Tactical Rabbit Investigates Possible T-Mobile / Sprint Merger

Tactical Rabbit Investigates Possible T-Mobile / Sprint Merger

With news of a possible merger between T-Mobile and Sprint coming to light,
Tactical Rabbit, Wall Street's Private CIA, weighs in.

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa., June 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Tactical
Rabbit CEO Everett Stern is paying careful attention to the possible merger
between T-Mobile and Sprint. According to a report by Reuters on June 20,
2014, Sprint and T-Mobile appear to be close to a deal valued at over $40

"Tactical Rabbit has launched an intelligence operation, which allows us to
profile many of the DOJ and merger decision makers," said CEO Everett Stern.
Commenting in on the merger, Stern stated, "I don't believe that the
Department of Justice will approve the deal."

According to Reuters, "the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and
Department of Justice (DOJ) have expressed a desire to have at least two more
network operators competing against the market leaders AT&T and Verizon."

"The government would not allow for a foreign controlled spectrum, nor will
they allow for less competition in a market that's already lacking in
competitors," states Stern.

According to The Daily Ticker on June 9, 2014, antitrust experts say that even
if the companies can agree to a deal, there will be antitrust hurdles to deal
with. Henry First, a law professor at New York University and an antitrust
expert cited in the article, states "In an industry this concentrated,
normally going from four to three will not make it more competitive. The
incentives are to be more cooperative than competitive."

The Daily Ticker continues, "That was the rational when regulators blocked
AT&T from acquiring T-Mobile in 2011. In wireless, where plans are national in
scope and prices are public, it's all too easy for three big players to
coordinate and keep prices in line, not to mention minimizing capital spending
to improve network quality."

"Some people might call this a hurdle, but we believe it's more of a wall. I
do not think, based on our investigation combined with prior rulings from the
government, that this merger will go through," says Stern.

Stern was featured in Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail, Matt Taibbi's
blistering expose of HSBC's role in facilitating money laundering and
international terrorism. HSBC forfeited $1.9 billion in a deferred prosecution
agreement with the Justice Department. Stern was hired by HSBC to work in
their expanded anti-money laundering program, but he became disillusioned when
his supervisors refused to investigate questionable transactions or gave
employees performance standards seemingly designed to thwart adequate inquiry.

"I witnessed firsthand what happens when major institutions settle for acting
based on poor intelligence. The action I took to protect the United States
resulted in losing almost every dime I had and all of my material possessions.
But I did not let that stop me, and it helped me find my real mission:
exposing the threats to our country and to our citizens," Stern said. "I took
what little money I had left and founded Tactical Rabbit: the REAL due
diligence and intelligence firm. Unlike my competition, I assembled a team of
real professionals -- former: U.S. special forces, CIA field operation
officers, FBI special agents, and financial/business experts – unafraid to get
their hands dirty."

Tactical Rabbit provides superior quality business intelligence, so client
firms act using the most reliable information available. They provide clients
in law, finance, and insurance with the following services:

  *Enhanced due diligence
  *Investment Research
  *Intelligence Collection

To see the range and sophistication of Tactical Rabbit's successful
operations, visit their Operational Examples page. Contact Everett Stern via
the submission form at http://www.TacticalRabbit.com

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