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If hot thermometers actually exploded like they do in cartoons, there would be a lot of mercury to clean up in California right now.

The California heat this year is like nothing ever seen, with records that go back to 1895. The chart below shows average year-to-date temperatures in the state from January through July for each year. The orange line shows the trend rising 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit per decade.

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Many Republicans Privately Support Action On Climate


Bloomberg BNA -- In stark contrast to their party's public stance on Capitol Hill, many Republicans privately acknowledge the scientific consensus that human activity is at least partially responsible for climate change and recognize the need to address the problem.

However, they see little political benefit to speaking out on the issue, since congressional action is probably years away, according to former congressmen, former congressional aides and other sources.

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'I'd Like To Be Under The Sea': Today's Top Reads

Good afternoon! Here are today's top reads:

  • Deadly plane crash turns green evangelical into Brazil kingmaker (Bloomberg)
  • As climate changes, 'underwater mortgage' may take on new meaning (Bloomberg)
  • How the U.N. is grappling with the role of cities in sustainable development (CityLab)
  • This Kenyan school harvests all the water that students need to drink (Fast Company)
  • Humans now strongest driver of glaciers melting, study finds (Guardian)
  • Drillers illegally using diesel fuel to frack (Scientific American)
  • Oil industry threatens to take its underwater air guns and go home (National Journal)
  • Expanding existing farmland would benefit climate (Climate Central)
  • Health officials trying to quell fear of Ebola spreading by air travel (NY Times)
  • S.C. coal plant, efficient but doomed, offers lessons for states grappling with EPA rule (Greenwire)

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Looking to buy a house? That’s great, unless you’re in your 20s and 30s and regularly read climate reports. They tend to project dramatic changes to the climate over the next 50 years, and given that current life expectancy is hovering around 80, we’ll likely be around to see it.

So. If you’re looking to settle down for the long haul, where’s the best place to do it?

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How to Stop Tax Inversions With a Carbon Levy. Seriously

Coal Plant

President Obama and legislators are embroiled in a debate over whether and how to punish companies that seek U.S. tax relief by buying a smaller foreign company and legally reincorporating in its country. So-called tax inversions are at a record high, and Obama has suggested it's not a victimless activity.

“It’s not right,” he said on August 6. “The lost revenue to Treasury means it has got to be made up somewhere, and that typically is going to be a bunch of hard-working Americans, who either pay through higher taxes themselves” or cuts to government services. (Would that some of his donors agreed...)

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Groups Sue EPA for Failing to Make Polluters Pay

Bloomberg BNA -- Seven environmental advocacy organizations have filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency for letting polluters off the hook for contamination they caused, Earthjustice announced Aug. 11.

EPA has failed to issue key rules mandated by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, also known as the Superfund Act, that would help prevent major spills of hazardous substances, Earthjustice said in a statement.

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Bloomberg BNA -- The release of asbestos fibers from hundreds of roofs shattered by missiles fired on southern Israel from Gaza has caused a spreading environmental hazard, state authorities said, announcing a plan to remove and replace all asbestos roofs built in the border area before 2005.

Asbestos roofs in frequently targeted Gaza perimeter communities “are becoming a dangerous threat,” Environmental Protection Minister Amir Peretz said during a tour of the area Aug. 7.

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Bet Against the Seven Horsemen of the Apocalypse


You know they're out there.

Even people still squeamish about one or another global mega-risk must, deep in their seats of reason, twitch at the thought of these things taking a toll:

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President Barack Obama

Here's the main problem with companies talking about how sustainable they are.

If environmental and social issues were as central to their operations as we're led to believe, then they would be discussed meaningfully in securities disclosures, lobbyists would bring them before Congress and retirement plans would invest by them.

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