Eurotech Teams With AppliedMicro and NVIDIA to Develop New HPC System Architecture

Eurotech Teams With AppliedMicro and NVIDIA to Develop New HPC System

LEIPZIG, Germany, June 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eurotech, a leading
provider of embedded and supercomputing technologies, has teamed up with
Applied MicroCircuits Corporation (Nasdaq:AMCC) and NVIDIA to develop a new,
original high performance computing (HPC) system architecture that combines
extreme density and best-in-class energy efficiency. The new architecture is
based on an innovative highly modular and scalable packaging concept.

Eurotech, which has years of significant experience in designing and
manufacturing original HPC systems, has successfully developed an HPC systems
architecture that optimizes the benefits of greater density, as well as the
energy efficiency of ARM processors and high-performance GPU accelerators.

For this development, Eurotech partnered with AppliedMicro, a California-based
data center semiconductor company, utilizing X-GeneTM, the world's first ARMv8
64-bit-based Server on a Chip Solution. Eurotech has paired X-Gene with NVIDIA
Tesla GPU accelerators to efficiently deliver high performance for demanding
HPC workloads.

"We are excited and proud of this new development we have undertaken with
AppliedMicro and NVIDIA," said Giampietro Tecchiolli, Eurotech CTO. "The new
architecture we have developed is highly optimized for High Performance
Computing applications and delivers amazing density and energy efficiency. We
expect to introduce products based on this revolutionary architecture in the
very near future."

"Today's announcement validates the performance of X-Gene's robust, 64-bit
sever-class processor cores and highlights the power efficiency and density
enabled by X-Gene's wide memory bandwidth and high speed I/O integrated onto a
single piece of silicon," said Gaurav Singh, Vice President of Technology
Strategy at AppliedMicro. "We are excited to collaborate with Eurotech and
NVIDIA to commercialize this innovative, high performance platform."

"GPUs provide the processing power and development ecosystem that will enable
Eurotech and other ARM solution providers to deliver a new class of innovative
computing solutions for HPC workloads," said Ian Buck, vice president of
Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. "The availability of GPU-accelerated 64-bit
ARM systems is the year's most important development in HPC."

Systems leveraging the new architecture can have a novel form factor that
enables an innovative way of packaging electronics and water cooling, leaving
no space unutilized and boasting an impressive computational density, with a
peak performance of 1 PFlop/s in one square meter.

The new system exploits the latest generation of the Eurotech's patented
direct hot liquid cooling, which allows "free cooling" even in the warmest
climates on earth and features the best PUE in the industry.

About Eurotech

Eurotechis a global company based in Italy and with subsidiaries in Europe,
North America and Asia. The Eurotech Group develops and markets miniaturized
computers for special uses (NanoPCs) and computers featuring high computing
capacity (HPCs – High Performance Computers). The Eurotech HPC division has
more than 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing HPC systems,
with a commitment to continuous innovation through R&D nurtured in house and
in collaboration with the most important research centres in Europe. Eurotech
HPC designs and delivers solutions that help customers to maximize results
while minimizing time to market and TCO. Learn more about Eurotech at

About AppliedMicro

AppliedMicro Circuits Corporation is a global leader in computing and
connectivity solutions for next- generation cloud infrastructure and data
centers. AppliedMicro delivers silicon solutions that dramatically lower total
cost of ownership. Corporate headquarters are located in Sunnyvale,

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