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C9 LeadMap for Marketo Gives Panoramic Views of Marketing and Sales

C9 LeadMap for Marketo Gives Panoramic Views of Marketing and Sales  Integrated Data From and Marketo Elevates Lead and Pipeline Close Rates and Increases ROI From Marketing Investments  SAN MATEO, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 03/31/14 --  C9 today unveiled C9 LeadMap for Marketo, a predictive analytics application that provides marketing and sales organizations with an unprecedented end-to-end view of its sales pipeline. By merging Marketo and data to create a unified view of a revenue pipeline, companies can address critical questions that have historically gone unanswered -- enabling companies to reap more from their sales and marketing investments.   "Most companies could get more out of their sales and marketing investments if they had an end-to-end view of their pipeline," said Michael Howard, CEO of C9. "But when they independently use Marketo and to track different stages of the sales process, they can't answer fundamental questions: 'How much revenue did marketing drive that wasn't explicitly linked to campaigns?' and 'Which combination of campaigns will accelerate sales cycles and grow deal sizes?' With C9 LeadMap for Marketo, we've nailed those challenges."  C9 LeadMap for Marketo delivers a holistic view of the revenue pipeline. For the first time, users can traverse the entire pipe from lead inception to opportunity close -- enabling a new level of visibility and insights that were previously out of reach. Companies can now identify which campaigns can be paired to deliver higher ROI, determine how marketing should engage in late stage opportunities to improve close rates, and refine marketing plans to better support geo, product or account- based sales targets.   C9's patent pending predictive analytics engine adds additional power to the solution. By allowing users to move easily from historical analyses to forward looking projections, sales and marketing professionals get the lead time they need to address sales and marketing programs that are off pace.  "The challenge with Marketo and is that the two systems present different data from totally different perspectives. C9 LeadMap for Marketo is the first solution we've seen that delivers a single comprehensive view of what's going on in the pipeline," said Mo Vafadar, Director of Global Business Intelligence and Operational Readiness at Acronis. "That's a game changer that we think will have a major impact on how sales and marketing collaborate to deliver revenue."  Key Capabilities      --  Multi-touch Program ROI -- Analyzes full set of marketing interactions     to determine which series of campaigns worked best together. Based on     this analysis, marketers can develop multi-touch programs with even     higher returns. --  Lead Coverage -- With visibility into early-stage leads stored in     Marketo, as well as sales territory definitions stored in, the C9 LeadMap for Marketo can visually map marketing     leads to sales hierarchies. Sales and marketing can then flag lead     coverage gaps and align around target geographies, products and     accounts. --  Marketing Influence -- Because C9 has full visibility into Marketo, it     can identify the full set of deals that marketing has influenced     regardless of their explicit association to campaigns -- resulting in     a more accurate analysis of marketing's impact and better future     marketing decisions. --  Lead to Revenue Projection -- C9's patent pending predictive sales     engine combines early stage lead information with opportunity data to     determine which deals will close long before they advance to the     finals stages of the sales process. It also determines the number of     leads needed to hit revenue targets and the projected revenue that     current lead volumes will support. This forward-looking view allows     sales and marketing professionals to identify and respond to     shortfalls before it's too late to course correct. --  Lead Progression Analysis -- Marketers can immediately determine how     many new leads were generated in a given time period, which     progressed, stalled and which moved backwards. They can also zero in     on MQLs that haven't been worked by sales, and request immediate     action. Collectively, these capabilities allow marketers to determine     the efficacy of lead generation efforts, and to pinpoint and address     break downs in lead maturation processes.     C9 LeadMap for Marketo is now available within the Marketo LaunchPoint ecosystem, and C9 has worked closely with Marketo to address the core needs of marketing organizations.   "Marketo is focused on delivering the Customer Engagement platform that marketing organizations need to build deep, personal relationships with their customers. We see a 'Marketing First' world, where marketers are rising up in their companies and taking charge of growth and revenue," said Robin Bordoli, Vice President of Partner Ecosystems at Marketo. "C9 LeadMap for Marketo is an excellent complement to our Customer Engagement platform, and it allows our customers to capitalize on their Marketo investment in a compelling way."   Working in conjunction with C9's other predictive sales and marketing applications, C9 LeadMap for Marketo furthers C9's mission to help companies realize more predictable and consistent growth.  About C9   C9 delivers predictive sales and marketing applications that increase revenue, generate more precise forecasts and mitigate pipeline risk. By combining data science with products that improve sales and marketing execution, C9 enables leading companies like Yahoo!, Pitney Bowes and Google to drive predictable growth.   Media Contact:  Kristi Kilpatrick 650-302-6404