Report on State of Data Backup for SMBs Reveals Inadequate Data Backup Practices

Report on State of Data Backup for SMBs Reveals Inadequate Data Backup

Carbonite's Survey Data Released During National Small Business Week Shows Key
Insights Around Data Backup, Security and Recovery

BOSTON, May 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In conjunction with National Small
Business Week, Carbonite, Inc. (Nasdaq:CARB), a leading provider of hybrid
backup and recovery solutions for businesses, has released the 2014 Report on
the State of Data Backup for SMBs, which demonstrates how exposed small and
medium size businesses (SMB) are in relation to data protection, backup,
security and recovery.

The survey compiles responses from 500 IT professionals at companies in the
U.S. with fewer than 100 employees. Startling statistics show that 40 percent
of IT professionals who service small businesses believe it's likely their
companies would go out of business if they permanently lost all their files,
and 58 percent are not very prepared to experience any amount of data loss.

The 2014 Report on the State of Data Backup for SMBs highlights current
trends, observations, opinions and attitudes about the state of data backup
from the small business IT pro's point of view.

"While data protection may be top of mind for IT, this report demonstrates why
protecting data files should be a company-wide concern and policy," said David
Friend, co-founder and CEO at Carbonite. "Beyond just the financial impact of
data loss, most business owners don't realize how data loss can affect other
aspects of their business, including their employees. As part of National
Small Business Week, Carbonite urges businesses to consider making data
protection and backup plans a priority this year."

Five key takeaways for businesses emerged from the survey responses, which
should serve as a wakeup call to reprioritize how businesses protect their
data and its security:

  1. Data Is a Silent Killer to the Bottom Line

  Of the SMB IT pros surveyed, 62 percent had experienced the painful results
  of data loss and 33 perent of those reported profit loss as a result. The IT
  pros surveyed believe it would cost their companies an average of $468,610
  in lost revenue if they lost all their data files.

  2. The Non-Financial Impact of Data Loss

  Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of IT professionals surveyed had experienced
  some form of data loss in their careers. While 33 percent replied that a
  result had been profit loss and 32 percent cited a missed business
  opportunity, many also reported that data loss hurt employees. These
  negative impacts on employees included:

 -- Work/life balance of employees suffered (25 percent)
-- Office morale suffered (24 percent)
 -- The IT department became micro-managed (21 percent)
 -- Employees were fired or laid-off (15 percent)
 -- Employees quit (11 percent)

  3. Data Security Among SMBs

  It was evident from the survey results that IT professionals at SMBs are not
  overly concerned with outside forces exploiting vulnerabilities in their
  systems and stealing data. While 22 percent of those surveyed placed the
  likelihood of an outside threat at either "very" or "somewhat" likely, an
  overwhelming majority (78 percent) placed their concerns as only "somewhat
  unlikely" or "very unlikely."

  Some of these respondents, however, could be exposing themselves to
  additional risk by not encrypting their backup data. Only 54 percent of
  respondents said they encrypted more than half of their data files and 10
  percent do not encrypt any of their backup data, which is surprising
  considering today's escalating risks.

  4. Data Backup is Underutilized

  Daily backup is key to maintaining business operations, yet only a third of
  respondents (32 percent) said they had completed a backup that day. Nearly
  half of all respondents had backed up all of their business' documents and
  files within the past week, and 15 percent said their most recent backup is
  up to a month old.

  5. Backing Up Online and to the Cloud

  Not surprisingly, the survey showed that those who do back up electronically
  take full advantage of the technology and back up more of their company data
  than those using other methods. Nearly two-thirds said they back up anywhere
  from three-fourths to all of their documents and files and another 22
  percent back up between half and three-fourths. Only 15 percent of those who
  use electronic backup said they do so for less than half of their documents
  and files.

  When it comes to backing up data electronically, there still seems to be a
  difference of opinion as to how this should be done, but one area that does
  seem to be gaining in traction is in the cloud. A majority of those surveyed
  indicated that they have embraced the cloud as a destination of choice for
  off-site data backup. While this still lags behind the SMBs who back up to
  an external device, such as an external hard drive, NAS device or server (70
  percent), cloud use is more popular than off-site servers (37 percent) and
  flash drives (30 percent). However, nearly one-third of those surveyed said
  their organizations continue to back up data on employee computers or some
  other local means.

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