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Crashing the Communist Party With China A-Share ETFs


One of the final frontiers of investing may provide investors with some old-school value plays.

Until last year, U.S. investors had no direct access to the universe of 2,500 stocks that trade solely in mainland China. The stocks, called China A-shares, have generally been available only to Chinese citizens. They represent $4 trillion in market capitalization and make up two-thirds of China’s stock market. Only 100 of them are also listed on the Hong Kong exchange, which makes them somewhat easier for foreign investors to buy.

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It's Time to Fly With Airline Stocks

Sir Richard Branson's Virgin America will sell shares in an initial public offering, seven years after launching his airline into the jaws of the recession in 2007.

Here's the question: Should you buy?

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On the Hunt for Stocks With Rising Dividends

We're focused on building wealth through dividends.

Strategist Jason Trennert of Strategas Research Partners has written repeatedly about the power of compounded returns when investors reinvest dividends. Specifically, he notes that dividends account for more than half of total market returns since 1950.

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Jobless Data Is Good News for Investors -- With Caveats

America is going back to work.

Today the Commerce Department released data showing that Americans filed the fewest number of initial jobless claims since January 27, 2006. (We have inverted the y-axis to indicate claims becoming less negative.)

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Are Biotech Valuations Justified by Higher Growth?

Biotechnology is front and center this morning, accounting for three of the top six gainers and lifting the S&P 500 Index during the first 30 minutes of trading. Biogen Idec Inc. (BIIB) beat estimates handily and raised guidance. In response, Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD) and Celgene Corp. (CELG) are rising ahead of their respective earnings reports, which are due over the next 24 hours.

Topping them all however, is lesser-known Puma Biotechnology Inc. (PBYI). This morning the company announced its breast cancer drug, neratinib, improved survival by 33 percent in a trial of 2,821 women suffering from the disease. Stock gains pre-open tell the story.

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Why U.S. Investors Are Buying Foreign Stocks

Why U.S. Investors Are Buying Foreign Stocks

Many Americans are making smart moves with their investment portfolios. They just might not know it.

With U.S. stocks at records and many commentators saying they're overpriced, American investors are diversifying into cheaper international stocks. Investors have pulled a net $6.3 billion from U.S. stock funds this year, according to Investment Company Institute (ICI) data, while putting $60.5 billion in foreign stock funds.

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Consumer Stocks Get a Pleasant Earnings Surprise

Today we highlight a definitive linkage between Main Street and Wall Street.

Four large companies selling highly discretionary products to consumers beat earnings estimates this morning. We're talking motorcycles, snowmobiles, cable television and the ability to finance these purchases.

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Why the Markets Are Ignoring Ukraine and Gaza

One key question bothers us: Why are global markets so unmoved by dozens dying tragically every day in Gaza and Ukraine?

The MSCI World Index still hovers within 1.4 percent of its all-time high on July 3, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU) is just 90 points from its respective high established last Wednesday.

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Silver ETFs Are Having a Good Summer


Gold gets all the glory, but silver's no slouch.

The price of silver has risen 10 percent since the end of May, more than double the gains in gold, bonds and stocks. This comes after a three-year slump when silver was down 50 percent, trailing gold by 30 percent and the S&P 500 Index by 100 percent. Until recently, it had a dubious distinction as one of the few things left in the investment universe that hadn’t rallied in recent years.

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Share Your Saga of Financial Frustration With All of America

An Oral History of Rude Bankers, Clueless Loan Officers and Shad

Pull up a chair to hear about the time I tried to correct my credit report. Or would you rather learn about my late-night conversations with confused debt collectors? Oh wait, there’s a hilarious one about a bank losing a big mortgage check.

Not interested? Fine. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is. The federal agency wants to publish Americans’ narratives of financial frustration online, allowing people to describe every Kafkaesque turn in disputes with the multi-billion-dollar firms that handle their money.

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