Deutsche Bank AG: Value per Security

  Deutsche Bank AG: Value per Security

UK Regulatory Announcement



Dated: 22 August 2014


                       Immediate Release 22 August 2014

                        DB ETC Index plc (the Issuer)

     (incorporated and registered in Jersey under the Companies (Jersey)

             Law 1991 (as amended) with registered number 103783)

            Re: Value per Security of ETC Securities Announcement

The Issuer is providing the Value per Security for the ETC Securities for the
following Series as set out in the table below for 21 August 2014

Series                                   ISIN          Currency  Value per
Series 1 db Brent Crude Oil Euro Hedged   DE000AIAQGX1   EUR        129.6803
ETC Securities due 2060
Series 4 db Industrial Metals Euro        DE000AIAQGY9   EUR        80.1216
Hedged ETC Securities due 2060
Series 5 db S&P GSCI ETC Securities due   GB00B3WP6619   USD        113.4159
Series 7 db Agriculture Booster Euro      DE000A1ED2G8   EUR        90.0184
Hedged ETC Securities due 2060
Series 8 db Industrial Metals Booster     DE000A1ED2H6   EUR        71.7448
Euro Hedged ETC Securities due 2060
Series 9 db Energy Booster Euro Hedged    DE000A1ED2J2   EUR        95.6013
ETC Securities due 2060
Series 10 db Natural Gas Booster Euro     DE000A1ED2K0   EUR        36.0839
Hedged ETC Securities due 2060
Series 11 db Commodity Booster ETC due    GB00B3WH1Q22   USD        112.5851
Series 12 db S&P GSCI Agriculture ETC     GB00B3S0JK55   USD        106.9710
due 2060
Series 13 db Agriculture Booster ETC      GB00B3WKJL25   USD        98.3416
due 2060
Series 14 db S&P GSCI Industrial Metals   GB00B3YH0180   USD        91.4955
Series 15 db Industrial Metals Booster    GB00B3WKDS73   USD        92.8069
ETC due 2060
Series 16 db S&P GSCI Energy ETC due      GB00B455N087   USD        118.0128
Series 17 db Energy Booster ETC           GB00B3QRNJ57   USD        119.2156
Series 18 db WTI Crude Oil Booster ETC    GB00B3SC0P31   USD        112.6449
due 2060
Series 19 db Natural Gas Booster ETC      GB00B438CS06   USD        36.3581
due 2060
Series 21 db Mean Reversion ETC           GB00B4N0QN94   USD        90.5318
Series 25 db Brent Crude Oil Booster      DE000A1KYN55   EUR        112.3971
Series 34 db Monthly Short Brent Crude    DE000A1L9YT1   EUR        85.2329
Series 35 db Monthly Short WTI Crude      DE000A1L9YU9   EUR        90.7292
Series 36 db Monthly Short Natural Gas    DE000A1L9YV7   EUR        108.8789
Series 37 db Monthly Short Gold ETC       DE000A1L9YW5   EUR        125.4608
Series 38 db Monthly Short Silver ETC     DE000A1L9YX3   EUR        142.2479
Series 40 db Metals & Energy Booster      DE000A1NY0U7   EUR        82.5869
Series 42 db Copper Booster ETC (EUR)     DE000A1XVBJ3   EUR        92.3378
Series 43 db Commodity Booster OYE        GB00BB36BH58   USD        95.2074
Light Energy Select ETC

Enquiries to:

DB ETC Index plc


Deutsche Bank AG
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