ADVA Optical Networking Ushers in New Era of Timing Distribution and Assurance

ADVA Optical Networking Ushers in New Era of Timing Distribution and Assurance

Strategic Acquisition of Oscilloquartz SA Now Complete

MARTINSRIED/MUNICH, Germany, April  8, 2014 (GLOBE  NEWSWIRE) -- ADVA  Optical 
Networking announced today  the successful  completion of  its acquisition  of 
Oscilloquartz SA from the Swatch Group.  The acquisition is a major  milestone 
for ADVA  Optical Networking  as it  continues its  rapid expansion  into  the 
synchronization business. The acquisition now provides ADVA Optical Networking
with a complete end-to-end solution for  the delivery and assurance of  highly 
accurate timing - a first within the industry. This end-to-end solution is  of 
vital importance to an  increasingly broad market. It's  not only critical  in 
the development  of mobile  broadband networks  but also  to a  wide range  of 
enterprises,  including   financial  organizations,   utility  companies   and 
government institutions.

"There can be no question  that timing delivery and  assurance will be one  of 
the most important technologies  in our industry, in  our networks," said  Gil 
Biran, senior vice president, Corporate Development and Strategy, ADVA Optical
Networking and  designated  management  leader,  Oscilloquartz.  "It  will  be 
crucial to the development and, ultimately, the success of so many businesses,
especially for mobile network operators seeking to leverage the  opportunities 
of TD-LTE and LTE-Advanced (LTE-A).  With the acquisition of Oscilloquartz  we 
have a unique advantage over anyone  else in the industry. The scalability  of 
our solution from the core  to the last mile of  the network, the accuracy  of 
our clock recovery and the  experience of our team  is second to none.  Timing 
distribution and assurance is an end-to-end technology and not just needed  in 
the core or at the edge of a network. Our combined solution is a game changer,
a true competitive edge."

To be fully integrated into  ADVA Optical Networking's Syncjack(TM)  solution, 
Oscilloquartz' technology  provides a  unique  differentiator. It's  the  most 
established within the industry and has gathered a significant footprint  over 
its long history. However, the  unique integration of ADVA Optical  Networking 
and  Oscilloquartz  immediately  opens  up  major  new  business  and  revenue 
opportunities. What's more,  these opportunities are  only going to  increase, 
fueled by the transition to packet-based network infrastructure. Consider  the 
evolution  of  mobile  backhaul  or  the  development  of  synchronization  in 
enterprise networks. We're at the very start of critical network developments.
The next  few  years will  clearly  highlight  the strategic  vision  of  this 

"Accurate delivery and assurance  of timing is required  for the evolution  of 
mobile broadband networks from 3G  to LTE to LTE-A and  TD-LTE and on to 5G  - 
smooth cell-to-cell handoffs in dense  small cell environments or fast  moving 
cars and trains will not work  without it," stated Michael Howard,  co-founder 
and principal analyst,  Infonetics Research. "It's  about time:  Oscilloquartz 
has been a pioneer and key player in atomic clocks, timing and synchronization
for decades. The addition of Oscilloquartz to ADVA Optical Networking forms  a 
strong team  that addresses  all timing  and synchronization  areas of  packet 

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