ADKernel's Online Ad Serving Platform Now Integrates With Google Analytics(R)

ADKernel's Online Ad Serving Platform Now Integrates With Google Analytics(R) 
MIAMI, FL -- (Marketwired) -- 07/18/14 --  Google Analytics(R)
recently announced the introduction of an array of new tools,
functions and features for Ecommerce businesses at the 2014 Google
Analytics(R) summit, helpful additions that are now also integrated
in the ADKernel platform. The most notable innovation on ADKernel's
side is the revolutionary approach for marketers to buy traffic by
bidding on CPA instead of standard CPC. As a result, the system
allows for bidding per-page view or per-minute spent on a page rather
than paying per-click, based on which ADNetworks can sign new types
of IOs with advertisers. The new option is offered to clients as
so-called "bill-by-advertiser-number" model, which serves as a basis
for the system to recalculate effective CPC per-traffic channel. 
Google Analytics(R) is a service offered by Google that generates
statistics, which provide detailed information about traffic and
traffic sources of a website and has grown in popularity amongst
marketers over the last years. While data generated by Google
Analytics(R) traditionally focuses on details about the purchase, the
new tools allow marketers to gain more details about customer
behavior, including detailed data on revenue and conversion rates,
merchandising success, or tracking of views, clicks and click-through
rates for specific products or promotions.  
ADKernel, an industry-leading online ad serving platform, now
integrates with Google Analytics(R). Together with other advanced
features and analytical tools, the integration of Google Analytics(R)
data into the ADKernel platform enables online publishers,
advertisers and networks to more effectively and rapidly drill down
on high-quality traffic from highly targeted sources in a real-time
optimization and reporting environment. Other technologies that are
being used by ADKernel include a scalable ultra-high performance XML
metasearch engine, built-in support of all major XML PPC & CPV feeds
and fraudulent traffic protection. On top of that the platform
supports direct advertising campaigns for CPC & CPV traffic, which
means the system is able to handle heavy incoming traffic as well as
huge advertising campaigns thanks to exceptionally high performance
keyword/URL matching algorithms. 
Based in Miami, Florida, ADKernel is a company that follows the
mission of developing world-class technologies for online advertising
markets. The company was originally founded in the Ukraine by Yevgen
Peresvyetov, an expert technology engineer who can look back at
almost two decades of successful projects and business launches in
the IT sector. In 2008, Yevgen launched 'Trustname', a full-featured
online ad-serving platform, which quickly gained a reputation as one
of the most innovative CPC/CPV XML advertising on the market. By
2010, Yevgen and his team recognized the trend within their tech
department to develop more and more proprietary rather than using
off-the-shelf technology layers and modules in order to meet
customer-specific needs. It was that realization that caused them to
come up with a new business model, based on a completely reengineered
platform, focusing on the specific needs of individual clients. The
result: ADKernel. 
Following a rapid expansion of their client base around the world,
ADKernel recently moved its headquarters from the Ukraine to Miami
and is planning on opening another full-service office in New York
City later this year. While their location might have changed, the
company's philosophy has not: ADKernel is a technology company with
advertising products, not an advertising company merely utilizing
technology. Yevgen Peresvyetov and his team, which consists of highly
motivated professionals from the computer science, online advertising
and data analytics sector, develop all their Java-based codes from
scratch -- starting at low-level networking layers all the way up to
user interfaces and reporting layers -- which enables them to deliver
the speed, features and performance that publishers, advertisers and
networks need in today's fast paced Internet world.  
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