Renesas Electronics Announces New USB Power Delivery Controller that Implements USB Power Supply for Notebook PCs

  Renesas Electronics Announces New USB Power Delivery Controller that
  Implements USB Power Supply for Notebook PCs

  Enables Up to 100W Power Supply over a USB Interface for Industrial, Home
                      Appliance, and OA/ICT Applications


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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- June 2, 2014

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier supplier of advanced
semiconductor solutions, today announced its new Universal Serial Bus (USB)
Power Delivery (PD) controller (part number µPD720250) that is based on the
USB PD Specification to deliver up to 100W (5 A at 20 V) power over a USB PD
cable. Renesas will exhibit its new USB PD controller at Computex Taipei from
June 3 to June 7, 2014 at booth # N0608, 4th floor of the Nangang exhibition
hall in Taipei, Taiwan.

By combining the new USB PD controller with an optimal power supply circuit,
designers will be able to rapidly implement USB-based solutions that provide
higher power to notebook PCs and also can reduce the battery charging time for
smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, by standardizing the AC adapters
provided with notebook PCs and other equipment, both development costs and
design challenges can be reduced.

Smartphones and tablet PCs are demanding increasingly larger power supplies.
To address this market need, the USB PD Specification was developed by the USB
3.0 Promoter Group in 2012 to allow equipment with large power requirements,
such as notebook PCs, to be powered over a USB connection. In the USB PD
Specification, the connected equipment can mutually negotiate power supply
capacities and requirements and then, after safety has been verified, the USB
circuits can control the power supply up to 100 W; up from the previous 7.5 W
level. The newer 100W power supply adequately supports high-power consumption
equipment and significantly reduces battery charging times.

Furthermore, the earlier USB power supply was limited to unidirectional supply
from host/hub equipment to peripheral equipment; in the USB PD Specification,
the power supply is bidirectional and power can be sent in either direction.
This is expected to allow the creation of new applications. For example, at
the same time as video is being outputted on a large-size monitor over a USB
connection from a notebook PC, the USB PD Specification will allow the
large-size monitor, which is powered from the AC power mains, to supply power
to the notebook PC, which is being operated on battery power.

Key features of the new USB PD controller:

(1) Based on the USB PD Specification
The µPD720250 USB PD controller is based on the USB PD Specification and in
addition to supporting both the power supply and the power receiving sides of
a USB connection, can flexibly support either role depending on the actual
conditions of operation.

(2) Provision of optimal solutions for all types of system
The µPD720250 device is capable of control over an SMBus (Note 1) and can be
easily incorporated into tablets and notebook PCs. It also provides flexible
support for external ROM firmware and can thus implement optimal systems for
both the power supply and power receiving sides. Furthermore, Renesas plans to
provide powerful support for system development by offering solution kits that
include both boards and software for all types of system.

(3) Low-power consumption to support Energy Star (Note 2) and the EuP
Directive (Note 3)
The µPD720250 device takes advantage of Renesas' low-power technologies for
reductions of both standby and operating power consumption and is appropriate
for the Energy Star and the EuP Directive.

(4) Built-in regulator and compact package
The µPD720250 device includes an integrated 1.0 V regulator and can operate
from a single 3.3 V power supply. It is provided in a compact package and
enables lower costs and miniaturization in system construction.

(Note 1) SMBus:
A serial interface specification for connecting the various components within
a personal computer and transmitting the information necessary for power
supply management.

(Note 2) Energy Star:
An environmental labeling system for energy-saving electrical equipment
products promoted by the United States and operated in Japan, Australia,
Canada, the EU, and other countries and areas.

(Note 3) EuP Directive:
A European Union environment system that aims at evaluating the environmental
burden over the whole product life cycle and reducing that burden.

Leadership in USB

As a member of the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) since 1996, Renesas
(formerly NEC Electronics) has played a leading role both in defining USB
standards and developing USB technology. In April 2000, the company (then NEC
Electronics) launched the world's first USB 2.0-compliant host controller chip
(uPD720100), the world's first USB 2.0-compliant hub controller chip
(uPD720110) and an extensive lineup of other USB devices. Renesas has earned a
reputation for delivering dedicated customer service and high quality. In May
2009, Renesas (then NEC Electronics) introduced the industry's first USB 3.0
xHCI host controller (uPD720200) and earned the first “Certified SuperSpeed
USB (USB 3.0)” certification from the USB-IF. With the robust and compliant
design of uPD720200, Renesas contributed to the USB-IF certification tests,
providing the organization with a host controller product as the platform for
other USB 3.0 peripheral devices to perform interoperability testing.


Samples of Renesas Electronics' µPD720250 will be available in July 2014.
(Availability is subject to change without notice.)

About Renesas Electronics America Inc.

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advanced semiconductor solutions including microcontrollers, SoC solutions,
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