CSL Appoints Lavastorm Analytics Engine to Analyze Customer Feedback in Real-Time and Win Customer Advocates

  CSL Appoints Lavastorm Analytics Engine to Analyze Customer Feedback in
  Real-Time and Win Customer Advocates

 Lavastorm Provides Critical Analytic, Data Integration, and ETL Capabilities
 to Discover the End of Customer “Episodes” and Trigger Surveys for CSL’s Net
                       Promoter Score (NPS) Initiative

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BOSTON -- April 10, 2014

Lavastorm Analytics, a leading global data management and analytics software
company, announced today that CSL Limited (CSL), Hong Kong’s first mobile
network operator, has chosen the Lavastorm Analytics Engine to provide agile
analytic, data integration and extract, transform, and load (ETL) capabilities
for its net promoter score (NPS) initiative, dubbed “Yan Hei.” Lavastorm’s
software helps to provide CSL’s customer service, sales and operations teams
with real-time customer feedback.

CSL’s Yan Hei system leverages Lavastorm Analytics to evaluate the likelihood
of a recommendation following a variety of customer interactions or episodes
via its branded retail stores and contact centers. The Lavastorm Analytics
Engine performs the critical function of discovering the completion of the
episode and then triggers a customer survey almost instantaneously so that CSL
can precisely measure the impact of the interaction on customer advocacy and
take action to improve their customer service.

To determine episode completion and to trigger the survey, Lavastorm’s
software applies a complex set of business rules to data that it collects and
aggregates from sales and support systems all across CSL, including data from
legacy systems. Lavastorm then transforms and loads the data into a Medallia
NPS system, which allows frontline staff, managers and executives to see, in
near real-time, whether Hong Kong customers are reacting positively or
negatively to CSL’s service and, more importantly, why they are reacting in
such a way. Before this system was in place, decision makers had to make
assumptions regarding customer survey data because they lacked the actual
customer verbatim.

“Put simply, advocates mean more business for CSL because they have six times
the referral power and are significantly less likely to churn,” said Leonie
Valentine, Executive Vice President of Customer Service & Operations, CSL.
“Our Yan Hei system is a real customer service innovation for CSL. The
feedback provided by our customers is gold, which we mine to help us close out
issues more quickly.”

“Now, in near real-time, we can pick up on something that hasn’t gone right
and then we follow up on that feedback. In the past, our customer satisfaction
surveys only provided hindsight with little insight because minimal customer
feedback about the customer’s experience of dealing with us was collected. So,
we didn’t fully understand the drivers of customer advocacy in the Hong Kong
mobile market. Today, we can be more responsive to our customers. Tomorrow,
I’m hoping we’ll achieve our goal of truly proactive customer service, whereby
we can pre-empt customer requests in a positive way,” according to Valentine.

The Lavastorm Analytics Engine was selected because it had successfully
provided agile data management and analytics capabilities for a number of
years in revenue assurance, fraud management and other parts of the business.

“The agile ETL capabilities of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine won out over the
other tools within the business because there was a short time frame to
implement and we were confident it could transform multiple data sources to
provide the right information to our Yan Hei system. Our focus on Yan Hei
means we are already seeing fewer complaints and fewer inbound calls,” said

Currently, the Yan Hei system operates on key customer episodes such as new
contract, re-contract, billing, complaint, repair, and calls to the hotline.
In addition, the system provides data on the end-to-end episode so that CSL
can improve the process. CSL has plans to expand use of the system later this

“CSL is reinventing the interaction between service organizations and their
consumers,” said Drew Rockwell, CEO of Lavastorm Analytics. “While many
businesses claim to have an advocacy program, CSL is distinguishing itself
with a system that provides a mechanism not only to collect the feedback, but
one that allows them to act on it. Like CSL, we view agile ETL and data
integration as a critical element to making customer feedback part of ongoing
operational improvement efforts.”

Lavastorm Analytics Engine is a powerful and agile data management and
analytics solution that enables business analysts to rapidly acquire,
transform and analyze data. To download the free-for-life Public edition, or
to request a trial of the Professional Plus edition, visit:

About Lavastorm Analytics
Lavastorm Analytics transforms how companies tackle data challenges to achieve
breakthrough business results. The company’s agile data management and
analytic software gives analysts new powers to harness data in an era of
exploding data complexity, to discover new insights and to continuously
improve business results. Analytics built in Lavastorm provide analysts with
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control. Lavastorm’s solutions have identified business improvements worth
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About CSL Limited
CSL, established in 1983, is Hong Kong’s first mobile network operator and is
also the first mobile company in Hong Kong to employ a distinctive market
segmentation strategy to provide customer - focused services through its
brands 1O1O, one2free, New World Mobility.

It operates a world - class GSM/WCDMA/UMTS 900 network in Hong Kong and
launched the world’s first dual band 4G LTE with DC-HSPA+ network in 2010,
through which it offers comprehensive mobile and broadband services to both
local and international customers. As a leading roaming operator in Hong Kong,
CSL also provides customers with comprehensive international multi-media
connectivity with over 590 mobile operator partners around the world. For more
information, please visit www.hkcsl.com


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