One Media iP Group plc                              
              ("One Media", "the Company" or "the Group")                   
                             AGM Statement                                  
At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of One Media, due to be held later today at
the Group's Pinewood Studio offices, Chairman and CEO, Michael Infante, will
provide the following statement to shareholders: 
"It has been a highly encouraging period since we reported a strong performance
in our Preliminary Results for year ending October 2013 announced in February
2014, where we stated that profit from continuing operations was up 22.4% and
turnover was up 26.8%. I am pleased to report today that trading continues to
be in line with the markets' expectation and One Media remains a profitable,
debt free and cash resourced media business with a continuing and sustainable
dividend policy in place. 
"We continue to acquire more music and video content to enhance our offering to
the digital worldwide stores which One Media supplies and we are satisfied with
our trading since the year end. Our world of digital content continues to
evolve with many of One Media's general market views becoming reality with the
continued shift from the physical world of the compact disc and DVD to an
online intangible product. The Board sees the emergence of in-car digital
entertainment via 3/4G or GPRS gaining traction as the major motor companies
embrace our medium. We additionally embrace the growing number of homes that
are now streaming TV, Music & Film content via their WiFi to their Smart TVs.
Recently, it has also been widely reported in the national press that we as an
industry are experiencing a shift from the existing iTunes model of
'Downloading' to the Spotify model of 'Streaming' with both positive and
negative implications to the music and video industry accordingly. One Media
greets all methods of digital exploitation as positive, and continues to
monitor the benefits or changes that it has to your Group.  It must be said
that the benefits of the 'Streaming' model is a practical `counter' to piracy
which still accounts for losses of income in all aspects of the digital
industry whether it be music, video or gaming. 
"I look forward on updating shareholders on further progress in due course and
welcome any questions at today's AGM." 
Further information pertaining to the Group's results and AGM can be found at 
For further information, please contact: 
One Media Publishing Group Plc             Chairman and Chief Executive          
Michael Infante                            Tel: +44 (0)175 378 5500              
Cairn Financial Advisers LLP               Nominated Adviser                     
Liam Murray / Jo Turner                    Tel: +44 (0)20 7148 7900              
Charles Stanley Securities Limited                                           
Mark Taylor                                Tel: +44 (0)20 7149 6000              
Yellow Jersey PR Limited                                                     
Kelsey Traynor/Dominic Barretto/Philip     Tel: +44 (0)7799 003 220              
Notes to Editors: 
The Group is a B2B and B2C digital content provider, exploiting intellectual
property rights around music and video. The Group specialises in acquiring and
repackaging nostalgic music and Film and TV programmes from recordings made
over the last 90 years. The Group operates from its offices at Pinewood Studios
and delivers its digital music and video content via aggregators to over 600
online digital stores such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and YouTube.
Consumers download or stream the content via PCs, smart phones, internet
enabled music players and Smart TVs. Additionally, One Media makes its library
of content available for synchronisation purposes for TV shows, movies,
adverts, games and websites. 
One Media focuses on music performed by well-known artists or songs from every
genre, including; pop, rock, reggae, R&B, children's music, karaoke, jazz,
soul, blues, rap, hip-hop, gospel, world-music, plus stand-up comedy,
spoken-word and over 1,000 hours of classical music. The Groups visual content
includes the 3000 Men & Motors programs, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, the early
Sooty Shows and over 3000 nostalgic pop music videos, all exploited via
The Group does not invest in new bands or untested music. One Media is eligible
for Enterprise Investment Schemes ("EIS") and Venture Capital Trusts ("VCT").
The Group is profitable and has being paying a dividend since July 2011. 
Financial Highlights year end October 2013 
Revenue up 26.8% to £2,649,130 (2012: £2,089,841) 
Profit before tax from continuing operations, excluding AIM flotation and
associated costs, up 22.4% to £523,648 (2012: £427,674); 
Cash balances of £1,688,093 at 31st October 2013 (2012: £368,655); 
Dividends paid in year ending 31st October 2013, totalling £70,135 (2012 
the first on the 29th November 2012 at 0.037p per share and a further Dividend 
the 9th July 2013 of 0.078p per share; and 
Successful listing and Placing on AIM in April 2013 raising £750,000 at 8p per
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