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The architect Annabelle Selldorf has made her reputation in the art world, designing and restoring some of the world's top museums and galleries. Her firm, Selldorf Architects, has designed the polished concrete headquarters of the David Zwirner Gallery in New York from the ground up, restored the subtly ornate Edwardian Hauser & Wirth Gallery in London’s Picadilly, and completely renovated buildings for Le Stanze del Vetro, a new museum devoted to glassmaking on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice.

Her status as a hospitality architect is less established, so when she agreed to renovate the public spaces in New York’s Martha Washington Hotel architecture insiders perked up.

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Ben Moon grew up doodling on everything -- books, chairs, walls.

So it’s only fitting that the car-obsessed New York City-based painter would eventually graduate to bigger prey.

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Moments ago, German watchmaker A. Lange & Söhne unveiled a new boutique-exclusive edition of the Richard Lange Tourbillon "Pour le Mérite" watch to celebrate the grand opening of its New York City boutique. This watch might look a little confusing on the surface (what's with that opening at 8 o'clock?), but once you start talking about the mechanics it gets even more complicated. It fuses elements of traditional watchmaking with superlative finishing and engineering, and is a fitting way to mark the opening of Lange's second boutique in the United States.

Boutique Exclusive

The Richard Lange Tourbillon "Pour le Mérite" was first released in 2011 and its design is taken from a 19th-century pocketwatch in the German "regulator" style. This means the hours, minutes, and seconds are all shown on different dials. In the days when clocks had to be set against one another -- this was the pre-digital dark age, remember -- it was helpful to have a master clock with this display to make accurate readings easier to get. When you pull the crown, the seconds stop, meaning you can actually set this watch to the exact second. Now there's no excuse for being seven seconds late to that board meeting. (Sorry.)

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Painting the Rose Red, an Ansel creation for his Wonderland fete

How many bites does it take to get to the center of Dominique Ansel’s new vanilla financier creation?

One -- but with finesse. Hold a long green stem at a right angle, bite through velvety layers of white-chocolate dipped rose petals, and risk a sizable glob of pastel pink marshmallow goo falling smack on the front of your party dress. It’s worth it.

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Transitional Jackets available at EastDane.com

In case you didn’t get the PSA (via Sam Champion or the ubiquitous whiff of pumpkin spice), Tuesday marked the first day of fall in the U.S. Which means it’s time for forecast stalking and remastering the basics of multi-layered styling. And, of course, a biannual wardrobe overhaul -- aka spending Sunday afternoon unpacking your scarves, dusting off your Bean boots, and re-evaluating your logo’d hooded sweatshirt collection. (Who are you kidding? That purge is still a no.)

Yet the true autumnal rite of passage, sartorially-speaking, is investing in the most visible of the cool-weather staples: the perfect transitional coat. From the athletic-fitting bomber to the ultimate wear-now, wear-later (come spring) multitasking Mac, we've rounded up the seven types of jackets that are worth your shopping dollars now.

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Sandlands line-up of wines from the 2012 vintage

Winemaker Tegan Passalacqua is the Indiana Jones of lost vineyards, wandering rural California in a beat-up Subaru, hunting gnarled old vines and forgotten grapes.

His Sandlands wines come from disparate vine plantings in the sandy soils of little-known outlier regions, like Contra Costa County east of San Francisco. Here century-old carignane grows in Delhi blow sand that’s 40 feet deep. (That, he explains, is decomposed granite deposited by wind and water.)

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Restaurant kitchens require a certain amount of manpower to run, so unless you’re popping over to his house, the chef isn’t really the one cooking dinner for you. It’s the chef plus many hands -- cooks who arrive early to wash, peel, and chop, prep all day, and cook through service, staying late to scrub down the kitchen and take stock of the walk in.

There are few exceptions to this rule. You’ll find one in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, where the married couple Elise Kornack (back of house) and Anna Hieronimus (front of house) have a 12-seat restaurant called Take Root. Kornack, who is 27, has no prep cook, no dishwasher, no intern to pick and wash herbs, no sous chef to put out the fires. The kitchen is hers alone and what comes out of it can be marvelous.

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Tom Ford Adds Shirts and Ties to His Online Offerings

Tom Ford Furnishings

Snappy dressers take note: Tom Ford announced today it will be offering men's 'furnishings' -- aka accessories; we're talking neckties, not lounge chairs -- as part of its e-commerce platform. Although the brand will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2015, it only entered the online marketplace in March 2014 with a limited selection of leathergoods, shoes, and beauty products for both men and women. Now, in addition to that alligator duffle we know you've been eyeing, ties, pocket squares, and shirts can be ordered from the comfort of your iPhone.

From top to bottom, the entire platform feels like walking into a Tom Ford advertisement. Selling clothing with models not wearing any is a strategy Ford has mastered. The product shots are clean and shot to white, making it easy for the consumer to eye the merchandise. And the colors are hyper-saturated, making it hard to look away. That the site seamlessly transitions from desktop to tablet to mobile shows that Ford understands consumers are increasingly turning to whatever device is at hand when that urge to shop hits. Shipping and returns are always included, and if you're in Manhattan you can have your new accessories same-day. This is as low-friction as possible.

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Art World Star Simon de Pury’s Latest Role: Curator

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Maybe it was the heat of the gallery or maybe it was the stress of curating his first exhibition in 28 years, but Simon de Pury was sweating.

After putting down a (nearly complete) checklist of the ceramics show that he's organized with his wife Michaela, de Pury walked us through the Venus Over Manhattan gallery on Madison Avenue the day before the show's September 18th opening.

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Do your Mile High Club fantasies include getting sauced with a ‘50s-era British pilot and bantering with Pan Am broads? Now’s your chance. 

Shuttlecock’s latest pop-up dinner party, Mile High: Destination London, is landing in Manhattan for its nine-nights-only debut on September 24th.

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