Patriot Berry Farms Provides Update on the Sale of Initial Harvest to Dole Berry Company LLC.

Patriot Berry Farms Provides Update on the Sale of Initial Harvest to Dole 
Berry Company LLC. 
ORLANDO, FL -- (Marketwired) -- 05/12/14 --  Morningstar Farm of
Patriot Berry Farms Inc. (OTCQB: PBFI) (herein after "Patriot Berry",
and/or "the Company") is pleased to announce that it continues to
sell all crops harvested to Dole Berry Company LLC. ("Dole"), a
subsidiary of Dole Food Company Inc., the world's largest marketer of
high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. In a move which signifies
growth, Patriot Berry also introduces its key senior advisory and
management professionals, who each have specific roles aimed at
driving Patriot Berry's goal of becoming a major operator within
America's Berry market.  
Morningstar Farm to Supply Dole Berry Company LLC. 
Patriot Berry's Morningstar Farm will be supplying Dole for the next
five consecutive years. The farm is looking to yield between 30,000 -
35,000 pounds a year over coming years. The contract with Dole is
valid from January 1, 2014 and ending on December 31, 2018 with
Patriot Berry Farms Inc. receiving payment 35 days after the final
As part of the agreement, Dole will endeavor to obtain the best
market price available for the type and quality of blueberries
delivered. Agreement listed as exhibit in recent PBFI 8-K. 
With the prices of 2014's fresh blueberry crop looking poised to be
highly profitable and more lucrative when compared to previous years,
Patriot Berry's Florida based Morningstar Farm will have an advantage
over other producers, since their berries will be hitting the market
earlier in the season than many competitors. 
Growing early-ripening blueberries has been profitable in Florida due
to the excellent market for fresh blueberries that ripen before May
20th; Florida blueberries are the first to ripen in North America. 
Between April 1 and May 10, Florida growers almost exclusively meet
market demand. In turn, prices are relatively high until mid-May when
Georgia and North Carolina blueberry harvests begin. 
The Patriot Berry farm further benefits from an ideal location in
North Central Florida that allows for blueberry harvesting and
delivery to market before other Florida regions. 
As a result, Patriot Berry is able to exercise greater control over
establishing market price while realizing roughly $2.00 more per
pound on average than Georgia and South Carolina markets. 
Currently the 2014 harvest is now underway -- progress can be viewed
on the Morningstar Farm Harvest Album. 
Daniel Cattlin, CEO, Patriot Berry Farms Inc. says: "We are extremely
pleased to be working with Dole Berry Company LLC, a subsidiary of
the world's largest distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables, Dole
Food Company Inc. Not only is it a prestigious and well established
company, but their expertise and knowledge of the market will be
welcomed and well received by our staff as we continue to strive
forward in the dynamic roll out of our farm acquisition model." 
The harvest has already begun, and given the current profitability of
this year's crop, we are set for further prosperity in the burgeoning
global berry market." 
Introductions to Senior Advisors and Management: 
The company also wishes to provide further detailed information on
each of the four key senior advisory and management professionals
that each brings with them a wealth of expertise and knowledge:  
- Mr. Anthony DiMeo III, Director of Farming for Patriot Berry Farms
- DiMeo brings a lifetime of blueberry growing experience to the
team, having grown up on his family's large blueberry farm in the
"blueberry capital of the world" Hammonton, New Jersey. His
experience of old-fashioned blueberry farming techniques has helped
him develop competencies in many areas, including planting,
harvesting and the cultivation of hundreds of acres of blueberries.
DiMeo provides consulting services to the Company which includes:
identifying new farms; advising the Company regarding new farm
purchases; participating in negotiations; developing berry
distribution; and helping improve the Company's operations.  
- Dr. Bernadine Strik, Evaluation and Management Consultant -
Bernadine has over 30 years of experience in berry crops
(particularly blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry) and is world
renowned for her expertise. She has worked for many companies/farms
in her time. Her areas of focus include: planting establishment,
development and management of production systems (thus improving
economic yields and quality), sustainable and organic production
systems, plant fertility, and assessment and troubleshooting of
production problems. 
- Mr Doug Harmon, Patriot Berry Farm Manager - Harmon is as
significant a figure to the success of Patriot Berry as other members
of the team. He already supervises and runs Patriot Berry Farm's,
Morningstar Farm and has done so for several years. He has an
undeniable experience of the land and its crop. 
Daniel Cattlin, CEO, Patriot Berry Farms Inc. says: "Patriot Berry is
at an important stage in its development. I am subsequently thrilled
to be working alongside these three experts; I view them as key
advisory consultants and welcome any advice and guidance they can
share. With the overall aim to maximize our market position and build
on our berry farm portfolio, we are set to build strong shareholder
value for our investors. Patriot Berry has a bright future." 
About Patriot Berry Farms 
Patriot Berry Farms, Inc. is an independent American Berry company
focused on the acquisition and operation of established and
profitable Berry farms throughout the United States of America.  
The Company targets America's Berry market, with a main focus on
blueberry production and a secondary focus on strawberry and
raspberry production. Building on the tradition of America's
homegrown farming successes, Patriot Berry Farms is committed to
providing healthy produce of the highest standards to the nation's
family homes. The Company's management team is currently drawing on
its industry experience and the expertise of industry consultants to
establish Patriot Berry Farms as a significant operator within the
nation's growing Berry market. 
About Dole Food Company Inc. 

--  With subsidiaries in 90 countries Dole employs, 36,000 full-time,
    regular employees and 23,000 full-time seasonal or temporary
    employees, worldwide.
--  Dole Food Company: Dole was founded in Hawaii in 1851
--  In 2010, Dole Food Company's turnover amounted to $6.9 billion, and is
    the world's largest producer and marketer of high-quality fresh fruit
    and vegetables.
--  Dole markets a growing line of packaged and frozen foods, and is a
    produce industry leader in nutrition education and research.

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