Amarin and Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. Announce U.S. Co-Promotion Agreement for Vascepa(R) (icosapent ethyl) Capsules

Amarin and Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. Announce U.S. Co-Promotion
Agreement for Vascepa(R) (icosapent ethyl) Capsules

Agreement to More Than Double Vascepa Sales Calls and Expand Promotional
Breadth and Depth

BEDMINSTER, N.J., DUBLIN, Ireland, and MONTGOMERY, Ala., March 31, 2014 (GLOBE
NEWSWIRE) -- Amarin Corporation plc (Nasdaq:AMRN) and Kowa Pharmaceuticals
America, Inc., two biopharmaceutical companies focused on the development and
commercialization of therapeutics to improve cardiovascular health, today
announced an agreement to co-promote Amarin's flagship product, Vascepa^®
(icosapent ethyl) capsules, in the United States.Vascepa is approved for use
in the United States as an adjunct to diet to reduce triglyceride levels in
adult patients with severe (≥ 500 mg/dL) hypertriglyceridemia.In bringing
together two companies focused on the primary care and cardiovascular health
communities, the agreement is designed to benefit a greater number of

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The agreement provides for the near-term expansion of Vascepa promotional
efforts through use of Kowa Pharmaceuticals America's sales force to
substantially increase both the number of sales targets reached and the
frequency of sales calls on existing sales targets. Under the agreement, Kowa
Pharmaceuticals America will employ its sales force of approximately 250 sales
representatives to co-promote Vascepa in the United States augmenting Amarin's
approximately 130 sales representatives and more than doubling Amarin's
current sales detail frequency through primary and secondary details. Kowa
Pharmaceuticals America's sales force is expected to begin its Vascepa
promotional efforts in May 2014 to its existing target audience of primary
care physicians and cardiologists.

Kowa Pharmaceuticals America has a successful track record of launching and
commercializing drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular disease in the
United States, including its flagship statin product, LIVALO^® (pitavastatin).
Kowa Pharmaceuticals America's sales team calls on many of the same
physicians who are current and potential prescribers of Vascepa.The planned
expansion in Vascepa promotional effort under the co-promotion agreement is
expected to build on the significant base of progress Amarin has made and to
help expand the use of Vascepa for patients in need.

Under the agreement, Kowa Pharmaceuticals America will pay for certain
incremental costs associated with the use of its sales force that are
associated with the commercialization of Vascepa, such as sample costs and
costs for promotional and marketing materials. Each party has agreed to
deliver specified minimal primary detail equivalents and spend specified
minimal amounts on sample, promotional and marketing costs.Amarin's
commitments under the agreement are within its commercialization plans prior
to the agreement. Amarin will continue to control marketing of the product and
recognize all revenue from sales of Vascepa. Amarin will compensate Kowa
Pharmaceuticals America with a co-promotion fee based on a percentage of
Vascepa gross margins that increase during the agreement's term, from the high
single digits in 2014 to the low twenty percent levels in 2018, subject to
certain adjustments. The initial term of the agreement extends through 2018.

"With the support of Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, we anticipate increasing
the rate of Vascepa prescription and revenue growth as together we help
educate physicians regarding the use of Vascepa as therapy for severe
hypertriglyceridemia through promotion of its highly favorable efficacy and
safety profile," stated John F. Thero, President and Chief Executive Officer
of Amarin."Kowa's commercial reach and customer base make it a valuable
commercial partner for Amarin.Kowa Pharmaceuticals America has a highly
motivated and talented sales force that complements Amarin's sales team and
substantially increases its reach into our target market.Kowa Pharmaceuticals
America has a strong and proven leadership team, a solidified presence in the
cardiovascular and lipid-lowering marketplace and a track record of
success.We look forward to a successful collaboration with Kowa
Pharmaceuticals America and to creating significant value for both companies
and their customers."

"Our goal has been to help physicians address patient-care concerns by
offering important medications and support programs," said Ben Stakely, Chief
Executive Officer and President of Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc."We have
been very impressed with Vascepa's favorable efficacy and safety profile and
look forward to working with Amarin to significantly expand Vascepa
promotional efforts in the United States.By entering into this agreement with
Amarin, we can now speak to a range of important lipid-related issues that
impact our target physicians' practices. We are proud of our current
portfolio and excited about bringing new FDA-approved treatments, such as
Vascepa, to more patients in need. With its favorable efficacy and safety
profile, our team is excited about this opportunity to work with Amarin to
help maximize the value of Vascepa."

Vascepa commercialization progress

Vascepa was launched by Amarin in early 2013.Sales of Vascepa in 2013
resulted in net revenues for Amarin of approximately $26.4 million. Vascepa
labeling reflects a spectrum of favorable effects on lipid and lipoprotein
parameters at 4 g/day, including statistically significant reductions in TG,
Apo B, VLDL-C, and non-HDL-C, with no increase in LDL-C, also known as bad
cholesterol, and a safety profile that is comparable to placebo. The most
common reported adverse reaction (incidence > 2% and greater than placebo) was
arthralgia (2.3% for Vascepa, 1.0% for placebo). With the benefit of this
clinical profile, Amarin made significant progress throughout 2013 in multiple
areas of the Vascepa commercialization plan. Vascepa is now available on
formulary to over 200 million lives in the United States, including over 100
million with Tier 2 coverage. The conversion of these lives to Tier 2 status
has helped enable Amarin to grow the Vascepa prescriber base to over 16,000
physicians since launch.

About Vascepa®(icosapent ethyl) capsules

Vascepa^®(icosapent ethyl) capsules, known in scientific literature as
AMR101, is a highly pure-EPAomega-3 prescription product in a 1 gram capsule.

Indications and Usage

  *Vascepa (icosapent ethyl) is indicated as an adjunct to diet to reduce
    triglyceride (TG) levels in adult patients with severe (≥ 500 mg/dL)
  *The effect of Vascepa on the risk for pancreatitis and cardiovascular
    mortality and morbidity in patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia has
    not been determined.

Important Safety Information for Vascepa

  *Vascepa is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity (e.g.,
    anaphylactic reaction) to Vascepa or any of its components and should be
    used with caution in patients with known hypersensitivity to fish and/or
  *The most common reported adverse reaction (incidence > 2% and greater than
    placebo) was arthralgia (2.3% for Vascepa, 1.0% for placebo).


Vascepa has been approved for use by the FDA as an adjunct to diet to reduce
triglyceride levels in adult patients with severe (≥ 500 mg/dL)
hypertriglyceridemia.Vascepa is under various stages of development for
potential use in other indications that have not been approved by the
FDA.Nothing in this press release should be construed as marketing the use of
Vascepa in any indication that has not been approved by the FDA.

About Amarin

Amarin Corporation plc is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the
commercialization and development of therapeutics to improve cardiovascular
health. Amarin's product development program leverages its extensive
experience in lipid science and the potential therapeutic benefits of
polyunsaturated fatty acids. Vascepa^® (icosapent ethyl), Amarin's first FDA
approved product, is a patented, ultra pure omega-3 fatty acid product
comprising not less than 96% EPA. For more information about Vascepa visit For more information about Amarin visit

About Kowa Company Ltd. and Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.

Kowa Company, Ltd. (Kowa) is a privately held multinational company
headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. Established in 1894, Kowa is actively engaged
in various manufacturing and trading activities in the fields of
pharmaceutical, life science, information technology, textiles, machinery and
various consumer products. Kowa's pharmaceutical division is focused on
cardiovascular therapeutics, with sales of the company's flagship product,
LIVALO^® (pitavastatin) totaling ¥ 51 billion ($505 million*) in Japan fiscal
year ending March 2013, and was launched in the United States in June 2010.

Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. is a cardiovascular and primary care
pharmaceutical company focused primarily in the area of cardiology. The
company started in 2001 as ProEthic Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and a majority
stake in the company was acquired by Kowa Company, Ltd. in September 2008. A
privately held company, Kowa Pharmaceuticals America focuses its efforts on
the acquisition, licensing and marketing of pharmaceutical products. For more
information about Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, visit

*exchange rate used 1USD = 102JPY

Forward-looking statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements
about the potential for increased prescription and revenue growth from the
sale of Vascepa in connection with the co-promotion agreement; the efficacy,
safety and therapeutic benefits of Vascepa and the commercial success of
Vascepa and the co-promotion effort and agreement. These forward-looking
statements are not promises or guarantees and involve substantial risks and
uncertainties. In particular, the ability to effectively commercialize Vascepa
will depend in part on the ability to create market demand for Vascepa through
education, marketing and sales activities, to achieve market acceptance of
Vascepa, to receive adequate levels of reimbursement from third-party payers,
to develop and maintain a consistent source of commercial supply at a
competitive price, and to maintain patent protection. Among the factors that
could cause actual results to differ materially from those described or
projected herein include the following: uncertainties associated with new
collaborations and the ability of commercial partners to work together
effectively to achieve intended results; related cost may increasing beyond
expectations; and the risk that patent applications may not result in issued
patents. A further list and description of these risks, uncertainties and
other risks associated with an investment in Amarin can be found in Amarin's
filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, including its most
recent Annual Report on Form 10-K.Existing and prospective investors are
cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements,
which speak only as of the date hereof. Amarin undertakes no obligation to
update or revise the information contained in this press release, whether as a
result of new information, future events or circumstances or otherwise.

Availability of other information about Amarin

Investors and others should note that we communicate with our investors and
the public using our company website (, our investor
relations website (, including
but not limited to investor presentations and investor FAQs,Securities and
Exchange Commissionfilings, press releases, public conference calls and
webcasts. The information that we post on these channels and websites could be
deemed to be material information. As a result, we encourage investors, the
media, and others interested in Amarin to review the information that we post
on these channels, including our investor relations website, on a regular
basis. This list of channels may be updated from time to time on our investor
relations website and may include social media channels. The contents of our
website or these channels, or any other website that may be accessed from our
website or these channels, shall not be deemed incorporated by reference in
any filing under the Securities Act of 1933.

CONTACT: Amarin contact information:
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         In U.S.: +1 (908) 719-1315
         Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. contact information:
         Lisa Garman
         Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.
         Mobile: 334-296-1917

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