Hemispherx Achieves High Ranking in Sensitivity Testing Against MERS/SARS Coronaviruses Compared to Other Drugs

Hemispherx Achieves High Ranking in Sensitivity Testing Against MERS/SARS
Coronaviruses Compared to Other Drugs

New Report Compares Achievable Concentrations of Various Candidate Treatments
in Humans; CDC Issues New Guidelines for Protections

PHILADELPHIA, July 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hemispherx Biopharma (NYSE
MKT:HEB) announced that a new publication abstract in Infectious Disorder Drug
Targets (2014 Jul 13. [Epub ahead of print]) is available for review as
described in PubMed on July 16, 2014, and proposes that the Middle East
Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)/(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) SARS
coronaviruses (CoV) may be most effectively inhibited by interferons (IFNs)
and an IFN inducer
The article, entitled "Sensitivity of SARS/MERS CoV to Interferons and Other
Drugs Based on Achievable Serum Concentrations in Humans", is authored by
Hemispherx scientists.It is suggested that correcting a viral induced defect
in immunity may be the first significant way to decrease MERS/SARS associated

Recently, there has been a dramatic, non-Ramadan associated, increase in new
cases of MERS.Ramadan began on June 29, 2014.The World Health Organization
(WHO) has been informed of a total of 834 laboratory confirmed cases of
infection with MERS-CoV globally, including 288 deaths

The Hajj pilgrimage, which is a duty of Muslims to perform once in their
lives, usually brings even larger crowds than Ramadan.Hajj, which starts in
October this year, brings about 2 million pilgrims together in close quarters
as they visit Islam's holiest site, and other locations in Mecca.

A recent study in Lancet Infectious Diseases modeled how the MERS-CoV virus
could spread during air travel and found a risk of spread from those infected
during flight.The risk ranged from 1 to 15 new infections from a MERS
"superspreader" based on a 5 to 13 hours of travel and relative location
within the plane (First Class and Economy Class sections of a plane being
compared).A recent Eurosurveillance article also notes how central the Middle
East has become for global travel.

On July 3, 2013, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated its own
guidance on air transport of MERS patients, recommending only specially
equipped aircraft, not commercial passenger planes

The CDC now further recommends eye protection to prevent droplet exposure plus
respiratory protection with at least 95% filtering efficacy (e.g., an N-95
respirator or higher).In addition, the CDC recommends that, whenever
possible, MERS patients be moved on a dedicated flight with a minimum number
of crew members and no other non-MERS passengers.The Director of the CDC, Dr.
Friedman, will address concerns about MERS and other key health issues at the
National Press Club on July 22, 2014.

MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV are members of the same coronavirus family.Only MERS
and SARS have high mortality rates in man as the other four human coronavirus
family members are generally associated with mild, non-life-threatening,
common cold symptoms.Only the MERS and SARS viruses inhibit the production of
a key component of human immunity, IFN.IFN has been previously established as
necessary to fight off a number of otherwise lethal viral infections.

Recent Hemispherx collaborations with the National Institutes of Health (NIH),
specifically National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID),
using human cells in culture suggest that Alferon® N may be effective either
as a preventative or treatment of early MERS infection
similar positive inhibitory results with Alferon® N were obtained at the
University of Texas

The comparison of drug sensitivity (to be provided with publication of the
full length paper in Infectious Disorder Drug Targets) is based on clinically
achievable serum concentrations for each drug evaluated in human cell culture
or the tolerable human dosage levels per kilogram for drugs tested in animal
studies.Those calculations are then used to predict/extrapolate the most
active drugs against SARS/MERS.This calculation ranked certain alpha and beta
IFNs and a TLR agonist as the most promising experimental therapeutics.

Hemispherx Biopharma continues to be in active dialogue with various agencies
responsible for various aspects of biosecurity designed to protect U.S.
citizenry.No representation can be made that these discussions will lead to
clinical collaboration and/or contractual relationships.

Treatment late in the course of human highly lethal coronaviral infections
(MERS/SARS) is unlikely to alter the diseases course as, by then, the host
immune system has already been severely disabled.Going forward, clinical
protocols will need to be established to evaluate systemically various
therapeutic options rather than by isolated treatments of certain infected
individuals as are currently employed.

About Alferon® N

Alferon® N is the only natural source, multi-species alpha interferon
currently approved for sale in the U.S. Alferon® N is approved in the U.S.
only for the treatment of refractory or recurring external genital warts
caused by human papilloma virus in patients 18 years of age or older.

About Ampligen®

Ampligen®, an experimental therapeutic, is a new class of
specifically-configured ribonucleic acid (RNA) compounds targeted as potential
treatment of diseases with immunologic defects and/or viral causation.

About Hemispherx Biopharma

Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. is an advanced specialty pharmaceutical company
engaged in the manufacture and clinical development of new drug entities for
treatment of seriously debilitating disorders.Hemispherx's flagship products
include Alferon N Injection® and the experimental therapeutics Ampligen® and
Alferon® LDO.Ampligen® is an experimental RNA nucleic acid being developed
for globally important debilitating diseases and disorders of the immune
system, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.Hemispherx's platform technology
includes components for potential treatment of various severely debilitating
and life threatening diseases.Because both Ampligen® and Alferon® LDO are
experimental in nature, they are not designated safe and effective by a
regulatory authority for general use and are legally available only through
clinical trials.Hemispherx has patents comprising its core intellectual
property estate and a fully commercialized product (Alferon N Injection®),
approved for sale in the U.S. and Argentina.The Company's Alferon® N approval
in Argentina includes the use of Alferon N Injection® (under the brand name
"Naturaferon") for use in any patients who fail, or become intolerant to
recombinant interferon, including patients with chronic active hepatitis C
infection.The Company wholly owns and exclusively operates a GMP certified
manufacturing facility in the United States for commercial products. For more
information please visit www.hemispherx.net.

Disclosure Notice

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Commission.The final results of these efforts and/or any other activities
could vary materially from Hemispherx's expectations.In vitro experiments are
not necessarily predictive of clinical outcome and no representations are made
that any products described in this release will be ultimately determined safe
and effective in the prevention and/or treatment of MERS-CoV or any other
human coronavirus infection. Moreover, it would take time, testing and funds
to obtain approval of any such product.

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Hemispherx undertakes no obligation to update or revise the information
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