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EU Adds 8 People, 3 Entities to Sanctions Over Ukraine Crisis

96GX: Citibank: FRN Variable Rate Fix

  96GX: Citibank: FRN Variable Rate Fix  UK Regulatory Announcement  LONDON  Re:                     Sumitomo Corporation Capital Europe Plc                         USD 20,000,000.00                         MATURING: 13-Mar-2018                         ISIN: XS0896122412                          PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE INTEREST RATE FOR THE PERIOD 13-Mar-2014 TO 13-Jun-2014 HAS BEEN FIXED AT 0.88 PCT  DAY BASIS: ACTUAL/360  INTEREST PAYABLE VALUE 13-Jun-2014 WILL AMOUNT TO: USD 2,257.32 PER USD 1,000,000.00 DENOMINATION  Contact:  Citibank