Job Hunt Cover Stories: Many Fake Illness, Dr. Appointments as Cover Story to Interview for a New Job

  Job Hunt Cover Stories: Many Fake Illness, Dr. Appointments as Cover Story
  to Interview for a New Job

    Why making that career move need not require lying at your current job

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WESTON, Mass. -- March 12, 2014

A new global poll conducted by Monster, the worldwide leader in successfully
connecting people to job opportunities and flagship brand of Monster
Worldwide, Inc. finds that 44% of respondents consider telling their boss they
have a medical appointment to be the best excuse to leave work for a job
interview. Another health related excuse, illness, was the second most popular
choice at 15%.

Monster asked “If you had to pick one, which is the best excuse to leave work
for a job interview?” and received over 3,000 responses. International
findings included:

  *44% of respondents answered “Medical (Doctor/Dentist) appointment”
  *15% of respondents answered “Illness”
  *8% of respondents answered “Delivery/repairman”
  *12% of respondents answered “Childcare”
  *21% of respondents answered “Other”

Breaking down the numbers by region- French respondents are the most likely to
create faux doctor’s appointments when sneaking out for interviews, with 54%
answering that they believe it is the best excuse; conversely, French
respondents are the least likely to fake an illness to excuse an interview
related absence, with only 7% selecting it as the best option. Respondents in
the US were the biggest proponents of the call in sick method, with 16%
choosing illness as their preferred excuse. Canadian respondents were the
least likely to use a delivery/repairman excuse, with under 7% selecting this
option and were the most inclined to use a childcare related excuse, with 16%
picking this answer.

“Our research has indicated that employed workers continue to actively look
for jobs. Juggling both a job and a job hunt can be tricky. Fortunately,
finding a balance is easier than ever,” said Mary Ellen Slayter, Career Advice
Expert for Monster. “Many parts of your job hunt- from researching industries
and companies, to finding open positions and submitting applications- can be
accomplished online and off the clock. Ultimately, the goal is to land (and
then ace!) an interview; don’t let scheduling details distract you during this
important step. You should be focused on making a great first impression and
learning more about your potential new job, not on playing secret agent. If
your interview cannot be conducted off hours (don’t be afraid to ask), keep
your excuse simple and be mindful of obvious signs that you’re sneaking out-
for instance, wearing a formal interview outfit to your normally casual

Slayter continues, “Employers should recognize that they have no choice but to
be on both sides of this coin. Making it easy for people to be honest is a
good approach. That means when you're recruiting, make an effort to schedule
interviews before or after work hours -- or perhaps at lunch. With your own
workers, don't press them about how they're spending their requested time

Tips for Job Interviewing While Still Employed:

  *Speak with the potential employer. Consider asking for a slot first thing
    in the morning or in the early evening to cut down on absence time. Some
    employers may even offer slots outside of working hours if you ask – and
    they’ll respect your dedication and work-ethic.
  *There is no need to lie. Think of using words like ‘appointment’ or
    ‘commitment’ that don’t invite a lot of questions but equally aren’t
    untrue. The problem with citing medical appointments is that they are
    questionable after a while – especially when you’re looking fit and
  *Utilize your time. If you have the opportunity to work flexi-time then
    consider using that option to ensure you don’t need to miss work at all.
    Alternatively, see if you can take a day or even half a day’s annual leave
    and line up more than one interview for the same day.

The results of the current Monster Global Poll are based on votes cast by
Monster visitors from: December 2-16, 2013. Only one vote per user is counted
toward the final tabulation. The Monster Global poll, a product of Monster,
the premier global online employment solution and flagship brand of Monster
Worldwide, Inc., is a series of online polls that gauge users’ opinions on a
variety of topics relating to careers, the economy and the workplace. These
polls are not scientific and reflect the opinions of only those Internet users
who have chosen to participate.

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