Prosensa Awarded $200,000 Research Grant from PPMD

Prosensa Awarded $200,000 Research Grant from PPMD

Leiden, The Netherlands, June 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prosensa Holding
N.V. (NASDAQ: RNA), the Dutch biopharmaceutical company focusing on
RNA-modulating therapeutics for rare diseases with high unmet need, today
announced that Dr. Judith van Deutekom, Prosensa's Vice President of Drug
Discovery, has been awarded a $200,000 research grant from Parent Project
Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD), the largest non-profit organization in the United
States focused on finding a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), to
fund the development of a multi exon-skipping strategy for exons 10-30 of the
dystrophin gene.

The project titled "Single AON-induced multiple exon skipping in the mdx mouse
model" will focus on obtaining proof-of-concept in the mdx mouse model. The
studies are expected to be completed in the second half of 2015. 

"We are delighted with PPMD's funding of our project that aims at the
pre-clinical development of single antisense oligonucleotides capable of
inducing multiple exon skipping in the exon 10 to 30 region of the DMD gene,"
commented Dr. van Deutekom. "This would apply to DMD patients with more rare
mutations upstream of the deletion hot spot (exons 45-55), which could address
up to 13% of DMD patients."

"Recognizing the need to bring this promising technology to as many with
Duchenne as possible, in August 2013 we announced a request for applications
focused on the development of antisense oligonucleotides for mutations in the
dystrophin gene that were not already in clinical development. Our Scientific
Advisory Committee, composed of leading experts in the field, selected the
proposal from Prosensa as one of the applications to be funded," said Sharon
Hesterlee, PPMD's Vice President of Research. "We very much look forward to
working with Prosensa to support important clinical research initiatives that
could have a significant impact on the health and lives of young boys
diagnosed with this rare and devastating genetic disease," she added.

About Prosensa Holding N.V.

Prosensa (NASDAQ: RNA) is a Dutch biotechnology company engaged in the
discovery and development of RNA-modulating therapeutics for the treatment of
genetic disorders. Its primary focus is on rare neuromuscular and
neurodegenerative disorders with a large unmet medical need, including
Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Myotonic dystrophy and Huntington's

About DMD

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a severely debilitating childhood
neuromuscular disease that affects up to 1 in 3,500 live male births. This
rare disease is caused by mutations in the dystrophin gene, resulting in the
absence or defect of the dystrophin protein. As a result, patients suffer from
progressive loss of muscle strength, often rendering them wheelchair-bound
before the age of 12. Respiratory and cardiac muscle can also be affected by
the disease and most patients die in early adulthood due to respiratory and
cardiac failure.

About exon skipping

The dystrophin gene is the largest gene in the body, consisting of 79 exons.
Exons are small segments of genetic code which, via an intermediate step
involving RNA, lead to the assembly of sections of protein. In DMD, when
certain exons are mutated/deleted, the RNA cannot be processed past the fault.
This prevents the remainder of the exons from being read, resulting in a
non-functional dystrophin protein and the severe symptoms of DMD. RNA-based
therapeutics, specifically antisense oligonucleotides inducing exon skipping,
are currently in development for DMD. These antisense oligonucleotides skip an
exon next to, or containing, the fault and thereby correct the RNA processing,
enabling the production of a novel, largely functional dystrophin protein.
Prosensa's exon skipping technology was licensed from Leiden University
Medical Center.

About PPMD

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) is a not-for-profit organization
founded in 1994 by parents of children with Duchenne and Becker muscular
dystrophy. The organization's mission is to improve the treatment, quality of
life and long-term outlook for all individuals affected by Duchenne muscular
dystrophy through research, advocacy, education and compassion. Only this
comprehensive approach will lead to the day that 100% of those diagnosed can
turn to a treatment that will end Duchenne. PPMD is headquartered in
Middletown, Ohio with offices in Fort Lee, New Jersey. For more information,

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