"Hypocrite and Deserter" Charges By Operation:Heroes Organization Against Former Procter & Gamble CEO Clouds President Obama's

  "Hypocrite and Deserter" Charges By Operation:Heroes Organization Against
    Former Procter & Gamble CEO Clouds President Obama's Nomination of Bob
               McDonald for U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

President Obama's Secretary of Veterans Affairs Nominee, Bob McDonald, Is
Accused of Abandoning an Operation:Heroes' Support Mission by Allowing Procter
and Gamble's Executives To Undermine and Renege on the P&G Agreement McDonald
Personally Brokered. Operation:Heroes also claims McDonald Allowed The
Interference and Subsequent Contract Breach Resulting In Cancellation Of The
Primetime Network Television Special and National "Thank You For Your Service"
Tour Honoring U.S. Military and First Responder Heroes.

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LAS VEGAS, July 3, 2014

LAS VEGAS, July 3, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- An already heated
relationship between Procter and Gamble and Operation:Heroes boiled over with
the recent announcement that P&G's former CEO, Bob McDonald, is President
Obama's nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Operation:Heroes' spokesperson, Chuck Foster, describes McDonald as "a
profit-focused corporate executive, but lacks necessary medical savvy to
oversee America's Department of Veterans Affairs!? He's also the guy who
allowed his P&G management to interfere with, sabotage and breach P&G's own
written support contract which caused the resulting failure and permanent
destruction of Operation:Heroes – the annual Memorial Day Sunday event,
primetime network TV special, and national 'thank you for your service' tour
honoring America's peer-chosen military and first responders!"

"Given his West Point Academy training and military service background, it's
difficult to comprehend McDonald's lack of leadership, including his failure
to control P&G executives, particularly since he was the person who internally
brokered the Operation:Heroes/P&G contract. Even more disturbing," adds
Foster, "is McDonald deserted the Operation:Heroes mission altogether by
refusing to intervene when requested, which begs the question: "Why should
McDonald be trusted to fix, and not contribute to an even greater SNAFU
scenario that already jeopardizes the health-care and lives of our country's
military veterans!?""

This website link will access related documents including contracts, bios,
plus e-mail communication to-and-from McDonald.

Media Contact: Capt. Chuck Foster, Email: newsdesk@operationheroes.org;
Phone: 800.627.6156; Cell: 702.449.8712

SOURCE Operation:Heroes
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