Mommy, Where Do Cronuts Come From?

                      Mommy, Where Do Cronuts Come From?  URBANSPOON BREAKS DOWN THE SURPRISING ORIGINS OF FAMOUS FOODS  PR Newswire  SEATTLE, April 17, 2014  SEATTLE, April 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --While it's clear where some of our favorite dishes originated (let's be honest, no one asks where spaghetti came from), today's menus are chock full of new twists on old dishes and surprising inventions that have people waiting in lines for hours. But where do these fascinating foodie items, as well as some American classics, actually come from? Think Hamburgers started in Germany, or Chimichangas in Mexico? Not quite.  Today, restaurant discovery app Urbanspoon broke down where some of our favorite foods got their start, and you might be surprised by some of the findings.  These tasty bites include:  1.The Cronut, New York City. This unique pastry, created by Chef Dominique     Ansel, had people lining up for blocks after its debut last year. Fans     span the world, making it the most virally buzzed about dessert item in     history. 2.Snowcream (aka nitrogen ice cream), Lexington, KY. Created by a     microbiologist in 1987, nitrogen ice cream was made popular by the Dip 'n'     Dots brand. The idea for nitrogen ice cream is actually more than 80 years     old, but wasn't put to the test until the late 80s. 3.Chimichanga, Tucson, Arizona. Though there is some controversy regarding     its exact restaurant of origin, Tucson claims the food as its own.     Chimichangas are deep fried burritos, whose popularity has exploded out of     the Southwest and around the world. 4.The Ramen burger, Brooklyn, New York. One of the year's hottest foods     offers a fresh take on an old classic. A foodie favorite, the Ramen     burger's fried noodle bun is a can't-miss. 5.Chili Cheese Fries, Detroit, Michigan: Chili Cheese Fries were created by     two 14 year-old waitresses at a diner in Detroit in the 1970s. More than     40 years later, and Chili Cheese Fries are still a nationwide favorite. 6.Fish Tacos (Modern recipe), Baja California, Mexico. Fish Tacos have been     consumed in Mexico for hundreds of years, and the modern day recipe can be     attributed to Baja California. Setting the standard, the Baja Fish Taco is     lightly battered white fish wrapped in a corn tortilla with a light sour     cream or mayo sauce, shredded cabbage, and a squirt of lime juice. 7.Korean Tacos, Los Angeles, California. From its humble beginning as a     street vendor food, the So-Cal based Korean Taco has become a must-have     mashup, inspiring dozens of delicious taco-spinoffs across the country. 8.Hamburger, New Haven, Connecticut. Despite roots in Hamburg, Germany, the     modern hamburger is all-American. Created in the 1900s, the hamburger is     credited to New Haven's Louis' Lunch restaurant. Though others have tried     to claim it, the Library of Congress officially awards the creation of the     Hamburger to Louis Lassen and his Connecticut diner. 9.Sliders, Wichita, Kansas. Originally spelled "Slyders," these     mini-cheeseburgers were invented by White Castle. Sliders can now be seen     everywhere, from fast food restaurants and bars to gourmet restaurants. 10.Chicken and Waffles, Pennsylvania Dutch country. A long-time favorite in     the Southern parts of the country, Chicken and Waffles actually originated     in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Many restaurants serve the dish as a large     waffle topped with a fried chicken breast smothered in syrup. 11.Cake Pops, Georgia. Invented by Bakerella in Georgia, Cake Pops popularity     was solidified when Starbucks started carrying them in stores across the     United States. 12.Corn Dog, Texas. The Corn Dog came to be in Texas in the 1920s, but its     well-known stick didn't come until later. Corn dogs in their current     fashion became popular when they surfaced at the Texas State Fair later in     the decade. 13.Cinnamon Rolls, Sweden. No, they weren't invented at your local mall's     Cinnabon. In fact, every year on October 4^th, Swedes celebrate Cinnamon     Bun Day, or "Kanelbullens Dag." 14.Grilled Cheese, Iowa. Grilled Cheese has been around for years, and is     considered one of the most popular sandwiches in the US. In fact, three     out of four people who purchase sliced cheese noted that they make at     least one grilled cheese a month! The Iowa man who is credited with     creating sliced bread is also responsible for this cheesy sandwich, as the     bread allowed for the newly patented Kraft sliced cheese to be used in a     new combination, one still loved almost 100 years later. 15.Frozen S'mores, New York City. Chef Dominique Ansel, famous for cronuts,     strikes again with an added twist to this campfire favorite. Filled with     creamy custard and held together with sweet flakey wafers, the Frozen     S'more is poised to return this summer.  About Urbanspoon Urbanspoon is a leading online local restaurant guide that aggregates reviews from professional food critics, bloggers, and diners. Available on the web and through its popular iPhone, Android, Windows, and iPad applications, Urbanspoon provides reviews for restaurants throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Urbanspoon is an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI). For more information, visit  SOURCE Urbanspoon  Website: Contact: Jenny Davis for Urbanspoon, Dotted Line Communications, Phone: 925-935-2558,  
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