Ultra-Low Power 'Whisper' Architecture Raises the Bar for Connectivity IP in IoT, Wearables and More

Ultra-Low Power 'Whisper' Architecture Raises the Bar for Connectivity IP in
IoT, Wearables and More

Imagination's New Ensigma RPUs Will be at the Heart of a New generation of
Life-Enhancing Applications

LONDON, July 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Imagination Technologies (IMG.L)
announces the new Ensigma Series4 'Whisper' low-power radio processing unit
(RPU) architecture, designed to drive a new generation of wearables, IoT and
other connected devices where ultra-low power consumption and low cost points
are key.

Tomorrow's IoT, wearables and other connected embedded devices demand more
than the evolution of existing connectivity chipsets; they require solutions
designed specifically for these emerging product categories, with an eye on
power consumption, cost and flexibility.

Says Tony King-Smith, EVP marketing, Imagination: "Many devices claiming to
address IoT today are in fact repurposed from other markets such as mobile or
embedded, but don't fully address the extreme low power and cost requirements
that this market will demand. With our existing Ensigma RPUs, customers are
already building a range of life-style devices. With new Ensigma 'Whisper'
RPUs, customers can create a whole new generation of life-enhancing and
efficiency-focused devices targeting markets as diverse as eHealth, energy,
agriculture, security and many other areas. Imagination is delivering the
ultra-low power CPUs, GPUs and RPUs that provide a foundation for building
these devices, supported by optimized hardware IP platforms and our FlowCloud
technology for true device-to-cloud connectivity."

Low-power Ensigma 'Whisper' RPUs, like their high-performance Ensigma Explorer
RPU counterparts, provide multi-standard support in a single architecture,
designed to enable customers to bring standards such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Classic, Bluetooth Smart, NFC, GNSS and other existing or emerging low-power
connectivity technologies onto their SoCs. By bringing this functionality
on-chip, customers can minimize power consumption, silicon footprint and
system cost compared with conventional solutions.

Why 'Whisper'?

'Whisper' RPUs are designed specifically for next-generation ultra-low power,
cost-sensitive devices.

  *Configurable: the 'Whisper' architecture supports a broad range of lower
    bitrate connectivity standards needed in IoT and other small-footprint
    connected devices
  *Power-efficient: 'Whisper' RPUs feature highly optimized, configurable
    hardware with Imagination's PowerGearing for Ensigma that optimizes both
    static and dynamic power consumption in the cores
  *Clean: the tightly coupled modem/processor in 'Whisper' can eliminate the
    host processor or alleviate its load, for the smallest embedded system
    size and lowest power consumption

The Ensigma family of RPUs, including 'Whisper' and Explorer, is designed to
meet the needs of a range of devices and applications.

  *Scalable: 'Whisper' and Explorer RPUs address applications from ultra-low
    power to maximum performance, and with a common API, customers can reuse
    software across the platforms
  *Proven: Ensigma RPUs are shipping today in numerous low-power audio and
    connectivity devices with a growing range of designs also in the pipeline
  *Complete: to reduce customers' time to market, Ensigma RPUs are uniquely
    provided as end-to-end offerings including RF if needed, and

Connected Processor IP Platform

For IoT and other next-generation connected applications, customers can
benefit from the combination of Ensigma RPUs and MIPS CPUs – the industry's
smallest and highest performance embedded 32-bit CPUs. Together, these
flexible, scalable cores are designed to revolutionize IoT applications by
delivering the only truly embedded Connected Processor IP Platform. With
hardware virtualization and multi-context security across the MIPS Warrior
range of CPUs, these cores are designed to deliver to the emerging
requirements of modern systems and add even more benefits. Customers can also
leverage Imagination's FlowCloud device-to-cloud platform to create complete
IoT/cloud solutions.

Says King-Smith: "With Imagination's Connected Processor IP Platform,
customers can leverage an industry standard CPU with a broad array of software
and tightly integrated communications. We believe this is a unique and
powerful offering for the industry."


Imagination will start to roll out a line of Ensigma 'Whisper' cores in Q4
2014. Contact info@imgtec.com for more information.

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