Kaon Interactive Introduces the World's Only Cloud-Based Digital Marketing Platform That Deploys Interactive 3D Product

Kaon Interactive Introduces the World's Only Cloud-Based Digital Marketing 
Platform That Deploys Interactive 3D Product Applications
to All Devices, Without Re-Development Fees 
B2B Marketers Optimize Their Investment in Interactive Sales and
Marketing Applications, Delivering Consistent and Engaging
Experiences Everywhere 
MAYNARD, MA -- (Marketwired) -- 03/24/14 --  Kaon Interactive, a
leading provider of interactive 3D product marketing applications,
today announced the launch of the world's only cloud-based digital
marketing platform that enables B2B marketing and sales enablement
applications to be created once and delivered anywhere, at any time,
and on any device, without re-development fees. The new Kaon
Application Delivery Network (ADN) eliminates the hidden costs of
re-creating and maintaining interactive 3D product applications on
multiple platforms, ensuring that these engaging experiences ALWAYS
work and are delivered into the hands of prospects, customers, sales
teams, channel partners and marketing professionals, regardless of
their geography or device. 
Industry research has shown that the development costs for a typical
B2B interactive mobile application is between $50,000 and $250,000,
depending on the complexity of the application, and costs increase 3x
when supporting up to three devices. Less obvious is the required
maintenance expense of a B2B application, which averages 2.5x the
initial development cost, over a two-year period.  
"While many marketers often budget for the initial development of the
application, they often don't consider the hidden costs associated
with maintenance due to platform/browser and operating system
upgrades and bug fixes," said Gavin Finn, president and CEO of Kaon
Interactive. "In 2013 alone, there were dozens of upgrades and bug
fixes to iOS and Android operating systems, impacting many B2B
applications. This is one of the reasons that 25% of B2B business
apps are deleted after their first use, and that after only 90 days
just 35% of the typical B2B app's users are still active. The Kaon
ADN is not only changing the way interactive product content can be
used (by anyone, at anytime and always up to date) but it also
ensures that the initial marketing investment is leveraged across
operating system platforms, without additional fees to support
incremental operating system updates or bug fixes." 
"From the management of the interactive application, to getting it
into the right people's hands, the Kaon ADN is a true game changer,"
said Mark Tarantelli, Global Director of Sales Enablement Tools at
Schneider Electric's IT Business. "Everything is automated,
alleviating device compatibility issues and extending our reach
across the globe to everyone who needs it. It has truly made my life
a lot easier." 
The Kaon Application Delivery Network offers the following: 
Reuse of Interactive Content Across Platforms, Countries, Languages 
With the Kaon ADN, marketers are able to eliminate the need to
migrate or re-create interactive content when moving from one
operating system or browser to another, better leveraging their
initial investment. The Kaon ADN enables a "create once, use
everywhere" approach to interactive 3D product applications. This
allows for applications to be re-used across all devices, saving
marketers significant re-creation costs and reducing time to market.
Kaon's innovative database-driven design provides companies with the
unique capability to create multiple language translations within the
same application, and quickly and cost effectively deliver
international versions of their applications.  
The Kaon Share Card: On-Demand, Universal Access; Automatic Updates 
The Kaon ADN now allows a company's marketing, sales, customers, and
partners quick and easy access to interactive 3D product applications
via the Kaon Share Card. Applications are continuously updated to
support new operating systems, devices and web browsers, ensuring
that the application will ALWAYS work. Kaon's 3D Product Models,
interactive solution stories and collateral are updated without a
trip to the app store. Users interact with the most relevant digital
products, messaging and content every time.  
Social Sharing: A Single URL for Everyone 
 Using the Kaon Share
Card, marketers can easily and quickly share their interactive
application on all platforms (i.e. Android, iOS, Kindle, Mac/Windows
laptop/desktop, web) from one universal URL. The Kaon Share Card
recognizes the user's device and geography and directs them to the
appropriate iTunes App Store, the Google Play Marketplace, the Chrome
Web Store or to launch the application directly within their modern
web browser. By clicking on the social media buttons within the Kaon
Share Card, companies can post social media links that drive people
directly to their interactive applications, or to specific sections
within the applications, such as a particular 3D Product Model.  
Measure Engagement and Impact
 The Kaon ADN includes powerful
analytics for measuring all aspects of user engagement and real
insight into the effectiveness of 3D Product Models and interactive
storytelling applications. Analytics are tracked both online and
offline across all devices, allowing marketers to understand how
frequently people use their applications, what sections they
experience, and what content is of interest to them. This insight
gives marketers actionable tools to refine their messages.  
Kaon's award winning interactive 3D product marketing applications
seamlessly weave together compelling virtual 3D Product Models (which
look and behave exactly like the actual products), 3D virtual
environments, panoramas, flow diagrams, videos, embedded marketing
collateral, and presentations in a branded digital environment. The
self-driven, non-linear user engagement results in a personalized
experience every time, creating a relevant transfer of knowledge to
each individual within the buying cycle. When deployed on the Kaon
ADN, these engaging demonstrations of complex products and solutions
become immediately accessible to everyone, on the device most
relevant to them -- including tablets, web browsers, laptops,
desktops, phones, and Kaon v-OSK(R) MT(TM) touch screen appliances.  
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 Blog: http://blog.kaon.com
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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KaonInteractive
About Kaon Interactive
 Kaon Interactive is a leading developer of
interactive 3D product marketing applications. Founded in 1996, the
company helps B2B marketers and salespeople consistently demonstrate
and differentiate products anywhere anytime and turn prospects into
customers. Kaon's interactive 3D Product Models transform product
marketing content into visual product storytelling experiences to
deepen customer engagement, reduce marketing expenses and accelerate
the sales cycle. More than 4,000 Kaon interactive applications are
being used worldwide at trade shows, remote sales demonstrations,
product launches, executive briefing centers, and websites by leading
global product manufacturing companies including Cisco, Ortho
Clinical Diagnostics, Schneider Electric, Ciena, IBM, EMC, BD, GE,
Waters and Oracle. To experience a demonstration and learn more about
Kaon, visit www.kaon.com or call us at 978-344-4106. 
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