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Brain worm

In the beginning, we had to worry about smallpox. And then anthrax. And then Ebola. Now topping the list of parasitic biohazard nightmares, a brain-eating worm. As it turns out, they are real. You can get them. You can get a brain-eating worm.

Scientists affiliated with the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in the U.K. announced yesterday that they have sequenced the genome of a tapeworm that had lived in a British man's head for four years. The worm, which is called Spirometra erinaceieuropaei, is extremely rare, and can cause seizures and memory loss. Cases have typically popped up in the East, potentially caused by small infected shelfish, raw reptile or frog meat.

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The Magical Thought That's Assumed in Climate Studies

Climate Studies

Here's one way to phrase the basic climate change conundrum: There's a huge gap between the volume of pollution emitted every year and how much scientists say we can safely send aloft.

This has a weird implication for potential fixes governments may need in the future.

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Dam Revival: Today's Top Reads

Good afternoon! Here are today's top reads:

  • A dam revival, despite risks (NY Times)
  • Is a ban on GM crops more harmful than growing them? (Guardian)
  • Coal's black wind: Pregnant women in parts of India advised to stay away (Environmental Health News)
  • New York City tries to cram in some energy storage (EnergyWire)
  • This new restaurant is a lab to help find ways the food industry can fight climate change (Fast Company)
  • Why one Democrat is so over Obama's climate regulations (National Journal)
  • 'Green revolution': brings greater CO2 swings (Climate Central)
  • Americans still use the whole pig (Atlantic)

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Obama’s New Climate Promises Are Tougher Than They Look

Antarctic Melt

So does all of this week's climate news amount to progress, or to promises Obama can't keep?

U.S. President Barack Obama is poised to pledge $3 billion to an international climate fund this weekend. The move comes on the heels of his landmark deal with China to address global warming—a surprise agreement that managed to delight climate watchers around the world.

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Lightning puts the fear of god in people, always has. Zeus throws bolts like footballs. Thor conjures it up with his hammer. People make it likelier with all their carbon dioxide pollution.

Wait, what?

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Lost: World's Most Popular Comet Lander

Searching for Philae

"I'm in the shadow of a cliff," said the robot to the world.

Which cliff? Scientists are scrambling to find out. Philae is lost.

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What the U.S.-China Climate Change Pact Is Really About

Obama Xi Toasting

With great pollution comes great responsibility. China has begun to acknowledge it. The U.S. is raising a glass in support -- even as it battles its own political identity crisis over how, or if, to fight climate change.

President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced Wednesday what amounts to the third-most-significant climate change agreement* in the 25-year history of diplomacy on the topic. (Yes, that's an asterisk.) They agreed on new goals to rein in pollution and on new partnerships that may help achieve them. The U.S. will shoot for a reduction in greenhouse gas pollution up to 28 percent below its 2005 levels, by 2025. China, in a breakthrough, said its pollution levels will peak by about 2030. Details are fuzzy.

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10 Insane Images That Capture a Comet

Interplanetary Selfie
Rosetta's Philae lander snaps a shot of itself while still about 16 kilometers (10 miles) from comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.The image captures the... Read more »

The Comet: What Are They Not Telling Us? 

ESA Alien

We think we may have just discovered an alien life-form, in the European Space Agency's mission control room.

(It even has a lanyard.)

Comet-Chasing Spacecraft Lands Probe After 10 Year Flight
Here's What the Comet Looks Like Next to a Stadium

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10 New Photos of the Comet We're About to Catch

Here is Cheops, the largest and brightest boulder near the top left of the image. It measures about 45 meters (148 feet) across and 25 meters... Read more »

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