Nidec to Establish "Nagamori Award" for Motor-Related Technologies

Nidec to Establish "Nagamori Award" for Motor-Related Technologies  KYOTO, Japan, July 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nidec Corporation (NYSE:NJ) (the "Company") today announced that it will establish the "Nagamori Award" for motor-related technologies.  1. Purpose of the Nagamori Award  Since its foundation, Nidec has been specializing in business for "everything that spins and moves." Now, with its group companies operating in 32 counties around the world, the Company is continuously growing as the "world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer."  Motors, invented in the early 19^th century, are used in all kinds of electric products around us, and are indispensable in our lives. Used in a number of places, motors are believed to consume approximately one half of all electricity generated in the world. This is why the research and development of motors holds significant importance to both enrichment of our lives and perpetual conservation of the global environment.  The Nagamori Award aims to further enhance the research and development of motors and motor-related technologies and to support young to middle-level engineers working dedicatedly for their dreams every day.  2. Overview of the Nagamori Award                           Name                     Nagamori Award Areas covered            Motor, motor control, motor application technology,                          and other motor-related technological fields                          Applicants must be young to middle-level R&D Application requirements engineers who are members of university, public                          organization, private company, etc. across the world,                          with outstanding achievement.*                          *Applicants must attend the commendation ceremony,                         prepare and submit necessary documents, and give an                          award lecture. Application method       Applicants must be recommended by an academy or                          nominate themselves. *                          *When nominating themselves, applicants must submit a                         recommendation letter from an academy or the                          organization that the applicants belong to.                          The Nagamori Award will be granted to 3-5 people Commendation             every year. The person to receive the Grand Award of                          the Nagamori Award will be announced at the                          commendation ceremony.                          Award: 5 million yen for the Grand Award of the                         Nagamori Award, and 1 million yen for the Nagamori                          Award.  3. Schedule for the first year (FY2015)  The schedule for FY2015, the first year of the "Nagamori Award", is planned as follows:  Early September 2014 Announcement of information for the applicants (on the                      Company's website) November 1, 2014     Starting date for application January 31, 2015     Closing date for application Mid-May 2015         Announcement of award recipients (on the Company's                      website) August 30, 2015      Commendation ceremony  4. Review committee  The Nagamori Award review committee, which will comprise five outside intellectuals and several advisers from the Company, will review nominees fairly based on the criteria to be decided by the committee.  Professor Yoichi Hori of Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo, will act as the first chairperson of the committee. The other committee members will be provided in the information for the applicants, which will be announced in early September 2014.  5. Other    *The Nagamori Award will be offered from the private fund of Mr. Shigenobu     Nagamori, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of the Company.   *The Nagamori Award will be administered by the Company.   *The commendation ceremony is planned to be held at a hotel in Kyoto,     Japan.  CONTACT: Masahiro Nagayasu          General Manager          Investor Relations          +81-75-935-6140  Nidec Corporation  
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