Cascade Microtech Announces MeasureOne, a Best-of-Breed Solutions Program to Enable Faster Time to Market

Cascade Microtech Announces MeasureOne, a Best-of-Breed Solutions Program to 
Enable Faster Time to Market 
Dominion MicroProbes Inc. to Become First MeasureOne Solutions
BEAVERTON, OR -- (Marketwired) -- 05/29/14 --  Cascade Microtech,
Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCD), a leading supplier of solutions that enable
precision measurements of integrated circuits at the wafer level,
today announced MeasureOne(TM), a framework for collaboration with
best-of-breed partners to offer test and measurement solutions with
validated performance. MeasureOne collaborations assure customers
will have access to expertise enabling characterized test and
measurement performance, uptime and service to achieve accelerated
time to market through faster time to first measurement. 
MeasureOne provides a framework under which Cascade Microtech joins
forces with carefully selected leaders in measurement technologies to
solve the problems that customers face when confronted with the
"whole problem" of making systems work together. Whether a customer
is searching for equipment to enable new measurements at the wafer,
or seeking to integrate the components of a new measurement solution,
MeasureOne provides the assurance the customer needs with respect to
performance, ease of use, and serviceability.  
"A key area of focus for Cascade Microtech has been the introduction
of products and solutions to benefit customers who have been
purchasing hardware and software from disparate vendors," said
Michael Burger, president and CEO of Cascade Microtech. "We recognize
that customers want best-of-breed solutions, but often integration
and service of such solutions from multiple vendors is difficult to
achieve. Cascade Microtech advocates for holistic solutions to
customers' measurement problems, and helps them achieve that critical
time to first measurement."  
Under the MeasureOne collaboration with Dominion MicroProbes Inc.,
DMPI will provide millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength on-wafer
ground-signal-ground probes and associated components for electrical
measurement of devices and materials with frequencies up to 1.1 THz.
This will enable customers involved in imaging, astronomy and
high-speed communications to extend the capabilities of their Cascade
Microtech systems. Cascade Microtech will provide the single source
of contact for the installation and integration of probes from DMPI.  
"We are delighted to embark on this new venture as Cascade
Microtech's first MeasureOne solutions partner," said Dr. Scott
Barker, CEO, Dominion MicroProbes. "Our expertise in sub-mmW probes
with low-insertion loss coupling to the DUT and DC biasing of probed
circuits is unique in the industry. Our products will extend the
technological solution set for customers and are the perfect
complement to Cascade Microtech's probe solutions, particularly as
customers begin operating in the THz frequency ranges."  
"We are collaborating with partners on a variety of different levels.
We are working closely with technology and product suppliers, OEMs,
instrument suppliers and VARS to create validated offerings and
solutions," said Burger. "MeasureOne partners contribute their
'know-how' so that customers benefit from a true knowledge transfer.
MeasureOne customers benefit by having the confidence in knowing
leaders of their respective industries are collaborating on their
behalf to achieve faster time to first measurement." 
Additional MeasureOne solutions will be announced later this quarter.
For detailed information and updates, visit 
About MeasureOne
 MeasureOne provides a single point of contact to
deliver the optimal customer solution for configuration,
installation, service and performance of application-specific
measurement solutions. The MeasureOne program is designed to address
applications including device modeling, load pull, WLR, emission
microscopy, THz measurements and pulsed RF. The MeasureOne framework
ensures that Cascade Microtech and its solutions partners will
provide hardware and software support as well as a portfolio of
service levels. The MeasureOne service levels include validated,
optimized and guaranteed solution configurations and performance, as
well as installation and support by our solutions experts. To find
out more about the MeasureOne program, visit 
About Dominion MicroProbes Inc.
 Dominion MicroProbes Inc. (DMPI)
designs, manufactures and sells millimeter and sub-millimeter
wavelength on-wafer ground-signal-ground probes and associated
components for electrical measurement of devices and materials. DMPI
was founded in 2011 by Professors Scott Barker, Arthur Lichtenberger
and Robert Weikle from the University of Virginia. For more
information about Dominion MicroProbes Inc., visit 
About Cascade Microtech, Inc. 
 Cascade Microtech, Inc. (NASDAQ:
CSCD) is a worldwide leader in precision contact, electrical
measurement and test of integrated circuits (ICs), optical devices
and other small structures. For technology businesses and scientific
institutions that need to evaluate small structures, Cascade
Microtech delivers access to electrical data from wafers, ICs, IC
packages, circuit boards and modules, MEMS, 3D TSV, LED devices and
more. Cascade Microtech's leading-edge stations, probes, probe cards,
advanced thermal subsystems and integrated systems deliver precision
accuracy and superior performance both in the lab and during
production manufacturing of high-speed and high-density semiconductor
chips. For more information visit 
Debbora Ahlgren
Cascade Microtech, Inc.
(503) 601-1829 
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