Relax-V, Herbal Remedy for Quelling Sudden Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Helps the Flight Phobic to Maintain Composure at 30,000

 Relax-V, Herbal Remedy for Quelling Sudden Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Helps             the Flight Phobic to Maintain Composure at 30,000 Feet  PR Newswire  FAIRFIELD, N.J., March 27, 2014  FAIRFIELD, N.J., March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --While current events are triggering panic in flyers, the reasons behind fear of flight are varied and include claustrophobia, terrorism, turbulence, fire, illness spreading through the cabin or violence on board – however, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than 90 percent of flight phobics actually fear becoming overwhelmed with anxiety during the flight.  President of S&J Nature Products, the makers of Relax-V, John Laskowski said heightened feelings of anxiety and panic toward flying are normal, and triggered by many different factors:  "British Airways claims almost 25% of people suffer a fear of flying to some degree, and with the very recent tragedy, the commercial airlines are likely to experience a spike in nervous flyers.  "Anxiety is difficult to manage as often it is based on irrational fear and no amount of reassuring statistics or comforting facts will relax the sufferer. A natural approach is recommended as an alternative to the usual stimulants and depressants uneasy fliers turn to," Mr Laskowski said.  Ingesting sleeping tablets or high amounts of alcohol is often a popular way for travellers to dispel their nervous feelings. This is not recommended as in the unlikely event of an emergency the flier will not be alert and able to respond quickly to potentially dangerous situations, and are likely to arrive feeling groggy and exhausted when they arrive at their destination.  At 30,000 feet and above, flight attendants have limited resources when dealing with nervous flyers if panic sets in. On some international airlines, anxiety medication is carried on the aircraft; however it cannot be administered until doctors on the ground authorize it, or a licensed doctor presents himself or herself onboard.  For air travel in particular, natural herbal remedies are strongly recommended as they can alleviate the very severe symptoms of anxiety in a matter of minutes and can be legally carried through international customs checkpoints unlike many pharmaceutical alternatives.  An example of a natural remedy that provides a simple and fast response to sudden anxiety, irrational fear and momentary stress that may be experienced during a flight is Relax-V, which comes in tablet form. It dissolves under the tongue and acts within minutes to relieve stress and discomfort. Other recommendations that require more time, planning and preparation include attending group therapy sessions or cognitive-behavioral therapy tailored to flying.  S&J Nature Products is the manufacturer of Relax-V, a natural alternative based on a traditional herbal remedy that calms the stomach and aids free breathing - two factors that contribute to well-being and a sense of calm. Relax-V provides a simple, quick and healthy response to sudden anxiety, nervousness, irrational fear, momentary stress, and for situations in which one experiences panic or terror such as the fear of flying. Visit for more information on overcoming anxiety related to fear of flying.  For further information, please contact:  SJ Nature John Laskowski 201.289.5120  Read more news from S&J Nature Products.    SOURCE S&J Nature Products  
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