Splunk Introduces Hunk 6.1

  Splunk Introduces Hunk 6.1

Organizations Around the World Turning to Hunk For Easier and Faster Analytics
                       for Hadoop and NoSQL Data Stores

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SAN FRANCISCO -- May 6, 2014

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), provider of the leading software platform for
real-time Operational Intelligence, today announced version 6.1 of Hunk™:
Splunk® Analytics for Hadoop and NoSQL Data Stores. Hunk 6.1 makes it even
faster and easier to turn raw, unstructured data in Hadoop and NoSQL data
stores into business insights.Accelerated reports in Hunk significantly
improve reporting times, while interactive dashboards deliver rich
self-service analytics without fixed schemas or the need to move data. Hunk
6.1 extends the power of Hunk beyond Hadoop through streaming resource
libraries for NoSQL and other data stores such as Apache Accumulo, Apache
Cassandra, MongoDB and Neo4j. Download a 60-day free trial of Hunk, and visit
www.splunk.com/hunk for more information.

“Hunk brings simplicity to the complex world of analyzing massive volumes of
data stored in Hadoop and NoSQL,” said Sanjay Mehta, vice president of product
marketing, Splunk. “Hunk is ideal for organizations seeking a faster, easier
way to unlock the value from huge amounts of historical data at rest.
Alternate approaches require specialized skillsets, fixed schemas, complex
programming or moving the data – all of which add up to wasted time and lost
opportunity. We are excited to see what NoSQL developers can do now that we
have extended Hunk’s capability from Hadoop to NoSQL data stores.”

“While adoption of Hadoop and other Big Data stores continues to grow, our
research indicates that the analytics outcomes from these projects are
limited. With a focus on faster analytics and quick time to value, Hunk aims
to change this,” said Tony Cosentino, vice president and research director,
Ventana Research. “By now enabling analytics capabilities to NoSQL developers,
in addition to Hadoop developers, Splunk opens up additional opportunities for
Big Data analytics.”

Full-featured Analytics Platform for Hadoop and NoSQL

Hunk 6.1 contains significant new and updated product features to help
organizations unlock the business value of data in Hadoop and NoSQL data

  *Splunk Virtual Index: Patent-pending technology that decouples the storage
    tier from the data access and analytics tiers enabling Hunk to route
    requests to different data stores.
  *Report Acceleration: Transparently cache search results in Hadoop,
    improving reporting response times and performance without moving data.
    Drives more efficient utilization of Hadoop resources – as the amount of
    data grows and the number of queries increases.
  *Interactive Dashboards and Charts: Rapidly build custom dashboards with a
    new dashboard editor and deliver an enhanced analytics experience with
    charting overlay, pan-and-zoom controls and in-dashboard drill downs.
  *Embedded Analytics: Embeds Hunk charts and dashboards into common
    third-party business applications.
  *Streaming Resource Libraries – Enables developers to stream data from
    NoSQL and other data stores, such as Apache Accumulo, Apache Cassandra,
    MongoDB and Neo4j, for exploration, analysis and visualization in Hunk.
  *Support for Multiple File Formats: Automates access to text files,
    sequence files, Record Columnar Files (RCFile), Optimized Row Columnar
    (ORC) files and Parquet columnar files.
  *Pass-through Authentication: Enables submission of MapReduce jobs and
    secure access to Hadoop clusters using the authenticated credentials and
    roles assigned by IT.

Hunk includes a powerful environment for developers to build big data
applications using the languages and frameworks they already use and are
familiar with. Hunk includes a standards-based web framework, documented REST
API, Eclipse plug-in and software development kits for C#, Java, JavaScript,
Python, PHP and Ruby.

Organizations from Around the World and Leading NoSQL Vendors Discuss Hunk

Hunk 6.1 was beta tested by Splunk customers and several leading NoSQL
vendors. Key features included report acceleration, interactive dashboards and
charts, and pass-through authentication.

“Hunk has been an essential point-of-entry to the Hadoop space for Belvedere
Trading. It allows for interactive exploration and validation of our data in a
way that handwrittenMapReduce tasks never could, especially for those
individualswhohave stronger quantitative
backgroundsthanfingers-on-keyboard programming experience,” saidMichael
Saia, infrastructure team lead,Belvedere Trading,a leading proprietary
trading firm that specializes in equity index and commodity derivatives.
"Furthermore,the integration that Hunk provides between our data located
inHadoop and thereal-timemachine data we already gather
withSplunkEnterprise willenable us todramatically facilitatethe drawing
of correlations between them.”

“Effectivemedia delivery and traffic management for service and content
providers involves a complex balance of network resources, end user experience
and monetization opportunities. Through its simple but powerful user
interface, Hunk enabled Vantrix to quickly explore, analyze and visualize
terabytes of mobile network usage data, enabling us to provide our customers
with rich insights into network traffic, consumer usagebehavior and their
Quality of Experience,” said Mark Hopper, vice president of product
management, Vantrix, a global provider of media delivery solutions to service
and content providers.“We chose Hunk because it runs natively on our
virtualized Hadoop platform, easily adapts to our traffic logs, and gives us
both aflexible and performant self-service model to uncover insights to help
improve our customers’ businesses. As we roll it out to more users within the
role-based security controls, we are excited to use the new report
acceleration featureswhich willdeliver search results faster than ever

“The marriage of Hunk and MongoDB enables our joint customers to understand
and analyze their data faster than ever,” said Matt Asay, vice president
ofbusinessdevelopment and marketing, MongoDB. “Helping organizations to
search and visualize in Hunk from JSON documents stored in MongoDB,
withindexing on any attribute, is a powerful new out-of-the-box capability.
Hunk can also help to tighten integration for the many joint customers who use
both Hadoop for complex data aggregation and MongoDB for document storage by
putting data from both environments on one set of dashboards.”

“Joint customers tell us they want to use Hunk with Neo4j for telco
operational analytics, fraud detection and Internet of Things. Hunk will soon
allow users to bring together their connected data in the Neo4j graph
database, and view it alongside their log data in Hadoop, all from a single
Hunk interface,” said Emil Eifrem, CEO, Neo Technology. “End users will reap
the benefits of improved operational intelligence by combining Hunk’s robust
analytics with the power of the graph with Neo4j.”

“Integration between Sqrrl Enterprise and Hunk opens the door for our joint
customers in the U.S. Department of Defense, intelligence community and
private sector to benefit from rapid schema-less search, analytics and
visualizations of tens of petabytes of data or more,” said Mark Terenzoni,
CEO, Sqrrl. “With the integration of Hunk’s role-based security, Sqrrl's
data-centric security and the power of Apache Accumulo’s cell-level security,
our joint customers can securely unlock the previously untapped potential of
big data.”

Go to the Splunk website to learn more about what’s new in Hunk and to watch
the Hunk video.

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