Fracture Zone 2015 by Jim Johnson - Now Available on Amazon

Fracture Zone 2015 by Jim Johnson - Now Available on Amazon  Fire Source Media: Publisher for Fracture Zone 2015. Hedge Fund Pioneer undresses unlimited monetary intervention as decline of America. Fracture Zone 2015, a nation in denial, an empire adrift, a world at risk: by Jim Johnson, now available on Amazon.  DALLAS, Texas, April 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Fracture Zone 2015 presents a clear and accurate picture of the current economic and geopolitical issues facing the world today. According to the author America continues reeling from the effects of three "Black Swan" events costing us trillions of losses, displaying a pattern of increasingly volatile booms, busts and bubbles in a growing tempest driving us toward impending cascading collapse. American power is waning: Europe is bankrupt and impotent; the US cannot prevent the implosion of weak but vital Arab Spring states surrounding Israel, nor nuclear proliferation or contagious warfare. Internal barbarians and "elites" loot America from the inside, while America's enemies gain power. The book articulates the staggering transfer of wealth from the US and the rest of the Anglophile world to the developing nations are the seismic forces of our age.  Fracture Zone 2015 has been critically acclaimed. According to one reviewer, "Fracture Zone 2015 is Jim Johnson's absorbing, well-documented analysis of current economic events, political failures and potent forces threatening the US and the world. Johnson draws succinct urgent conclusions using colorful storytelling ranging across the entire history of America's rise. Fracture zones have built or destroyed great nations for millennia. Runaway government now chokes the formerly vibrant American economy , the engine of our success. It explains how new bubbles don't solve old problems and withdrawal from addictive policies yields fateful consequences. Also how ZIRP, 'flight to quality,' endless QE and competing currency devaluations are tactical facets of monetary war and a prelude to wider conflict."  Author Jim Johnson shares the concern of world leaders and writes that many American leaders agree with the seriousness of our problems, yet our decline is inherently masked by politicians whose livelihood depends upon the illusion of stability. Political inertia and a distracted population focused on entitlements leave us helpless. Fracture Zone 2015 uniquely weaves interconnected domestic policies to foreign affairs, applying a new lens to the long view of history and with essential insights impressively argues the very preservation of America's heritage hangs in the balance. Often shocking, it is a fascinating eye-opening reckoning of a diminishing America.  Readers and writers characterize Fracture Zone 2015 as "riveting, great reading, inspiring history, and a terrifying tomorrow." Praise from the highest echelons of military leadership says," Fracture Zone 2015 is predictably the most understandable and significant economic analysis of this pivotal decade in American history… a must read for those who wish a secure legacy for future generations of Americans." Whether from a business perspective, a national security concern or a military background,Fracture Zone 2015 gives you the facts, backed up with scores of quotes and references to see through the half truths put out by Washington. A world based upon constant government intervention is a dangerous setting where circumstances can turn on a dime.  Fracture Zone 2105 is available on Amazon and CreateSpace for $16.70 and Kindle for $9.99.  About the Author: Jim Johnson has decades of experience in real estate, banking and finance, operating a banking hedgefund very profitably for over a decade. Johnson is an outspoken contributor to Department of Defense and intelligence circles. Right more often than not, he believes our declining financial condition critically threatens our national security.With an enduring respect for history and the people and policies that guided America to prosperity, Johnson is a man from Mainstreet, not Wallstreet, or academia and has never been a bureaucrat. He unspins current events and holds up American Exceptionalism as a guiding light on the fateful consequences for the world of America's national journey.  For more information on Fracture Zone 2015, visit You can also contact our publicist Matt Cote at Fire Source Media via email or telephone: info(at)firesourcemedia(dot)com, (214) 317-4590.  This article was originally distributed on PRWeb. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit  CONTACT: Fracture Zone 2015          Fire Source Media          +1 (214) 317-4590  
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