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A Fun Night Out for Under $200,000

Legs of couples sitting on sofa in nightclub

In "Tuesday Night Fever," Loot took you on the standard city-guide clubbing tour of New York. Here, we take a different kind of tour, with one of Manhattan's "Black Card promoters," to see how the nightlife elite roll.


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How Do You Get Frank Lloyd Wright?

SC Johnson Headquarters

After a year-long restoration, Frank Lloyd Wright's famous research tower at S.C. Johnson's headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin, is set to reopen in May. It's a triumph of modernism. The facade is made up of thousands of glass tubes, hovering in between tiers of red brick, all of it supported by cantilevered steel beams.

But pay attention to those materials -- steel, glass and brick. How would you begin to restore a piece of glass, or an I-beam? It's a conundrum facing preservationists across the country: What does it mean to restore a building made out of modern materials?

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Vermont to Grade A Fancy: Drop Dead

Maple Syrup

When Vermont's secretary of agriculture changed maple syrup grading systems on Helen Robb, she felt homogenized.

"Homogenized and neutralized," says Robb, of Robb Family Farm and Sugar House, in Brattleboro, Vermont. She says the state had "distinctive grades," like Grade A Fancy, Grade A Medium Amber, and Grade B. In the new system, which connects the color of the syrup to its flavor, Grade A Fancy is Grade A Golden Color With Delicate Taste.

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The Vast Pacific. A Magnificent Ship. Your $3 Boxers 

Shipping Containers

Spring sends you out on a fast-fashion spree: $50 cashmere sweaters and $2 socks, $40 sneakers and $3 T-shirts. They might fall apart after four wears, but they're probably cheaper than the postage you'd need to return them to the country in which they were made.

We take this weird discrepancy between distance and price for granted. The rise of retailers like Uniqlo, H&M and Zara is often attributed to "globalization."

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Le Bain at The Standard Hotel

It's the witching hour on a bright-lights Saturday night. Rockwear is hanging unworn. The house beats are calling your name. Do you wanna dance?

Heck yes. Does anyone else, is the question.

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In a World Where Robots Feed You Sweets ...


So I withdrew a pair of cupcakes from the ATM on Tuesday.

That would be the Cupcake ATM at Sprinkles in New York, on Lex between 60th and 61st, where I waited on line for 12 minutes.

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April in New York. Why does it seem so inviting?

Don't be fooled, urban gardener. Buds are sprouting, plants are growing, daffodils and crocuses are jubilating in the park, and they're all getting ready to up and die on you with one last cold snap.

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Where to Sit in New York's Top Restaurants

The Breslin

You waited weeks. You got a reservation at Le Bernardin, or Eleven Madison Park, or Minetta Tavern.

You're going to sit just anywhere?

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The Met Has a Lot of Art. Why Does It Keep Buying More?

Met Collection

A museum's "permanent" collection is in fact constantly evolving. Now, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has a new section on its website called MetCollects that showcases a sampling of its continuing acquisitions.

For a grand old trove like the Met, buying any art at all can seem like gilding the Monet lily. The New York institution is a non-profit with hundreds of thousands of works in storage. Why not stick with that? The Met's new way of introducing people to its purchases suggests the answer: Because we had to have it.

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Damien Hirst

Millions of dollars of art will be on offer at Christie's sale of postwar and contemporary work this week in London, though it's hard to say if anyone will get to enjoy it.

You know. Art?

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