Canadians deserve a new approach to health policy on tobacco - Imperial Tobacco Canada invites governments to adopt a progressi

Canadians deserve a new approach to health policy on tobacco - Imperial 
Tobacco Canada invites governments to adopt a progressive approach to public 
health policy 
MONTREAL, May 29, 2014 /CNW Telbec/ - On World No Tobacco Day 2014 (May 31), 
Imperial Tobacco Canada calls on Health Canada and government across the 
country to adopt a policy of tobacco harm reduction as a more progressive 
approach to tobacco regulation. 
Over the past decade governments have implemented various tobacco control 
measures with the objective of reducing consumption.  Even with a growing 
number or regulations - some, such as taxation, that have become extreme and 
counterproductive - a certain percentage of the adult population continues to 
choose to smoke. 
"The reality is that there will always be a number of adults who make a 
conscious decision to smoke despite the health risks," said Marie Polet, 
President and CEO of Imperial Tobacco Canada. "Today, the Canadian tobacco 
landscape is vastly different from that of a decade ago and we believe it's 
time for a new progressive approach to be considered by governments looking to 
reduce tobacco consumption. One such solution is to offer adult smokers a 
choice of substantially less risky products such as e-cigarettes." 
Despite the already highly regulated tobacco environment, a small but vocal 
group of extremists refuse to acknowledge that tobacco remains a legal 
product, and refuse to evolve from the 'all or nothing' approach of the past; 
an approach that is outdated, irresponsible, and has unintended consequences. 
"If governments, and health groups, truly have public health as their 
objective, they will look to innovative and progressive ways to reduce tobacco 
use," continued Polet. "The concept of 'Tobacco Harm Reduction' offers a 
viable approach. For this to work, governments and the public health community 
need to embrace this concept and the products that support it." 
Many arguments currently being made by the scientific community, the industry, 
and public health campaigners demonstrate the need for policy makers to 
carefully consider the benefits of tobacco harm reduction and give it their 
full support. 
"We believe that tobacco harm reduction provides a promising public health 
policy direction," concluded Ms. Polet. "The current path of heavy-handed 
regulations and excessive taxation has many unintended consequences such as 
contraband, government lost tax revenue, as well as increasing harassment on 
the segment of the adult population that wishes to retain its right to smoke. 
It is time for government to look at new options, tobacco harm reduction in 
particular. We believe we should be a part of this discussion, and we welcome 
the opportunity to collaborate on making this policy a reality." 
British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco Canada's parent company, invests 
approximately $350 million per year in research and development which is 
enabling it to develop an expanding range of alternative tobacco and nicotine 
products that strike a balance between harm reduction, regulations and the 
legitimate needs of educated adult consumers.

SOURCE  Imperial Tobacco Canada 
Sebastien Dolan, Spokesperson, 514-932-6161 ext: 2222, 
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