Premier Holding Moves Closer to Adding a Third Energy Sector Subsidiary to Become an Energy Supplier and Provides New Pro Forma

Premier Holding Moves Closer to Adding a Third Energy Sector Subsidiary to 
Become an Energy Supplier and Provides New Pro Forma
Estimates for 2015 Through 2018 
Estimates for Kratos Power Forecast Staggering Growth Based on
Industry Data Driven by Synergies With Energy Brokers Like The Power
TUSTIN, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 07/07/14 --  Premier Holding
Corporation (OTCQB: PRHL) announces that it has produced detailed pro
forma forecasts for the years 2015 through 2018 assuming the Company
becomes a federally licensed energy supplier by FERC ("Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission") or merges with an existing supplier between
now and the end of 2014. The Company has compiled estimates based on
Premier becoming a supplier on its own through its application with
FERC, and secondly, if the Company should decide to acquire or merge
with an existing targeted supplier. A merger could accelerate its
ability to become a supplier by several months. Premier will make
these pro formas available upon request which demonstrate that
revenue could climb from $50+ million in 2015 to over $500 million in
Premier currently has two subsidiaries in the energy sector: The
first is in a $190 billion market, brought about by energy
deregulation in the United States. The Power Company ("TPC"), 80%
owned by Premier, is a reseller of deregulated energy. TPC has
enjoyed record sales almost every month of this year, and is on track
to have enrolled over 70,000 residential power contracts and 1,700
commercial contracts by year-end 2014. The second subsidiary is an
overall energy efficiency provider: Energy Efficiency Experts ("E3")
boasts proprietary patented technology that has been successfully
commercialized for mass distribution.  
Premier Holding Corporation is now prepared to become a supplier
through application or acquire/merge with an existing supplier to
fulfill its plans for growth. When filings are completed, the new
subsidiary will be a power provider/supplier licensed by the Federal
Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") that will be called Kratos
Power ("Kratos"). This subsidiary will allow Premier to leverage the
marketing success of energy brokers such as TPC and eventually create
new energy efficiency prospects for E3, allowing Premier to further
its plan of integration in this sector.  
Therefore, there are three primary reasons a merger with an existing
energy supplier makes sense: 
1. Remarkable Increase in Revenues and Net Profit - As a supplier
through its new subsidiary, Premier would be able to book its
customers' entire energy supply bill as revenue that is estimated to
be 8 to 12 times higher than the current, commission-based revenue.
In addition, it would gain the difference between the wholesale and
retail cost of energy so net profit would be expected to grow 2 to 5
times than what is currently earned. For commercial accounts, the
gain in revenue and net profit per account can be much greater.
Today, The Power Company has contracted over 50,000 residential and
over 1,500 commercial energy accounts. These types of residential
contracts have recently sold in the energy marketplace for over
$1,000 per contract. Commercial contracts are selling for as much as
ten times that number. Our new pro formas demonstrate these numbers
and the effect it would have on Premier. 
2. NEST; A Marketing Machine that Offers a Competitive Advantage -
The outstanding sales growth at TPC is attributable in part to its
proprietary energy portal "National Energy Services Transactor" or
NEST. This highly scalable, web-based automated sales and compliance
tool reduces the time to make a sale to a matter of minutes. NEST
also records sales calls and 3rd party verification, and provides
accounting modules for rapid expansion that will include channel
partners, affinity groups and even charities that can offer
deregulated power through TPC. NEST could be utilized by an existing
supplier to dramatically grow its business and better service its
existing clients.  
3. Energy Efficiency Experts - As TPC focuses on reducing the power
costs and/or creating "budget certainty," it then recommends
commercial customers to its sister subsidiary, E3. E3's focus is on
energy reduction which can be accomplished through the sale of
innovative and state of the art lighting products and solutions, HVAC
energy efficient equipment and complimentary products and solutions.
In addition, E3 owns a patented and proprietary technology it
acquired from Active ES which is being sold as the "E-Series"
lighting controls. The E-Series is a remarkable energy savings
solution that reduces the power needed to run existing HID lighting
arrays. By installing an E-Series at the electrical box, one module
can operate a large number of lights, making them much more efficient
without having to replace them. This technology is currently being
utilized by Disney, Nestle, major malls and municipalities for inside
lighting efficiency and/or their parking and street lights. The
patented solutions allow for no disruption of power, and have been
proven to extend the life of existing lights and ballasts while
generating savings between 25% to 35% energy savings. E3 offers an
existing supplier another tool to better service its existing clients
and attract new ones. 
Premier further explains that under the current structure, TPC
resells power from more than 30 power providers. Its model can be
compared with companies such as "Lending Tree" in the mortgage
business. As a broker, TPC acts as a typical commission-based broker
with the major exception that TPC retains an annuitized revenue
stream with its clients. While TPC retains these revenues, it is the
industry suppliers that recognize full value for these contracts. The
existing power suppliers make a great deal of money off the sales
made by TPC.  
PRHL now has the sales volume necessary to support becoming our own
supplier/provider. It plans to buy the power directly from the power
generators through this new subsidiary and sell it through multiple
growing sales forces. This will generate substantially greater profit
from the very same sales transaction it is already performing. 
Randall Letcavage, President and CEO of Premier Holding, states, "For
example, we recently quoted a midsize commercial user power. The
price was competitive and TPC would generate approximately $16,000 in
sales revenue (commissions). When PRHL has its own supplier, placing
that same business would pay a combined $218,000 to Kratos and TPC,
and PRHL benefits by realizing all that corporate revenue."  
Mr. Letcavage continued, "Our model then changes to one similar to
companies such as Progressive Insurance whereby we show our clients
rates from competing suppliers side by side with Kratos. The
difference between the Progressive model and ours is that no matter
whom the customer chooses, we will still capture some or all of the
revenue. Of course, if they choose our supplier (Kratos), it is
substantially more. We are passionate about doing what is best for
our clients and will still sell from our vast network of power
providers, AND offer our power and allow the customer to select the
best deal for them. We can book 10 to 12 times the revenue and as
much as 3 times the profit from the same sales event we are currently
performing with this new subsidiary in addition to the revenue and
profit already experienced at TPC." 
Premier has identified several specific suppliers that would make a
great merger candidate, and hopes to provide more details in the
coming weeks.  
The trajectory to take revenues over $1 billion in the next five
years is within reach. For more about the market, the potential, and
another Company on a similar path, check out: 
About Premier Holding Corporation  
The Company provides financial support and management expertise,
which includes access to capital, financing, legal, insurance,
mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and management strategies. The
Company's mission is to acquire clean technology companies and/or
green products and services that are accretive and that can be
seamlessly integrated and utilize the overall economics of such
products and services for the benefit of its customers. Through
subsidiaries we offer renewable energy production, energy efficiency
products and services to commercial middle-market companies, Fortune
500 brands, developers and management companies of large-scale
residential developments. Additional integrated business offerings
include direct energy services as power purchase agreements (PPAs),
energy financing and leasing of generation programs in urban and
rural real estate environments, lighting efficiency systems and
refrigeration systems. For more information visit PRHL Investors
About The Power Company (TPC) 
The Power Company USA, LLC is a professional energy services firm
offering brokerage and consulting services with a progressive and
unique perspective on energy management based in Chicago, Illinois.
Their mission is to assist companies in reducing and managing their
electricity expenses. Their diverse portfolio of energy providers,
transparent pricing, and unparalleled industry experience offers
customers the freedom of exploring all of their options for choosing
the best plan and provider. Operating in all currently deregulated
states, including Texas, New York and Illinois, TPC and its
partners/suppliers have provided an invaluable service to its
clients. Their team has consulted and/or serviced such prominent
companies, organizations and governmental entities such as: The City
of Dallas, Ralcorp, Choice Hotels, Apex Hospital Systems, Mercedes
Dealerships, Leona's Restaurant Group, McDonald's, and many others.
Because of the large amount of business transacted and their
long-standing relationships with Regional Energy Suppliers, TPC is
assured to provide the most competitive prices in the industry. For
more information visit: 
About Energy Efficiency Experts (E3)  
E3 is an Energy Services Company (ESCO) formed by PRHL to provide the
best of breed solutions to its clients by utilizing proprietary
technologies and high level industry relationships. By maintaining a
"product agnostic" approach, E3's experts will prescribe the best
solution for the unique circumstances of its clients after careful
survey and analysis. Through its ever-growing acquisitions and
alliances, E3 strives to provide the most current, and fully-vetted
solutions in energy generation and energy reduction technologies, as
well as management tools which capture the client for future
opportunities. Recent acquisitions include Active ES Lighting
Controls technology and The Power Company. Strategic alliances
include Orion Energy Systems, Muni-Fed Energy, Nor Cal Reps, Western
Glass and Restoration and Tinting, and Energy Innovation Enterprises.
These alliances further advance E3's business strategy of providing
only those technologies that have proven themselves in the field in
both technical sophistication/reliability and financial
justification. For more information visit: 
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