn't matter," Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said in an interview last month. "We do it because it's the right thing to do."

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