The Best SIP Providers of 2014, Ranked by

The Best SIP Providers of 2014, Ranked by 
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 03/28/14 --  A SIP provider is
a telecommunications company that supplies SIP Trunking to customers.
SIP (Signaling communications protocol) is a way to maintain and
control multimedia communication sessions like voice calls over the
phone or video calls through cell phones, all while using the
Internet to transit signals. Unlike traditional phone lines, SIP
providers are able to blend data and voice connections into a single
line. With cloud-based technology, the Internet allows SIP users to
transfer voice and data instead of using both a phone network and a
data network. SIP trunking uses the onsite PBX, that is already
installed as part of your phone system, to route the calls --
synchronizing the two, for more efficient and affordable service.  
Once an in-house PBX is set up, free unlimited calling between office
extensions becomes available. Along with this, customers appreciate
the reduced phone bill costs with the affordable rates SIP providers
give for inbound and outbound phone calls. Some of the other benefits
of SIP as opposed to traditional analog phone services are: caller
ID, increased reliability, local and long distance, DID calling for
every extension and E911. With so many SIP providers on the market
today, the experts at compared customer satisfaction,
rates, and efficiency in order to determine the best SIP providers of
the year. is raved about by businesses and residential users alike. has ranked as the number one SIP provider of
2014 because they have systems that match client's budget and the
features needed without any hassle. VoIP calling plans for both
residential and business customers are attractive with a variety of
premium service, like unlimited minutes for inbound calls. Also, provides you with a minimum of 5 lines for $55 with
additional lines only costing $2 a line. All plans have the same
features and low international rates. With free local and long
distance and a free second line, there are high rates of customer
satisfaction. is so secure in their business plan that
works, that customers are offered a 30 day money back guarantee.  
8x8 Inc. is most appreciated by small to medium sized business. With
their reliable Internet solutions that provide customers with high
speed internet and clear communication lines, 8x8 has unlimited lines
so that you can make as many calls as necessary. 8x8 has free add-on
features and quality phone lines reduced to an affordable price. This
provider understands the varying needs of different companies and
households, so they make sure to provide easy customization with
their package deals so that your communication system is just as you
need -- no more, no less. 8x8 gives you the best of both worlds by
allowing you to keep your existing system in order to save you
installation and phone costs while still updating your services with
their SIP system. They are one of the oldest and largest SIP
providers in the market; providing customers with the experience and
loyalty needed in giving excellent service. 
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