Modulus Introduces Add-On Marketplace for Enhanced Node.js_Developer Experience

  Modulus Introduces Add-On Marketplace for Enhanced Node.js_Developer

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CINCINNATI, Ohio -- July 22, 2014

Modulus LLC, a Progress company and a leading provider of Node.js hosting and
MongoDB, today announced that it is has released a new set of add-ons as part
of its add-on marketplace. The marketplace is designed to make it easy for
Node.js developers to build new functionality into their applications quickly.

One of the benefits of working with Modulus is that any customer can become an
add-on provider through their Modulus account and the Add-On Provider Portal.
There are five different add-ons now available from Modulus partners Keen IO,
SendGrid, Iron IO, and MongoDB.


SendGrid is a cloud-based email service that gives businesses a cost efficient
and simple way to send email. It provides reliable delivery, as well as
scalability and real-time analytics to measure user engagement with the emails
you send. It also uses flexible APIs to help make custom integration run

SendGrid provided an add-on that delivers emails on behalf of companies that
will help to increase deliverability and improve customer communications. Any
integration with new or existing email systems is done through a SMTP or a
REST API, SendGrid has a Node.js package that is open source and available on
Github. collects and stores large amounts of event data. For example, it can
take data from any occurrence or interaction that happens in an app throughout
the day and store that data in a cloud database. Once stored in the cloud, the
data can then be accessed and analyzed using queries that visualize it.

Keen IO provided an add-on that enables customers to track any event,
including signups, upgrades, purchases, etc. and automatically ingest any new
events and customers. There is an added query API, a large scalable event
database, as well as analytics for customers. Customers can build an analytics
tab right into an app with the Keen IO add-in and also extract data easily. is an application infrastructure as a service provider (IaaS) that
gives immediate access to high-scale message queries, which allows customers
to go from development to production very quickly. By doing so, it helps avoid
any single points of failure, all while improving scale and the ability to
utilize a dependable messaging system.

Iron IO added two new add-ons. The first is IRONWORKER which is a highly
available and scalable task queue/ worker service that provides customers with
workers at scale, painless setup, distributed processing, highly concurrent
processing, a hosted environment and 23/7 chat support. Their other add-on is
IRONMQ, which is a highly available elastic message queuing service that
provides customers with: Instant and elastic message queuing, messaging at
scale, a durable and secure service, the ability to use a language of their
choice and 23/7 chat support.

MongoDB is an open-source document database and the leading NoSQL database.
Written in C++, it provides many beneficial features, such as giving
enterprise class support through training and consulting, storing files of any
size without complicating your stack, scaling horizontally without
compromising functionality, among others.

MongoDB is a Modulus add-on for creating and associating MongoDB Databases
with your project.


The new add-ons are now available for Modulus customers to use immediately.


Charlie Key, founder of Modulus, said, "We are thrilled to offer an add-on
marketplace which provides easy-to-use resources for Modulus users to enhance
their Node.js applications in a single click. The partners we’re working with
offer best-in-class technologies and we are excited for our users to take
advantage of the tools they’ve created."

Jim Franklin, CEO, SendGrid, said, "Modulus and SendGrid share the vision of
making developers' lives easier by providing the tools they need to quickly
bring their applications to market. With one click, Node.js developers can
easily add SendGrid to reliably deliver and scale their application-generated
email, leading to an increase in developer productivity and reduced time to
market. We are excited to be partnered with Modulus to offer our mutual
customers access to a leading node.js hosting solution to build and scale
their application email."

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