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Deutsche Boerse Group
Clearstream extends collateral reach by linking to Deutsche Bank 
* Cooperation will further deepen the collateral / liquidity pool for
mutual customers by automatically connecting them to Clearstream’s Global
Liquidity Hub
* Deutsche Bank benefits from Clearstream’s integrated collateral
management offering for its customers
* After BNP Paribas, Citi and Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank is the next
partner to use Clearstream’s collateral management solution for agent banks 
Clearstream and Deutsche Bank have signed an agreement to develop a
triparty collateral management solution that Deutsche Bank can offer to its 
customers. The cooperation will allow Clearstream to further increase its
collateral under management (EUR 626.9 billion in June 2014) with
Deutsche Bank liquidity; Deutsche Bank’s customers will be able to leverage
integrated suite of triparty collateral management services that
offers via its Global Liquidity Hub. 
This single and optimised collateral pool will enable Deutsche Bank
to consolidate their collateral holdings to cover their global exposures
efficiently. While Deutsche Bank customers retain their asset portfolios
Deutsche Bank’s extensive custody network, Clearstream’s collateral
engine carries out complex collateral management functions such as
and real-time allocation, optimisation and substitution. A unique feature
Clearstream’s collateral service for agent banks is that it mobilises
collateral in real time and only up to the amount that is required. 
Stefan Lepp, Member of the Executive Board and Head of Global Securities
Financing at Clearstream, said: “On the one side, our collateral strategy
about linking to ever more exposure locations such as clearing houses and
central banks, and on the other side our strategy is to provide access to a 
growing number of collateral locations such as central securities
stock exchanges and agent banks. We are pleased to help Deutsche Bank with
collateral management technology while in return we can offer our customers 
access to the large liquidity pool of Deutsche Bank.” 
Improving access to collateral is seen as a crucial issue for the financial 
industry at a time when the regulatory agenda drives demand for
optimisation as
well as adequate levels of capital and liquidity. Clearstream has already
created access to several global liquidity pools by working with
strategic partners like Cetip (Brazil), ASX (Australia), Strate (South
Iberclear (Spain) and BNP Paribas. Collateral management partnerships with
and Standard Chartered will go live this year and further developments are
underway with CDS (Canada), SGX (Singapore) and VPS (Norway). 
About Clearstream 
As an international central securities depository (ICSD) headquartered in
Luxembourg, Clearstream provides the post-trade infrastructure for the
market and services for securities from 53 domestic markets worldwide.
Clearstream’s customers comprise approximately 2,500 financial institutions
more than 110 countries. Its services include the issuance, settlement and
custody of securities, as well as investment fund services and global
securities financing. With more than 12.3 trillion Euros in assets under
custody, Clearstream is one of the world’s largest settlement and custody
for domestic and international securities. 
As a central securities depository (CSD) based in Frankfurt, Clearstream
provides the post-trade infrastructure for the German securities industry,
offering access to a growing number of markets in Europe. 
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