Semuttran Pilot Tests BYD Pure Electric Bus in Piracicaba, Brazil

  Semuttran Pilot Tests BYD Pure Electric Bus in Piracicaba, Brazil

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PIRACICABA, Brazil -- June 9, 2014

Brazilian Transit Operator Via Agile and Piracicaba’s Transit Authority
Semuttran have started pilot testing with a pure-electric transit bus from BYD
Company Ltd. The purpose of the evaluation is to find ways to reduce
transportation costs and unnecessary emissions in and around the city of

With the rising cost of diesel fuel in Brazil, Semuttran currently has an
average operational fuel cost of R$0.90/km (~$0.61 USD/mile)on their diesel
fueled transit fleet. Their fleet travels 93,500 km (57.6 K miles) annually,
so the BYD Pure Electric bus would save them R$60,775 (~$26,423 USD) each year
in fuel (electricity for the eBus is R$0.25/kmor ~$0.18 USD/mile). These
savings are necessary for operators as many cities in Brazil are attempting to
expand their transportation footprint to meet growing demand. "Pilot tests
have been very positive – if technical and commercial performance fulfills
requirements for the system in Piracicaba, the City will foster the use of
electrical buses,” said Jorge Akira, secretary of Semuttran. “So far, all
reports from the bus drivers have been positive. There is not much difference
from a normal bus when driving, since steering, pedals and dashboards are
similar,” said Alcides Ferreira, a driver who has been working for Piracicaba
transit companies for 17 years.

BYD’s pure-electric bus employs many advanced technologies developed in-house
by BYD’s staff of more than 15,000 engineers, such as the advanced,
environmentally friendly Iron-Phosphate (or “Fe”) batteries, in-wheel hub
motors and regenerative braking systems. The break-through Iron-Phosphate
battery is fire-safe and non-toxic: there are no caustic materials contained
in the battery, no toxic electrolytes or heavy metals and can be completely
recycled. The BYD electric bus delivers a host of operational and
environmental benefits for public transport riders, operators and people in
the community – it is very quiet and ensures a comfortable ride without
vibrations, jerks or noise associated with the conventional buses and
combustion engines. The bus can also drive for more than 155 miles, even in
heavy city traffic, on a single charge. The bus has completed more than 16
million miles of “in revenue service” and has been evaluated in many major
cities all over the world.

About Semuttran

The Secretariat of Traffic and Transport (SEMUTTRAN) was created in the
Municipality of Piracicaba, Brazil, in April 1993 and is linked directly to
the Chief Municipal Executive. The Secretariat's main objective is the
management of traffic and transport of Piracicaba, planning, organizing, and
overseeing transit and provision of public passenger transport services. For
more information, please visit

About BYD

BYD Company Ltd. is one of China’s largest companies to have successfully
expanded globally. Specializing in battery technologies, their green mission
to “solve the whole problem” has made them industry pioneers and leaders in
several High-tech sectors including High-efficiency Automobiles, Electrified
Public Transportation, Environmentally Friendly Energy Storage, Affordable
Solar Power and Information Technology and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

As the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, their mission
to create safer and more environmentally friendly battery technologies has led
to the development of the BYD Iron-Phosphate (or "Fe") battery. This
fire-safe, completely recyclable and incredibly long-cycle technology has
become the core of their clean energy platform that has expanded into
automobiles, buses, trucks, utility vehicles and energy storage facilities.
BYD and all of their shareholders, including the great American Investor
Warren Buffett, see these environmentally and economically forward products as
the way of the future.

BYD has made a strong entrance to the North, Central and South American
markets with their battery electric buses, and lineup of automobiles. Their
mission lies not just in sales growth, but also in sociological integration
and local job creation as they have poured incredible investments into
developing offices, dealerships and manufacturing facilities in the local
communities they now call home, truly a first for Chinese companies. For more
information, please visit or


Semuttran Contact:
Jorge Akira Kobayaski, +55(19)3401-1111
BYD Contact:
Micheal Austin, 1(800) BYD-AUTO
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