UK Companies Outperform International Peers in High Growth Asia Region, New Telstra Global Survey Finds

 UK Companies Outperform International Peers in High Growth Asia Region, New
                         Telstra Global Survey Finds

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  LONDON, March 25, 2014

LONDON, March 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

UK companies operating in the high growth Asian region were outperforming
their international peers, according to a new Telstra Global survey released

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The report identified the top performing businesses in Asia as 'Asia Business
Champions' and found UK companies were overrepresented among the star
performers, which were defined as the top 5 per cent of companies operating in
Asia based on past high performance and future promise of success. 

The survey also found that nearly three quarters of UK headquartered
businesses had achieved their financial and strategic objectives in the region
over the past three years and they were also optimistic about the future
outlook for business in the region.

Telstra Global, Head of EMEA and the Americas, Mr Tom Homer said,
"Multinationals from around the world are meeting and exceeding their
strategic and financial objectives in Asia. As a company with a long track
record of operating successfully throughout Asia, we launched Connecting
Countries research to quantify the business sentiments of multinationals
operating in the region, and to ascertain the attributes and success factors
for companies that are excelling in the region."

The first in an annual series, Connecting Countries research is commissioned
to benchmark the mind-set and strategies of high performing international
firms in Asia.

"UK companies are performing particularly well in Asia, and joining the ranks
of the very best performing businesses in Asia," said Mr Homer. "Off the back
of that success, UK companies in Asia are a very keen to pursue expansion with
almost three quarters saying that expanding into new countries in Asia is
important to their success, compared with less than two thirds of all other

"Workers at British companies in Asia are also much more likely to say that
they will be working overseas in five years' time, compared to 30 per cent of
workers from other countries," added Mr Homer. "Another distinguishing factor
of British companies in Asia is the high value of importance placed on
bringing senior leaders to local offices with 42 per cent of UK companies
saying this is extremely important, compared to 32 per cent of all other

The research identifies a superior category of top performing companies in
Asia, termed Asia Business Champions in the report, and categorised as such
based on having far exceeded their financial and strategic objectives in the
last three years, and their expectation to succeed again in the coming three
years. Asia Business Champions comprise top 5 per cent of overall firms in

"On a global level, the ICT industry is a standout in Asia, with more than 70
per cent of these companies having been very successful in Asia in the past
three years, compared to 61 per cent of companies across other sectors," said
Mr Homer. "Over the next three years both financial services and insurance
companies and those in the ICT sector are most bullish about exceeding their
objectives in Asia, with 55 and 51 per cent respectively, compared to 42 per
cent overall."

"Besides the promising market conditions, successful companies in Asia have
the necessary foundations - strong leadership and communication across global
headquarters and local offices, combined with a long term view and investment
strategy," concluded Mr Homer.

The Telstra Global Connecting Countries report also revealed:

Multinationals   Meeting   Strategic   and   Financial   Objectives:

  *83 per cent expect to meet or exceed their financial and strategic
    objectives over the next three years in Asia; 11per cent expect to far
    exceed their objectives;
  *Companies in the ICT sector are more like to have been very successful in
    the past three years, 71per cent compared to 61per cent across all
  *Companies in the financial services and insurance sector are more bullish
    than other industries about exceeding their objectives in the next three
    years, with 55 per cent compared to 42 per cent overall.

Market   Expansion

  *23 per cent of companies see expanding into new markets as extremely
    important to the success of their firm in the next three years;
  *China is the primary growth market for companies who see expansion into
    new markets as a high priority in Asia over the next three years, 50 per
    cent nominated China as part of their strategic expansion plans;
  *Additionally, companies are also focused on expansion into Singapore (38
    %), Hong Kong (33%) and India (32%).

Profile   of   High   Performing   Companies   in   Asia:

  *Asia Business Champions are more likely to have a global footprint than
    others in the study, 82 per cent operate both in and outside of Asia;
  *US and UK firms are over-represented in the ranks of the top five per cent
    - Asia Business Champions. 32% of Asia Business Champions are companies
    headquartered in the US, compared to a total of 14% of overall respondents
    being companies from the US. UK companies make up 8 per cent of Asia
    Business Champions, compared with only 3 per cent of overall respondents
    being companies headquartered in the UK;
  *ICT and financial services companies are also over-represented in the Asia
    Business Champions category, 15 per cent and 12 per cent respectively,
    compared with 7 per cent of all businesses.

Top   Challenges   of   Doing   Business   in   Asia:

While the outlook is positive, respondents identified two clear pain-points:

  *31per cent say finding good talent is extremely challenging;
  *29 per cent say companies expecting to see financial returns too quickly
    is extremely challenging.

Find out more and download the Connecting Countries report:

Research   Methodology

This study was commissioned by Telstra Global and interviewed 4,155 senior
executives in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia,
Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam with professional
experience working and studying in a country other than the one they are
currently working in. Interviews for this study were conducted online and
executives were drawn from databases of business professionals held by market
research firm GMI. Additional interviewees were recruited through targeted
outreach on LinkedIn and through other professional networks. Interviewees
were incentivised with a US$2 donation to their choice of the Red Cross/Red
Crescent, WWF or UNICEF. In addition 12 in-depth interviews were conducted
with C-level executives in leadership positions with significant professional
experience operating across multiple countries. These interviews lasted 75
minutes and were conducted in Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta.

About   Telstra   Global 

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Telstra Global is part of Telstra Corporation
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