ADVA Optical Networking Launches Industry First with 100G Metro and Built-in Encryption

ADVA Optical Networking Launches Industry First with 100G Metro and Built-in

New Technology Delivers Most Secure Transport for Big Data Era

MARTINSRIED/MUNICH, Germany, May 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ADVA Optical
Networking today launched its new 100G Metro technology with built-in
on-the-fly encryption. Fully integrated into the ADVA FSP 3000, this is the
first solution available on the market capable of transporting 100Gbit/s data
rates with integrated line-side encryption. Designed specifically for users
who need to transport enormous amounts of data in the most secure way
possible, the ADVA 100G Metro with built-in encryption has already been
deployed by a number of enterprises and service providers. Based upon the
4x28G technology of the original ADVA 100G Metro, this new solution continues
to push the boundaries of 100Gbit/s connectivity services.

"The security of  data has  never been so  important; its  integrity never  so 
public. We're  living in  a new  era of  data awareness,"  said Uli  Schlegel, 
director, data center business development,  ADVA Optical Networking. "In  the 
wake of Heartbleed  and other data  security scares, businesses  are only  too 
aware of how vulnerable their mission-critical data is. How susceptible it  is 
to theft and malicious use. Data  security is now of paramount importance.  At 
the same time, the volume of data has never been so immense. Transporting  and 
protecting this  data requires  something  purpose built,  something  special. 
That's what sets  our 100G  Metro with built-in  encryption technology  apart. 
It's the  only product  on the  market capable  of securely  transporting  big 

Built upon Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a key size of 256 bits, the
ADVA 100G Metro with  built-in encryption features  a Diffie Hellmann  dynamic 
key exchange with over  60 exchanges per hour.  It provides encryption at  the 
lowest network layer  and is completely  agnostic to protocols  such as  Fibre 
Channel, InfiniBand and  Ethernet. It  also supports  a wide  variety of  data 
rates from 5Gbit/s,  to 10Gbit/s  to 40Gbit/s  and onto  100Gbit/s. To  ensure 
compatibility in point-to-point and  multi-hop infrastructures, the ADVA  100G 
Metro with built-in encryption uses  optical transport network (OTN)  framing. 
It also adds  very little latency  to the  transmission link -  less than  150 
nanoseconds -  compared to  our non-encrypted  version. This  stands in  stark 
contrast to higher  layer encryption technologies  that often add  significant 
overhead and multiply the latency of the data stream.

One of  the  most  unique  features  of the  ADVA  100G  Metro  with  built-in 
encryption is that it also encrypts the header and checksum of the signal, not
just the payload or select bytes in  the header. Every bit that enters one  of 
our client ports is encrypted.  This is one of  the most important aspects  to 
comprehensive data security. There are no snippets or breadcrumbs that  remain 
unencrypted, nothing that may be intercepted. What's more, with the ADVA  100G 
Metro with  built-in  encryption  it  is  possible  to  separate  network  and 
encryption management. This ensures extremely  granular control as to who  has 
access to  your  business'  encryption  management.  This  is  vital  for  any 
organizations that are leasing encrypted services and don't want their service
provider to be privy to their encrypted data.

"The introduction of our 100G Metro proved to be a defining moment in the  big 
data era. One that introduced 100Gbit/s data transport to a whole new market,"
commented Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA Optical Networking. "Cost, space  and 
power  consumption  have   long  been   defining  factors   for  data   center 
connectivity. Now a fourth one has joined the list of top criteria - security.
Businesses need to know that their data is intact and safe. They need to  know 
their data can withstand any attempts at network intrusion, any attempts to be
stolen. That's what our 100G Metro with built-in encryption does. It  provides 
businesses with the  most robust security  possible; it provides  them with  a 
genuine peace of  mind. With this  technology they can  focus purely on  their 
core business objectives and not the security of their data."

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