Adobe Analytics Expands Market Lead With Advanced Capabilities

  Adobe Analytics Expands Market Lead With Advanced Capabilities  New Predictive Analytics Capabilities and Live Stream (Real-time Event Firehose) Help Marketers Reach High-Value Audiences  Adobe Summit EMEA 2014  Business Wire  LONDON -- May 14, 2014  Adobe Summit EMEA, The Digital Marketing Conference — Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced powerful new capabilities for Adobe Analytics, the data and analytics backbone of Adobe Marketing Cloud, that will help marketers make precise, data-driven decisions to drive return on marketing spend. Having today been named a leader with the strongest position in The Forrester Wave™: Web Analytics Q2, 2014 Report, Adobe Analytics now extends its market lead with live stream (real-time event firehose), predictive marketing decision trees, new mobile app analytics and Apple iBeacon support.  “The Adobe Marketing Cloud is the most integrated set of marketing solutions, and it all centers on industry-leading analytics that is second to none,” said Bill Ingram, vice president of Adobe Social and Adobe Analytics, Adobe. “Today’s news takes the power of Adobe Analytics to a new level, with predictivecapabilities and mobile functionality that ensure marketers can maximize both impact and revenue.”  New Adobe Analytics functionality includes:    *Live stream – Marketers now have access to the full stream of live event     data feeding into Adobe Analytics, including real-time data from Adobe     Target, Adobe Social, and Adobe Media Optimizer. Live stream will enable     marketers to leverage real-time dashboards displaying events as they     unfold, in-session remarketing to help when consumers appear stuck in a     browsing session, and instant traffic visualizations from a specific     channel or referral site. Adobe Analytics Premium customers can take     advantage of live stream immediately without any implementation changes.   *Predictive analytics – Using new decision trees in Adobe Analytics,      marketers can now predict the most likely decisions a customer will make     and influence whether they will buy a product or service, watch a video,     or take another desired action. Traits such as geography, gender and     purchase history are factored into predicting a customer’s digital     journey. Using real-time data visualization, marketers can then     personalize live offers to reach their customers with the right     information at the right time. Decision trees will enable marketers to     create intelligent rules for website targeting and email offers, and to     assist call center agents to personalize customer conversations as they     are happening.   *Unified segment builder – Marketers can now quickly discover, create,     preview and manage high-value audience segments through the new,     sophisticated segment builder. Audience segments are easily created by     dragging and dropping key variables, such as gender, region, average order     value, and more. Once created, these audience segments can be shared     across solutions through Master Marketing Profile, a core service of Adobe     Marketing Cloud, and enable marketers to tailor their campaigns across     multiple workflows.   *Mobile app analytics – Marketers can now tie successful mobile app     downloads to campaigns and attribute actions taken in the app to measure     the success of the campaign. This could include information on how users     get started using the app, user engagement while in the app, how users     share app content via social media, and product purchases, providing deep     insights into the lifetime value of app users. Mobile app analytics     enables marketers to move their customers from mobile websites to     high-loyalty app experiences and attribute app usage activity to their     campaigns.   *Apple iBeacon support – Adobe is the first mobile provider to measure and     respond to user engagement in mobile apps connected to iBeacons in sports     stadiums, retail stores and other external venues. Analytics for Apple     iBeacon enables marketers to deliver personalized content or offers to     consumers on their mobile devices while they are shopping, browsing a     trade show floor, or otherwise moving through the environment connected to     iBeacons.  Customer Quotes    *“After a thorough review of the market, we chose Adobe Analytics to     satisfy our current and future analytics and optimization needs,” said     David Williams, head of customer intelligence, ASOS. “We needed a solution     that could scale globally with our business, improve productivity, and     offer out-of-the box integration with our key partners to deliver more     value from our existing investments. Adobe’s constant pace of innovation     continues to deliver value for our business, and live stream (the event     firehose) is the latest capability that opens up exciting opportunities     for how we engage with customers.”   *“The new segment builder in Adobe Analytics is enabling the kind of     flexibility that a company like Starwood needs to manage the millions of     customers that enjoy our 1,200 properties worldwide,” said Jen Yacenda,     associate director of digital analytics, Starwood Hotels. “We rely on     Adobe Analytics to help us better understand the online behaviors of our     guests and leverage critical insights to drive future interactions with     our customers.”  Availability  The new functionality in Adobe Analytics is expected to be available to customers in Spring 2014. Live stream and advanced analytics capabilities require a license for Adobe Analytics Premium.  Helpful Links    *Free copy of The Forrester Wave™: Web Analytics Q2, 2014 Report   *Adobe press release on The Forrester Wave: Web Analytics Report Results   *Link to five unique visualizations powered by “Adobe Analytics     live stream”   *Adobe Analytics on Twitter  About Adobe Analytics  Adobe Analytics is the award-winning analytics backbone of Adobe Marketing Cloud. It is the industry’s best-selling, and most advanced enterprise analytics solution, used by more than 140,000 marketers and analysts at the world’s largest brands to better understand their businesses by leveraging big data. Adobe Analytics measures nearly 7 trillion server calls each year.  About Adobe Marketing Cloud  Now there’s a place that puts everything digital marketers need in one spot. It’s called the Adobe Marketing Cloud. It includes a complete set of analytics, social, advertising, targeting, Weband appexperience management and cross-channel campaign management solutionsas well as core services and mobile capabilitiesthat bring together everything marketers need to know about their campaigns. So marketers can get from data to insights to action, faster and smarter than ever.  About Adobe Systems Incorporated  Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. For more information, visit  © 2014 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. Adobe and the Adobe logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available:  Multimedia Available:  Contact:  Adobe Systems Incorporated David Olsen, 385-345-1600 Amanda Sanchez, 385-345-2833