Vincotech Unveils Ultra Compact flow 0B Housing for Small Power Applications

  Vincotech Unveils Ultra Compact flow 0B Housing for Small Power Applications

 -- flow 0B enables heatsink mounting with a single screw for cost-effective,
                           space-saving designs --

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UNTERHACHING, Germany -- May 20, 2014

Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, has
released the new flow 0B housing sized for small power applications. The
flowCIP 0B with a PIM + PFC topology and flowPACK 0B with a six-pack topology
are the first two lines to feature this new housing.

The flow 0B is a smaller version of the flow0 housing, a popular product that
has proven its merits in countless applications. This compact alternative is
designed to meet the demands of smaller power embedded drives, frequency
inverters, solar applications and switching mode power supplies. It is another
step forward towards small power applications, which today are largely the
domain of discrete components. The flow 0B housing brings the benefits of
speed and flexibility in design to the discrete world, alongside miniaturizing
capability, low stray inductance and efficiency-enhancing features. Assembly
is an exercise in convenience: A single screw is all it takes to mount this
innovative new housing to the heatsink. The mounting bridge works like a
clamp, applying considerable pressure to the DCB and heatsink.

The new housing has the same benefits like all Vincotech flow modules. These
are free pin positioning, a stress-relieved for pins, optional Press-fit pins
or pre-applied phase-change material. NTC, shunt resistors or capacitors can
be directly mounted into the module.

The first of the two debut topologies in the flow 0B housing consists of a PIM
+ PFC and is called flowCIP 0B. Equipped with a single-phase input rectifier,
a PFC booster and a three-phase inverter, it uses high-speed 650 V IGBTs for
the PFC. A DC capacitor and an NTC are integrated. The flowCIP0B module rated
for the highest current features a PFC circuit based on a nominal chip current
of 15 A and an inverter section equipped with 10 A components.

Smaller versions are also available to cover a wide power range. Samples and
datasheets are available on request. Serial production is slated to commence
in the second half of 2014.

The other topology is called flowPACK 0B. This standard inverter topology with
6 IGBTs and freewheeling diodes is available with 1200 V and 600 V ratings.
The 600 V variant covers currents ranging from 6 A to 30 A; the 1200 V variant
comes with currents ratings between 4 A and 15 A.

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