Genmab Announces DuoBody and HexaBody Platform Collaboration With Undisclosed Biotechnology Company

Genmab Announces DuoBody and HexaBody Platform Collaboration With Undisclosed
Biotechnology Company

Company Announcement

  *Research collaboration with an undisclosed large Biotechnology company for
    DuoBody^(R) and HexaBody^TM technology platforms
  *Genmab's first HexaBody collaboration

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, June 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Genmab A/S
(Copenhagen:GEN), together with its subsidiary, Genmab B.V., announced today a
research collaboration with an undisclosed Biotechnology company which would
use and evaluate Genmab's proprietary antibody technologies, the DuoBody and
HexaBody platforms. 

"We are enthusiastic to enter our first research collaboration for the
HexaBody technology which was unveiled just over a year ago. This exciting
technology has the potential to enhance antibody efficacy in a fundamentally
new way. We are also very pleased to enter another DuoBody platform
collaboration and we look forward to exploring the therapeutic potential of
products incorporating the HexaBody and DuoBody technologies with this major
Biotechnology company," said Jan van de Winkel, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer
of Genmab.

The financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. This agreement
will not have a material impact on Genmab's financial results and cash

About the DuoBody Platform

The DuoBody platform is an innovative platform for the discovery and
development of bispecific antibodies that may improve antibody therapy of
cancer, autoimmune, infectious and central nervous system disease. Bispecific
antibodies bind to two different epitopes either on the same, or on different
targets (also known as dual-targeting) which may improve the antibodies'
specificity and efficacy in inactivating the disease targets. DuoBody
molecules are unique in combining the benefits of bispecificity with the
strengths of conventional antibodies which allows DuoBody molecules to be
administered and dosed as other antibody therapeutics. Genmab's DuoBody
platform generates bispecific antibodies via a fast and broadly applicable
process which is easily performed at standard bench, as well as commercial,
manufacturing scale.

About HexaBody technology

HexaBody technology, a broadly applicable antibody platform from Genmab,
allows for the creation of potent therapeutics by inducing antibody hexamer
formation (clusters of six antibodies). The HexaBody platform builds on
natural antibody biology and enhances complement-mediated killing
(complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC)), allowing antibodies with limited or
absent CDC to be transformed into potent cytotoxic antibodies. The HexaBody
technology creates opportunities to explore new product candidates, to
repurpose drug candidates unsuccessful in previous clinical trials due to
insufficient potency and may provide a useful strategy in product life cycle
extension. The HexaBody technology can be directed to any antigen or target,
including those implicated in cancer and infectious diseases. The HexaBody
technology can be combined with Genmab's DuoBodyplatform as well as other
antibody technologies.

About Genmab A/S

Genmab is a publicly traded, international biotechnology company specializing
in the creation and development of differentiated human antibody therapeutics
for the treatment of cancer. Founded in 1999, the company currently has one
marketed antibody, Arzerra^(R) (ofatumumab) for the treatment of certain
chronic lymphocytic leukemia indications, a clinical pipeline with both late
and early stage programs, and an innovative preclinical pipeline. Genmab's
technology base consists of validated and proprietary next generation antibody
technologies - the DuoBody platform for generation of bispecific antibodies,
and the HexaBody platform which creates effector function enhanced
antibodies. Genmab's deep antibody expertise is expected to provide a stream
of future product candidates. Partnering of selected innovative product
candidates and technologies is a key focus of Genmab's strategy and the
company has alliances with top tier pharmaceutical and biotechnology
companies. For more information visit


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