AREVA: Hydrogen Energy Storage: Power Ramp-up at the MYRTE Test Platform

  AREVA: Hydrogen Energy Storage: Power Ramp-up at the MYRTE Test Platform

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PARIS -- May 15, 2014

Regulatory News:

The Greenergy Box™, an energy storage and management system developed by AREVA
(Paris:AREVA), has been installed at the MYRTE test platform at the University
of Corsica’s Vignola site in Ajaccio Corsica. It enhances the existing
installation, which has been in operation since early 2013, and increases the
grid output from the energy stored in hydrogen to 150 kW, strengthening the
quality and reliability of grid operations.

Jointly developed by AREVA, the Environmental Sciences Laboratory of the
University of Corsica Pascal Paoli/CNRS, and the CEA, the project is certified
by the Capenergies competitiveness cluster and is co-funded by the government
of Corsica, the French State and the European Union.

Since January 2012, the MYRTE platform has connected photovoltaic solar
panels, with an output of 560 kW, to a hydrogen-based storage system. By
joining the power grid, this provides a solution to the problem of
intermittency and makes it one of the rare installations in the world with
this type of coupling.

Composed of an electrolyzer and a fuel cell, the Greenergy Box™ increases the
potential storage of the electricity produced. The new system also offers
greater flexibility for grid operations and gives the research teams at the
University of Corsica, in association with the CNRS and the CEA, the
opportunity to plan and test various energy management scenarios.

Mr. Paul-Marie Romani, president of the University of Corsica and Chairman of
the MYRTE scientific interest grouping congratulated "this installation which
is a new step forward for Corsica in the development of scientific activities
devoted to energy issues.”

Mrs. Florence Lambert, director of CEA-LITEN and leader of the New Industrial
France recovery plan devoted to energy storage,^1 said: “This new installation
provides actors in the France hydrogen industry with a platform that increases
the potential for the development of innovative technological solutions that
can meet the challenges of the energy transition.”

Mr. Jérôme Gosset, executive vice-president of AREVA’s Energy Storage
business, added “Boosting the storage potential of the MYRTE platform
demonstrates the high added value of the solution developed by AREVA to
increase the security of the Corsican power grid.”

                                 About AREVA

AREVA is a world leader in nuclear power. The group’s offer to utilities
covers every stage of the nuclear fuel cycle, reactor design and construction,
and operating services. Its expertise and uncompromising dedication to safety
make it a leading industry player.

AREVA also invests in renewable energies to develop, via partnerships, high
technology solutions.

Through the complementary nature of nuclear and renewables, AREVA’s 45,000
employees contribute to building tomorrow’s energy model: supplying the
greatest number of people with energy that is safer and with less CO2.

About the CEA

As one of the leaders in research, development and innovation in Europe,the
CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission)is active in
four main areas: low-carbon energies, defense and security, information
technologies and health technologies. In each of these fields, the CEA
maintains a cross-disciplinary culture of engineers and researchers, building
on the synergies between fundamental and technological research.

About the University of Corsica

The University of Corsica, initiator of the project, is an educational and
research public institution. Since many years, one part of these research
activities concerns the field of renewable energies and energy systems. The
platform MYRTE is part of the project "Renewable Energies" of the Joint
Research Unit "Science for Environment" University of Corsica / CNRS and
includes ten professors, assistant professors, engineers and technicians. In
this context, the University of Corsica, in coordination with the other
partners, elaborates the scientific program. It provides the management and
the coordination of the project. The University of Corsica designs and
realizes the photovoltaic plant, the global management system that provides
global management of all the energy flows and the security functions. The
University of Corsica has implemented the infrastructure of the platform and
is operates the overall installation.

About the CNRS

Founded in 1939, the French national center for scientific research is a
public research institution. It produces knowledge and makes it available to
serve society. With more than 34,000 employees, distribution throughout
France, CNRS produces science in all fields of knowledge, relying on its 1100
research and service units. Many eminent researchers have worked, at some
point in their career, in CNRS research labs. With 19 Nobel laureates and 11
Fields prize winners, CNRS has a long tradition of excellence. CNRS also
demonstrates its openness to partnerships, notably industrial, with its 4521
main patents (late 2012), 959 active licenses (late 2012) and 704 innovative
enterprises created since 2000.

^1 “Battery Life and Power”, New Industrial France: 34 recovery plans


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